AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It

AT&T is currently experiencing a widespread outage for their Wi-Fi calling. This means that if you’re trying to call anyone through the Wi-Fi, they cannot hear you, and the issue is not their phone. Wi-Fi Calling is a service AT&T customers can use for voice and data services when an indoor Wi-Fi connection is available. But what is the reason behind AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working? Let’s find that out, along with some tips worth trying to help you get back online — and stay there!

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

This problem has been reported on various social media platforms, but no specific timeline or solution has been given. But this blog has some troubleshooting options when you face AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working.

 AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working | Possible Fixes

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications company that is one of the largest providers of mobile telephone and broadband services in the United States. But recently, one of the telecom giants has been facing issues, and users are upset about it. Users are complaining about AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working. It means you cannot use your Wi-Fi connection to make a call. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Let’s know some troubleshooting steps to make your Wi-Fi calling work again.

Quick Fix for AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

Imagine living in a world without Wi-Fi, with no high-speed internet connections, and where you cannot communicate with friends and family. We depend on it. It’s how we communicate with the outside world, so you can imagine how important it is to have internet access that works flawlessly at home or on the go.


Wi-Fi calling is a revolutionary new way to communicate with your loved ones. It provides a great deal of convenience and company options for businesses. One of the most significant benefits is that it offers lower prices than cellular calls and texts. 

Check your iPhone carrier settings and turn Wi-Fi Calling ON to see if you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled. To see if your device supports Wi-Fi Calling, check if you have the Wi-Fi Calling option checked in settings. Let’s now know some steps to fix- AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working:

Check Internet speed: Maybe the service was down because your network couldn’t meet demand. You can speed up your network by improving the signal strength and throughput.


Check your Router: Is it positioned correctly? Ensure the router is placed where you can access it — not buried in a closet! Any static objects near the router’s base can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, particularly those with metal parts. Remove anything that might get in the way of a proper signal, such as plants or curtains. If you still cannot make a Wi-Fi call, reboot your router by turning it off and back on.


Turn off Cellular Data: Ensure your cellular data is off when using Wi-Fi calling. Using the two simultaneously is not a good idea as you will end up draining your service faster. If a cellular signal is stronger than a Wi-Fi signal, your call will switch to cellular automatically without dropping the call.


Re-add Network: If you are still unable to receive a Wi-Fi signal from AT&T, re-add the network manually in the Android or Apple iOS device’s settings’ advanced settings.


Toggle Airplane Mode: If the Wi-Fi and cellular signal come from different towers, it may be necessary to turn on airplane mode and change the network mode. Depending on your mobile data might also solve the problem if your phone has cellular data as an option in the settings.


Reset Network Settings: The best fix for the AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working issue is to reset your network settings which a recent software update might turn off. Wi-Fi calling works over your home network, so ensure your router is configured properly. In the past, this has worked for some devices. It is always worth a try as your Wi-Fi Calling settings may be corrupt.


Restart: This is a known quick fix to resolve many software issues on Android, and it might be worth trying that out. You can try restarting your phone. A soft reset also works in most cases.


FAQs | AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

I switched to AT&T, and I can’t use Wi-Fi Calling on my iPhone.

Yes, you may find that your Wi-Fi calling service is not working. To try and fix this, check your phone settings. It may be set to automatically switch to cellular data if Wi-Fi isn’t available or the service can’t be connected.

Why does Wi-Fi Calling not work if I am using a VPN? 

If you have an active VPN connection, the device may use the VPN to establish a connection with the wireless network. As a result, you will not be able to place calls over Wi-Fi. To resolve this, disable your VPN and try again.

What is AT&T Wi-Fi Calling? 

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling is a service that makes phone calls to other Wi-Fi network users at no extra charge. Users can still make and receive calls without using data while connected to their home or other Wi-Fi.

How do I use AT&T Wi-Fi Calling? 

To use AT&T Wi-Fi Calling, you’ll need a compatible phone that supports this technology.

Why does AT&T Wi-Fi calling not work? 

There are a few reasons why Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work. They include a bad connection on the carrier’s end, poor coverage, or another technical issue. If you have any questions about what may be causing your problems, reach out to our customer support team.

What is Wi-Fi calling? 

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make phone calls over AT&T’s network when you are not connected to the cell network. It is not cellular calling and, as such, does not require a cellular data connection. The call quality and features work just like if you used your data plan to make a phone call.

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Conclusion | AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

The article offers tips on troubleshooting and resolving the Wi-Fi calling feature not working on AT&T phones. It also provides a list of possible solutions for the error on trying to use Wi-Fi calling and includes references for further information.

It can be frustrating when your AT&T Wi-Fi Calling service isn’t working. If you want to resolve the issue, there are many things that you can do. You can try to move closer to the router or ensure that other applications aren’t using excessive data. You can also switch from a Wi-Fi network to a mobile network if your Wi-Fi quality is poor. We hope you have got your answer!

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