8 Best Ash Of War For Uchigatana (With Locations)

Elden Ring has never ceased to amaze players with the fantastic features and freedom it allows. Just like many key items that help the players move forward in the game, there are special items called ashes of war. The ashes of war add to the abilities of your weapons. Meaning you can scale the weapon on which you apply the ashes of war. It equips the weapon with some new attacks, but it is not as simple going as it may look; after all, ashes of war are crucial for leveling up your weapon in a sense. Thus we are here to help you decide on the best ash of war for uchigatana in Elden Ring.

Best Ash Of War For Uchigatana

Uchigatana is one of the starting weapons that a player has the chance to equip. As the players move ahead in the game, they drop the early-stage weapons for the ones which appear later on in the game. But it is not true for the uchigatana. The players hold on to this weapon from the start to the end for its ability to proc bleed. With the help of ashes of war, which players can access at a certain stage in the game, it can be repurposed. So let’s have a look at the best ash of war for uchigatana.

NOTE: Make sure to hold on to the uchigatana if you wish to apply ashes of war to it. The problem with this weapon is that it is not available for purchase but can only be acquired.

Best Ash Of War For Uchigatana with Locations

Uchigatana is one of the most powerful weapons a player gets access to from the beginning. Being capable of launching long range and powerful attacks, this weapon is suitable for every character build. But what makes it the most wanted and best weapon is its unique ashes of war. Let’s jump into discovering the best ash of war for uchigatana.

Sacred Blade

Sacred Blade is one of the most powerful ashes of war available to players in the early stages of the game. A holy essence is applied to the uchigatana, which makes it buff. When the sword is used, it throws a ‘slash’ projectile in the direction of the movement. It deals substantial damage to the enemy.

Sacred Blade

Where to find Sacred Blade?

This ash of war can be found on the North of the Third Church of Marika, dropped by a Teardrop Scarab.

Location Sacred

Bloody Slash

It is one of the many ashes of war that you will find throughout the game. Equipping this ash of war allows you to use some new skills and gives a scaling effect to your armament. When using the uchigatana after applying Bloody Slash ashes of war, an upward slice infused with blood affinity is launched.

Bloody Slash

Each hit adds to the blood loss of the enemy, which deals them a massive burst of damage after they breach a threshold limit of blood loss. Enemies and bosses in the game’s early stages are vulnerable to blood loss. Hence, Bloody Slash makes to be the perfect ashes of war for early gameplay.

Where to find Bloody Slash?

Bloody Slash ashes of war are made available to you at Fort Haight, upon defeating a Godrick Knight stationed there.

Bloody Slash Location

Carian Greatsword

Another ash of war that can help you deal heavy damage to the enemy is Carian Greatsword. It is normal to want to boost your attacks as you come in contact with powerful enemies. The Carian Greatsword helps you boost your hit points. Upon applying this enchantment, it unleashes a powerful slash on the enemy and deals hefty damage.

Carian Greatsword

You can also charge the slash before unleashing it. The more you charge it, the heavier the damage dealt. Therefore, when you encounter a difficult-to-beat opponent, charge the slash before unleashing it to deal more damage.

Where to find Carian Greatsword?

Sorcerer Rogier is a merchant, from whom you can purchase this particular ash of war. It can be found at the Roundtable Hold or Stormveil Castle.

Location Carian Greatsword

Lightning Ram

Of all the ashes of war available to the player, Lightning Ram would be one of the unique ones. Upon using this, you will be provided with Lightning Ram skills that allow you to roll toward the enemies and launch a lightning attack to electrify them. The Lightning Ram is an extremely powerful attack and challenging for your opponents to block. Hence, it can be frustrating if you have to deal with it in PVP.

Lightning Ram

Where to find the Lightning Ram?

A Teardrop Scarab drops it in the area of Atlus Plateau, which is located south of Sainted Hero’s Grave.

Lightning Ram Location

Storm Blade

Granting the armament with the Quality Affinity, Storm Blade ashes of war provides the wielder to use the Lost Skill of Stormveil. When applied on the uchigatana, it surrounds the Blade with shearing storm winds. You can unleash these winds in the opponent’s direction to deal damage.

Storm Blade

Where to find Storm Blade?

This ash of war can be purchased from Knight Bernahl. You can find him at the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave.

location storm blade

You can also buy it from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold, but only if you possess Bernahl’s Bell Bearing.


This ash of war equips the user with the Keen Affinity. It also provides the user with the skill of Quickstep. Upon using this ash of war, you will be prized by the crafty fleet of foot. You can perform a Quickstep on your enemies, which allows you to circle around the selected targets.


Where to find Quickstep?

You can purchase this ash of war from Knight Bernahl at the Westmaster’s Shack. Or you can buy it from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable.

Loretta’s Slash

Loretta’s Slash ash of war equips the armament with Magic Affinity. Upon using this ash of war, you will be able to use the skill ‘Loretta’s Slash.’ It is the skill of Loretta, the Royal Knight. In this, the wielder leaps forward while imbuing the Blade with glinstone—this attack accelerates into a sweeping slash.

Loretta's Slash

Where to find Loretta’s Slash?

This ash of war is awarded for defeating the Royal Knight Loretta in the Caria Manor.


Thunderbolt is an ash of war that provides you with the Lightning Affinity. Upon using it, the weapon gets charged by a powerful lightning surge from the sky (it feels just like Thor summoning his hammer).


Where to find Thunderbolt?

You can find it in Leyndell, Royal Capital, dropped by a Teardrop Beetle.

FAQs | Best Ash Of War For Uchigatana

Which is the best ashes of war for uchigatana early game?

The best ash of war for uchigatana early game is Bloody Slash. It is due to its ability to activate blood loss in the opponents. Opponents that you come across during the early stages are prone to blood loss, and this ash of war can prove helpful in such cases.

Why can’t I use uchigatana?

If you are not able to wield the uchigatana, then it can be for the following reasons:

  • You don’t have the necessary requirements to wield the weapon.
  • To equip the weapon, go to your inventory screen> go to equip screen> go down to the right-hand box> select the weapon. You should be able to use it now.

If you don’t have the necessary requirements, then you should just play harder to be able to wield the weapon.


Ash of war can be found all across the game. Some can be attained after defeating a boss or enemy, while some can be purchased from merchants or traders. Each ash of war has its merits and can only be applied to a selected range of weapons. Therefore, keep in mind the abilities of each ash of war. Some of them would prove helpful in the early stages of the game but prove unnecessary later. Hence, it would be best if you keep experimenting with these ash of war. Uchigatana is a weapon that you should not give up, as you cannot purchase it, and using the ash of war on the weapon grants it superior abilities.

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