5 Best Samurai Armor Elden Ring (With Locations)

Elden Ring continues to be the prime choice of gamers worldwide. The game has received immense love and affection from its fans as they enjoy its epic combats and exciting storyline. But players often seek guidance to excel in multiple stages of the game. One such query among players’ minds is about the Best Samurai Armor Elden Ring, and we are here to figure it out for you.

Best Samurai Armor Elden Ring

In this blog, we will discuss the best armors you can choose while in the samurai class in Elden Ring. Armors are a great way to defend yourself in the Elden Ring from enemy attacks and guard your health points to help you go on in the game without being vulnerable. Several armors are available for you in the samurai class, but choosing the best will help you excel in the game.

Best Samurai Armor Elden Ring | Top Armors & Their Locations

When you are in the samurai class in Elden Ring, there are a lot of armors available for you to wear and defend yourself from attacks. Still, only some of these armors are efficient enough to give you optimal protection from enemy attacks. Therefore, wearing armor that cannot withstand rigorous attacks from enemies is a waste. So, you must consider only the top armors available in the samurai class and use them to gain the upper hand in the game.

But before we discuss these armors and their unique abilities to defend you, let us first know about the Samurai class in detail.

What is Samurai Class in Elden Ring?

There are 10 classes available in Elden Ring, and players are divided into different categories based on the skills and experience they have gained in the game. So Samurai is one of the initial classes in Elden Ring before many other classes that are yet to come. The Samurai class defines your player as a person with a skill level of an actual Samurai.


This class in Elden Ring will start with you owning weapons like Uchigatana, Longbow Arrow, Fire Arrow, and Red Thorn Roundshield. Along with this, other items include the Memory of Grace and the player’s choice of keepsake that comes with the Samurai class. Talking about the abilities of a Samurai, it is known to possess “Unsheath,” which is a potent ability. The more you use this ability, the closer you are to mastering it.

The Samurai class is generally recommended for new players in the game. Now that you know almost everything about the Samurai class, let us know the best armor available in this class to defend you against major attacks in epic combat with the enemy.

The Briar Set

One of the best-recommended armor sets for a Samurai class player is The Briar Set, which will do it all for you. The Briar Armor Set contains Briar armor meant to be worn on the chest and is brought from a foreign land. Several winding and rusting marks on the armor set are said to be a mark of guilt which means death.

The Briar Set

The Briar armor is known not only to defend you after you have worn it, but it can also cause damage to the enemy, especially when doing dodge rolls. If you want to equip this efficient and well-made armor to defend against ferocious attacks in the game, you can find it with Enia in the Round Table Hold.

You must earn this armor by defeating the Elemer of the Briar, who can be located in the shaded castle. The armor can even be altered after it has been occupied and sold for around 500 runes later. Truly efficient for a Samurai warrior, the Briar armor will protect you from every danger in the game.

The White Reed Set

Made from high-quality iron plates, the White Reed Armor set will defend you even against the most ferocious and unexpected enemy attacks. The armor also has a belt to put in weapons. The White Reed set contains white-red armor for the chest. It is a highly durable set and also changes its appearance when worn.

You can find the White Reed armor at the Spiritcaller’s cave on the mountaintop of the giants or on a corpse in a long cavern. Talking about its composition, the armor is composed of Okina Mask, gauntlets, and white reed greaves.

The White Reed Set

Therefore, you can definitely consider it when in the Samurai class. The armor also has a sell value of 200 runes.

The Land of Reed’s Set

The Land of Reeds set contains the Land of Reeds armor, helm, gauntlets, and greaves. Worn by the warriors of the Land of Reeds, this armor is made from iron strips to guard against any type of attack. Suited best for the Samurai class, the Land of Reeds armor can be brought from the isolated merchant in the northern part of Caelid.

The Land of Reed’s Set

The armor can be sold for 1500 runes and can also be altered. Therefore, it becomes an efficient source of defense and is therefore recommended when in the Samurai class.

The Ronin’s Set

Worn by the famous Blood finger hunter Yura of Elden Ring, the Ronin’s set will guard you against any threat in the game. The armor is dropped by Hunter Yura, or you can find it during Yura’s side quest. The Ronin’s set comes with a few items included in it. These are the Iron Kasa, Ronin’s armor, Ronin’s Gauntlets, and Ronin’s Greaves.

The Ronin’s Set

Compared with the other armors of the Samurai class, the Ronin’s set is relatively heavier to hold, providing an additional layer of protection when worn. The armor is composed of armor pieces including Helms, Chest Armour, Gauntlets, and leg armor.

Talking about how to get the Ronin’s armor in Elden Ring, you will have to defeat and kill Shabiri, who can be found at the Zamor Ruins on the mountaintops of the giants. You can even grab it from the mountaintops of the giants from the Flame of Frenzy. Most players get confused that if the armor is dropped by Hunter Yura, defeating it will get them the Ronin’s armor, but this is not the case. You will get the armor only at the above two locations.

The Black Knife Set

The Black Knife set contains each of its items in black color. The last in the list, this is another efficient armor set that you can use in the Samurai class. The Black Knife set contains items including a black knife hood, black knife greaves, gauntlets, and black knife armor.

The Black Knife Set

You can find the Black Knife armor set on a corpse under an archway. The archway is set behind Ordina, Liturgical Town. This chest armor gives an effect of the Crepus’s Vial talismans, and you can wear the hood of the Black Knife Set over several headwear. These include Perfumer Hood, chain coif, nox mond hood, and many others. Also, you can alter the Black Knife armor to your liking.

FAQs | Best Samurai Armor Elden Ring

How many good armors are available for the samurai class in Elden Ring?

Only five basic armors act as efficient guards for you in the Elden Ring when in the Samurai class. All of these are listed above, and you can consider any of them for yourself.

Can armor only be used for defense in the Elden Ring?

No, armor can do much more than just defend you against enemy attacks and save your health points. You can even cause significant damage to the enemy with the help of these armors. Although, these damages happen only when you use a specific attack.

Which is the strongest armor in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring offers a massive collection of efficient armors for its players. While there are a lot of armors available for you to equip, the Blackflame Monk set can be your prime choice among all of them. This armor is an efficient one to defend you against the most dangerous attacks that might have exhausted all of your health points otherwise.

What is Briar Armor weak to?

Although the briar armor is an extremely efficient armor set for the samurai class, this armor is weak to jump heavy attacks. The armor is often not capable of defending against such attacks with efficiency.

What is the best armor in Limgrave?

In Limgrave, Godrick Knight is one of the most efficient and recommended that you can try out to defend yourself from enemy attacks. Moreover, picking this armor in the early parts of Elden Ring is very easy.


So these are the best armor sets you can consider wearing when in the Samurai class. While every armor has its own qualities, choosing the one you like the most depends entirely upon you.

Look upon the qualities of these armors clearly and how they can act as a strong wall against enemy attacks. This will help you get ahead in the game easily and rank you up to higher classes.

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