8 Best Simulation Games for PC 2022 (Top Rated)

Simulation games are one of the most popular categories of games that I personally love. They give you a real-world experience of things you can only imagine like driving a truck, or working as a farmer and even fighting in world war. All these things you can do just sitting at your home in front of your computer. To give you this experience we have compiled the list of 8 Best Simulation Games for PC.

Best Simulation Games For PC


There are a ton of simulation games these days because of their popularity. In this list, you will find every kind of simulation game with a description for each one of them so you can decide which one will be the best for you.

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8 Best Simulation Games For PC

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Starting with one of the most popular and personally my favorite simulation games. The first thing you will notice as soon as you start playing is the graphics and quality of details the game provides. At first, you will start the game as a low skilled driver without a truck and you will have to work under transport companies to start earning your livelihood and work towards buying your first truck. Once you buy your own truck and own place you can have several trucks and hire drivers to complete missions. 

euro truck simulator

The controls are very easy and it would be an amazing experience if you have a gaming controller. With regular updates, the game is a total package and a must-try I would suggest. 

Farming Simulator 19

Farming simulation 19 will give you a real-life glimpse of how farming is done. This game will give you the experience of how to grow crops, harvest them and even feed your livestock. Sometimes you can find it a bit slow but those who want a simple yet fun game to ease their mind can try this game. You will have to upgrade your farm equipment and purchase tractors and harvesters for your farm. 

farming simulator 19

The controls are easy to learn, any new player will be able to learn them with ease. The graphics are one of the best things about this game, detail level and overall gameplay will give you a very good experience of how a real farm is maintained. 

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019

If you are into driving type simulator games then you are definitely gonna like this one. Trainz railroad simulator runs around the simple concept of driving a train and reaching a destination safely on time. As a kid, most of us have been curious about how a train works and how a driver controls a train. In this game, you will have to drive a train as well as set routes for different trains.

trainz railroad simulator

By default, the game has 6 routes but more will be added through updates and one of the most interesting features that the Trainz simulator offers is that you can even design your own rail route and because of its big community you can also try out routes designed by other players as well. 

The Sims 4

Sims 4 is a well-deserved successor of the Sims series of games. The best part about sims is that you can live the full virtual life of your character, from day to day tasks like going to work or having dinner with your family, each and everything related to a person’s life can be done in a game. You will get to create your own sim at the beginning of the game, just select the gender of your character and select three traits that would decide how your character will behave and his personality.

sims 4

Socialising is one of the most important aspects of sims 4, you need to build good relations with your neighbours and friends to progress in the game. Overall it’s a good game for those who want to live a virtual life and try out different things with your character. 

House Flipper

House flipper is a First-person perspective (FPP) game with 3D graphics to give you a real-life feel. The basic idea of this game is that you have to build and design a house from scrap and from scrap, I really mean that you have to break things, construct walls and even fix broken appliances. You will have to design each house according to buyers needs, each buyer will have different needs and once you have finished with a house then you can put it up on the market to sell. 

house flipper

From each house you sell you will earn your profits and then again you have to buy a worn-down house and repeat. Graphics and controls are good and the game is also compatible with most PCs even with low specs.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just like trucks, buses and train simulator games, you can also fly an aeroplane in the virtual world. Microsoft flight simulator is the most famous game of the franchise because of its realistic visuals and gameplay. You can get the experience of what things and situations a pilot goes through in real life like making decisions while having a problem with the engine or making an emergency landing keeping all passengers safe. 

Flight simulator

The game has no end goal or objectives to finish the game, it’s just created to give you a flying experience. You can toggle through difficulty levels and try out different flying courses in the flying school. This game has personally impressed me with its close-to-real graphics so do give it a try. 

F1 2020

Have you ever thought about the thrill an F1 driver experiences? If yes then you should try F1 2020. From racing in tracks to being the boss and managing your own pit crew you can have full experience of how F1 races work. The handling of cars is excellent with good graphics, not the best I would say because some of the things shown are much different from real life.

F1 2020

One of the best things about this game is that it lets you play online multiplayer matches with your friends and even different players on the platform. I would totally recommend this game if you love racing games. 

World Of Warships

As the name suggests, the world of warships depicts the battles between ships during the period of World war 2. It is an overhead view type simulation game but the graphics and overall gameplay quality are appreciable. You have to defeat your enemies on the sea using different types of warships and with the recent update, the developers have also added submarines to make it more interesting and worth your time.

World of warships


With the increasing craze for simulation games because of their close to the real-life experience, we have listed some of the best simulation games for pc that we personally tried and had a great time playing them. This list includes simulation games of every kind from driving trucks to working on a farm as a farmer.

Do try these games out and if you have any more suggestions regarding simulation games let us know in the comment section down below.best

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