6 Best Sword For Astrologer Elden Ring (Strongest)

Elden Ring continues to break some of the oldest gaming records daily as it keeps ranking up in the category of the most played games worldwide. This is because the game offers a wide variety of weapons, spells, magic, and much more for its players to keep them from getting bored with the game. Along with an epic storyline that is no less than a thriller story, the game offers so many different and exciting aspects for its players to remain indulged in it for long durations.

Best Sword For Astrologer Elden Ring

As you play Elden Ring, you will notice that your character is given a particular level of class. This class keeps increasing based on your skills and powers as you move ahead in the game. There are 10 classes in Elden Ring: Vagabond, Warrior, Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Prophet, Samurai, Prisoner, Confessor, and Wretch. Today, we will talk about the astrologer class of Elden Ring and which one is the best sword for astrologer Elden Ring. So, if you are a player of the astrologer class or are about to reach it, this is just what you need.

Best Sword For Astrologer Elden Ring | Choose The Best Of All

Elden Ring offers a collection of many types of swords in the game, each having different damage rates, magic and powers. But not every sword is capable of being used for every class in the game. Hence here is a list of the best swords for the astrologer class in Elden Ring. But before we talk about these swords, let us know more about the astrologer class in Elden Ring.

What is the Astrologer class in Elden Ring?

While Elden Ring has a collection of ten classes, the Astrologer is a starting class made for beginners. The astrologer class denotes high intelligence and presence of mind, along with some dexterity. When you start the game with an astrologer class in Elden Ring, you will get a basic set of weapons, armor, and staff. As you advance in the game, you can strengthen your character by achieving different weapons and upgrading intelligence, strength, and skill. As you start your journey being an astrologer in Elden Ring, you are given a basic set of equipment mentioned below.

Best Sword For Astrologer Elden Ring

  • Glintstone Pebble
  • Glintstone Arc
  • Short Sword
  • Astrologer Hood
  • Astrologer Robe
  • Astrologer Gloves
  • Astrologer Trousers

Along with the above equipment, a memory of grace items is also given in the astrologer class. Now let’s find out what is the best sword for an astrologer in Elden Ring for you to equip them and make your character take a stronghold in the game.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword

The Lazuli Glintstone is the perfect choice for an astrologer in Elden Ring. It is one of the best weapons for intelligence-based builds. The handguards of the sword are filled with glintstone that seeks magic damage to the enemies and is made up of wood. The Lazuli Glintstone is a straight sword, and it is known to scale to strength and intelligence. Owning it during an astrologer class and upgrading the weapon with intelligence will help you take the lead in the game.

Lazuli Glintstone sword

You can find the Lazuli Glintstone at several locations in the game. One of these can be the areas of Raya Lucaria Academy where the sword might drop from the Lazuli Sorcerers. Another spot to find the Lazuli glintstone sword is to go directly in the southern direction of the Schoolhouse Classroom site of Grace. These are the two most probable locations to look for Lazuli glintstone swords in Elden Ring.

Carian Knight’s Sword

The Carian knight’s sword is another straight sword in Elden Ring. Best suited to be used when in the astrologer class, this sword also scales with intelligence, strength, and agility, just like the Lazuli glintstone. Almost a copy of Lazuli glintstone, the Carian knight’s sword also deals magical damage to the enemies from the sorceress’s battle skills. In addition, the sword is also embedded with a blue glintstone, although it is somewhat different from Lazuli.

Carian Knight's sword

To find the Carian knight’s sword in Elden Ring, you can go to the Liurnia of Lakes. Here you can find the sword in the back of a carriage being pulled northwest of the lake. This is the only location where you can find the Carian knight’s sword in Elden Ring.

Crystal Sword

Known for its spinning slash power, the Crystal Sword is another straight sword that scales with intelligence and strength. The crystal sword also has a magical damage ability which, when used with the “Spinning Slash,” can deal amazing damage to the enemy. To describe its appearance, the sword is a magical source of power made up of pure crystal and deals a suitable amount of damage to the enemy. The crystal sword is all you need to defend yourself when you are in the astrologer class.

Crystal Sword

To find the crystal sword, you will have to visit the village of the Albinaurics in southern Liurnia of the lakes. Here you will have to cross the poisonous swamp. After this, look for a well and a bridge connecting to an island. You will need to fight some enemies before you can look for the crystal sword in the dark edge of the area.

The Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon greatsword is another suited weapon for the astrologer class. In fact, for most players in the astrologer class, the dark moon greatsword is often the primary weapon they use against enemies. The sword requires 16 strength, 11 talent, and 38 intelligence to wield for its moonlight skill.

Dark moon greatsword

There is one prominent location where you can find the dark moon greatsword. This is below the cathedral of Manus Celes. After you give Ranni the Dark moon Ring, you can own the dark moon greatsword as your primary weapon in the game. Although, it is not as easy as it seems. You must obtain the dark moon Ring by passing Ranni’s quest. This is a complex task to perform; thus, you must do your homework before trying to get the Dark Moon Greatsword.


What is the best weapon for an astrologer in Elden Ring?

There are a lot of swords available in Elden Ring. But in the astrologer class, the four of the best swords can be the Lazuli glintstone sword, the Carian knight’s sword, the Crystal sword, and the Dark moon greatsword. Apart from it, there are many other swords you can prefer choosing, but the best ones are the ones mentioned above.

What is the absolute strongest weapon in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a series of strongest weapons known to yield heavy damage to the enemy’s health bar. One of the strongest weapons in Elden Ring is the Blasphemous blade which has been known for its highly damaging capabilities since the game’s launch.

How to make the best Astrologer build in Elden Ring?

When you are an astrologer class player, you must focus on leveling up the basic stats. This includes increasing strength and intelligence to upgrade your weapons and ultimately create the best astrologer build in Elden Ring.

Is the astrologer class better than the Prophet class?

While both classes are of different natures, one cannot certainly claim one class to be better than another. But the astrologer class often seems to be much more powerful whereas the prophet class is also a good choice to make in the game.

Which Elden Ring class is best for beginners?

If you are new to the game, the Confessor class is the best option you can consider for your character in the game.

Conclusion | Best Sword For Astrologer Elden Ring

So these are all the best swords you can use in the astrologer class of Elden Ring. Although players use several other swords in the astrologer class, the ones mentioned above are the best possible swords that would yield heavy damage to the enemy and help you win battles.

Remember that not every sword is suited to be used in the astrologer class, so you must wisely select the weapons you consider for your character in the game.

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