Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text? Save Yourself!

Cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives, and their capabilities are changing as technology advances. But we must know about its dangers in order to protect ourselves too. The question of the hour is, can someone hack your phone through text? Yes, that’s possible. Your phone can be hacked through text only when a user gives consent or approval. This blog post will teach you how hackers can steal data from your phone and how to stop it from happening to you.

Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text

Have you ever realized that your phone has sometimes been acting strange? It could happen if a hacker has infected your phone with a virus. Someone can hack into your cell phone without you ever knowing it! A hacker can get into your phone’s system and download secret or personal information. They can see messages and even track where you are. Hackers use the internet to get into your system, but they do not need physical access. This is called a remote attack. To protect your privacy, you need to disable your GPS and can follow some other measures. What are those? Let’s find out!

Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text? | Is It Really Possible?

A hacker can get into your phone and download your personal information, know all about everyone you know and everything you do. They could then use this information to send anonymous texts to people asking for money or credit card numbers. They could also blackmail people with the information they have on them. This is a type of identity theft, which is called RATs for short. These computer programs can easily get around any kind of security. Hackers can do this because they know people’s passwords and their credit card and bank account numbers.

How To Hack Your Phone Through Text Messages? 

Usually, text messages consist of a few links that, when clicked, can give the hacker access to some sensitive information. You may get hacked in two ways: sending out malicious links through SMS or re-creating your SMS messages.

Malicious Link: One of the easiest ways to hack phones through text messages is to send out fake links through SMS. Hackers can send out an SMS and request the link be opened. When users click that link and download malware, they can often hack the phone through text messages; these malicious links mostly come from email and text messages.

Malicious Link on text message

Re-Created SMS Messages: This is another way that hackers can hack phones through text messages. Hackers will take a simple message and identify the specific phone, then use that information to send out an SMS with a link that will lead to malware.

Recent Case of SMS Hacking

A man from Texas has been arrested for hacking a woman via text messages and looting $20,000 from her.

The man hacked the woman’s phone by sending her a text message that appeared to be from her bank, saying the bank needed details for the continuation of her account. So, she complied with the message and sent her full name, date of birth, mobile number, and account details to the hacker. The man hacked the woman’s account and transferred $20,000 from her bank to another bank account using her mobile phone. The woman lost all her money because she could not react fast enough to stop the hacker.

After realizing the woman filed a case at the local police station. Later the man, identified as 24-year-old, was arrested and charged with computer-related fraud.

How to Prevent Hacks Through SMS

  • Change the default password for your phone; this way, you are protected from hackers who may have access to your phone

Change the default password for your phone

  • Ensure you have antivirus software to protect your phone from malicious links and viruses

antivirus software to protect your phone

  • Use your phone wisely. Make sure which link you are clicking on. In any doubt, crosscheck the sender or block it
  • Be aware of spam messages or calls that ask for personal details

spam calls

  • Get rid of unnecessary applications 
  • Change your passwords at least once a month

FAQs| Can Someone Hack Your Phone Through Text

What to do if I click on the link sent by the hacker on my phone?

It’s impossible to stop a hacker who’s already inside your phone. If you don’t want to use the messaging app, turn off the “SMS” feature. If sensitive information is stored on your phone, it’s best to immediately disable the app so that no one can access it. Finally, on some phones, you can turn off data-sharing from your carrier–this eliminates any text messages sent from your phone.

What is the best way to protect yourself from someone hacking your phone through text?

The best way to protect yourself from someone hacking your phone through text is not to send sensitive information through text messages that the hacker would typically access, such as passwords or bank account numbers. And using two-factor authentication wherever possible. Also, cross-check if you get a link related to the bank or ask for any personal information.

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You’ve read the story, and now you understand how it happens and why it could happen to you. After all of the detailed discussion and research in this post, we may consider the following points to summarize whether someone can hack your phone through text or not. If you’re sending important information to someone, just think about their privacy before you send the message. Think about the consequences if you send confidential information to someone over text. Text messages are easily intercepted, and if that message contains personal or confidential information, it can devastate your reputation, your business’s reputation, and your personal relationships. If someone asks for any specific information from a person or business in a position of power that hasn’t been disclosed- be on their guard.

Your phone is valuable. In a way, it’s an extension of yourself. It’s what people see when they look at you. You show the world who you are to them through your phone, the apps, the pictures you have, and what information is available through text messaging. If someone has access to your phone- they can see a lot about your life, business, and personal relationships- just by looking at your phone.

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