Can You Play DS Games On Switch? | Let’s Find Out!

The dual-screen games, or what we call the DS games, are the never-aging part of the gaming industry. Gamers from all around the world like to stream and play DS games even today. A recent problem that gamers are facing these days is to run dual-screen games on Switch, and thus every other person today surfs the internet with a question: Can you play DS games on Switch? We are here with the answer!

Can You Play DS Games On Switch?

Undoubtedly the gaming industry has experienced a major upgrade in the past few years. These upgrades, as a result, brought some of the most unique and exciting games of all time and were an interesting part for hardcore gamers to enjoy. But although introducing new games boosted the industry, it didn’t mean the old games were lost.

Can You Play DS Games On Switch? | Let’s Find Out!

To give a straightforward answer to gamers seeking the answer to can you play DS games on Switch is both no and yes. The reason for “No” is that Nintendo officially does not allow you to play DS games on Switch, which has been the only reason for disinterest among Switch users. Although, the answer to this question can be yes if you decide to jailbreak your Switch and use some tactics to run DS games on Switch successfully.

DS games on Switch

The craze for DS games among gamers throughout the globe is unimaginable. Since most dual-screen games provide a lot of fun, adventure, and exciting modes, they have been a prime choice for gamers for a long time. People have advanced to modern-day games, including Battlegrounds mobile and Valorant, but this didn’t end the craze and popularity of DS games.

In 2004 the Nintendo DS was released, and the company also benefited from it. However, this closed the gates to run DS games on Switch, which was a factor of disappointment for the gamers. The previous Nintendo consoles indeed supported DS games, but with the release of new ones, Nintendo does not allow you to do so.

Can you play DS games on Switch? It has thus been a viral question in recent days, and the answer to this question is solely to mod your switch console. So, to run DS games on Switch, we will guide you on modulating your Switch console.

What do you need to mod your switch console?

To mod your switch console, you will need certain things to help you go smoothly through the process.

  1. An Unpatched Switch Console: An essential prerequisite is that your switch console must be unpatched, which means it needs to be vulnerable to be exploited.
  2. Laptop/Desktop: You will need a laptop or a desktop to go through the mod process of the console.
  3. Micro SD Card: A micro SD card of at least 64 GB is needed for the process.
  4. A USB Cable: You will need a USB cable to connect your switch console to your laptop/desktop.

How To Play DS Games On Switch Console?

Playing DS games on Switch consoles has been officially removed by Nintendo, and thus the only option remaining is to Jailbreak or mod your Switch console to run dual-screen games on it successfully. DS games have the heart of gamers, and thus this fact is completely understandable that people want to play their favorite old games and enjoy them.

Step1: Install a Custom Firmware

To mod your Switch console, you will need to install a CFW or what we call custom firmware. Custom firmware is any modified software that, of course, is unauthorized by official companies like Nintendo. What the custom firmware will do is it will open some hidden features in your console that has officially been removed from the console.

Step 2: Install Custom Homebrew

The second thing you need to do is to install custom homebrew. Now you may ask what is homebrew; it is a custom software that allows you to mod your switch console and install any third-party apps like “Homebrew App Store.”


Step 3: Install DS Emulator (Melon DS or Lakka)

Lastly, you will need to install a DS Emulator to run DS games on your switch console finally. Melon DS is currently the best version of DS Emulators, but Lakka is another one you can try.

Note: Although you can run DS games on your switch console, it will be in a lower aspect ratio than the original one.

FAQs | Can You Play DS Games On Switch?

Is jailbreaking my Switch console illegal?

Although Nintendo has officially not announced the process of jailbreaking or hacking a switch console as illegal, it doesn’t recommend or want you to do so. Thus, it is your decision at last whether to hack your switch console or not.

What will happen if I jailbreak my Switch console?

Nintendo never recommends or wants you to jailbreak or hack your switch console and so there might be some consequences if you do so. So, if Nintendo detects that your switch console has been hacked or jailbroken by you, then you can be banned from their network forever. Also, hacking your switch console and installing custom firmware will end its warranty period immediately.


DS games have been a prime choice of gamers worldwide, so Nintendo is expected to develop an official solution for its customers. It is understood that no one wants to hack or jailbreak their switch console, but it leaves people with no option but to try them out.

Although you can successfully run DS games by hacking your switch console, which many people out there have already been doing and enjoying DS games on their console, it is quite a risky task to perform. Even the slightest of mistakes can get you banned from Nintendo forever.

Thus, whether you can play DS games on Switch can be answered with both, a yes and a no. It is upon you which path you choose to follow.

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