CAS Full Edit Mode Sims 4 | An Absolute Guide 2024

Sims 4 is an all-time famous life simulation game that is broadcasting worldwide these days. It’s one of those games that make you feel relaxed and do things your way with your character (Sim) that you could not do in your everyday lives. From going to work to gardening, bathing, developing relationships resemble ourselves.

Sims 4 takes all of the wishes that we ever wanted to do out of our monotonous repeated life schedule and molds them together with perfection. You can do whatever you want with your Sim, however, you want and whenever you want. Take your Sim to a walk, sleep anytime, have pets, be in relation, have kids! These are just a few to mention from the so long list from the vast in-game world. Showcase can also showcase your skills by completing various challenges and achievements within the game.

CAS Full Edit Mode Sims 4
Sims 4

All About CAS full Edit Mode

CAS full edit mode

Though there are a ton of characterizations available for your Sim, you might feel it’s not enough, and there is always something that you could add to its already lying features to customize your character. May it be the hairstyle, way of walking, or your choice of outfits. According to every player’s choice, the variations are not enough in the game. These are just starting ones; ever thought you could change how your Sim walks? Or change the length of your hair anytime? Ever thought of changing your body type to buff up or slim fit? These things are now possible with the CAS full edit mode in Sims 4. This cheat code allows you to customize your Sim in every possible spec according to your wish. You can even use these cheats to increase or decrease the age of your Sim quickly. With CAS full edit mode, you will change almost everything from body to remarkable traits.

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Enabling CAS Full Edit Mode

The exciting thing about CAS full edit mode is that it can be accessed on every device, as it does not require the installation of any mod. This edit mode can be done on PlayStation Xbox. So, before using the CAS full edit mode, you need to enable CAS cheats to run the full edit mode. Follow the given below steps to enable cheats on your preferred device:

CAS cheat PC- enabling this mod on PC is one of the simplest ways as it was first developed for PC only, making the process simple to follow-

  • Turn on the game
  • Press ctrl + shift + c altogether on your keyboard.
  • In the input section of your command screen, type testingcheats true followed by cas.fulleditmode
  • Press enter

It will now enable the CAS cheat; click on your Sim while holding the shift key, and an option will appear “Edit in CAS.” Press that to edit your Sim manually.

CAS full edit mode

CAS full edit mode PS4/PS5- those who play Sims 4 on PS4 or PS5 have a significant relief on hearing that this was available for their consoles, too, as you can install none of the other mods on the console devices. Eventually, they had to play with the restrictions and limitations included. This cheat is available for PlayStation consoles; follow the CAS full edit mode instructions.

  • Press the PlayStation controller’s L1, R1, L2, and R2 keys, and the cheat console bar will appear.
  • Press the X key on the controller, type testingcheats true in the console, and then press the X key again.
  • Now type cas.fulleditmode to run the function.

· Whenever you wish to edit your Sim, continuously press the O and X keys on the controller. The modify in CAS option will pop up.

CAS full edit mode

Now you can edit your Sim according to your wish, adjust your height, color your hair and do whatever you wish for!

CAS 4 cheats for Xbox- Sims 4 is available for Xbox also, and it is even more exciting that you can access this edit mode even on your Xbox. The process for the same is given below.

  • Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2; this will open the cheat console on your screen.
  • Now type testingcheats true and click the select button.
  • Again, open the cheat console and type cas.fulleditmode
  • Press those earlier buttons again to go back

These steps will enable your cheats in the CAS full edit mode, and now you can edit your Sim by pressing the B and A button altogether on your controller and then selecting “modify in CAS.”

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CAS total edit mod Sims 4 Features

Now that you have enabled all the mods, you can easily modify your Sim according to your needs and choices. They are some unknown features that include with this cheat, some of which are:

  • On clicking Shift and clicking on the ground will enable teleport. You can teleport your Sim to any of your required destinations in no time.
  • Clicking shift and then on mailbox helps you clear the contents of your email in one go.
  • One of the significant relief factors of this game is that you don’t have to enable the CAS full edit mode whenever you open the game. It is there permanently by default.

FAQs| CAS full Edit Mode Sims 4

Can the full edit mode work on Mac OS?

The CAS full edit mode Sims 4 can run on any device, even the Console ones! You have to follow the instructions given for the PC to run on Mac OS.

CAS full edit mode Sims 4 not working on PS4?

This cheat works on PS4 as well as PS5. Try enabling the cheat console properly as given above. Follow the mentioned steps correctly for perfect results.

Can I adjust my age and height in CAS full edit mode Sims 4?

From the height, age, skin tone, what clothes you want to wear, with whom you want to get into a relationship, these are just a few listed things from a bag full of options available with CAS full edit mode in Sims 4.

Closure| CAS full edit mode Sims 4

How amazing it becomes when you have control over all the choices to customize your Sim anytime and anywhere. This cheat has become one of the essential catalogs for players all over.

Sims 4 has become one of the most loving simulator games of all time. The CAS full edit mode has become more feasible to edit your characteristics and personality anytime from top to bottom. Enjoy this whole new level of excitement!

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