How to Change Career Outfit in Sims 4? (All Cheat Codes)

Sims 4 has a lot of features to make your character close to reality and one of them is the ability to change the clothes of your character according to his profession. You can choose from a wide range of clothing to make your character look like a charm. But the majority of the users don’t how to change career outfit in Sims 4??

How to Change Career Outfit in Sims 4

In this blog post, we have shared with you the cheat code to change your career outfit according to your choice. Just stay with us till the end and  Don’t worry, it’s a very easy process and even a new sims player can do it.

How To Change Career Outfit In Sims 4?

If you are an old sims player you may already know that your character has different outfits which change according to its profession. Sometimes this can be a problem because some clothes do not match the profession of your character. Would it look good if your character wears a suit and flip flops? Obviously no.

Sadly by default, the game has not given users the option to manually change clothes according to their choice but we can unlock this feature using cheat codes. 

How To Use Cheat Codes In Sims 4?

To use any cheat in sims 4 first you need to enable cheats using the command console box.

To use cheats in sims 4 follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Press Shift + Ctrl + C on your pc to open the command console. For Mac users press Cmb + Shift + C and for console users press all the shoulder buttons together.

How to open command console

Step 2: Now type testingcheat true in the command console and press enter.

enter cheat

 You have activated cheats in your game, now you can enter any cheat in the command console. 

What Is The Cheat To Change Outfits In Sims 4?

To change an outfit in sims 4 using cheat follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the command console box. 

Step 2: Now type sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas in command console box and press enter. 

After pressing enter you will be taken to create a sim (CAS) mode.

Now you can create any outfit of your choice in the CAS mode. There are some work clothes which you cannot find in the CAS menu, also some clothes are designed for specific work or buildings which you cannot wear outside. If you swap your original free roam clothes with work clothes then you might not be able to change them back so before changing your work clothes make sure that they can be used freely. 

How To Change Npc Work Outfit In Sims 4?

Just like many simulation games Sims 4 also gives players the option to change NPC work outfits. Now if you are new to simulation games and you don’t know what NPC is let me explain it in simple words for you. NPC stands for Non-player character which means any character which is not controlled by the player. 

modify in CAS

In Sims 4 you can change the work outfits of NPC players too. To do so follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the command console using Shift + Ctrl + C to enter the cheat code. 

Step 2: Now enable the cheat codes by typing testingcheats true and press enter.

Step 3: Now again open the command console and type fulleditmode and hit enter.

Step 4: Now find the NPC you want to change the outfit off. 

Step 5: Press the “Shift and click key” on the NPC and you will find a bunch of options.

Step 6: Select the “Modify in CAS” option and you will be taken to the outfit library. 

You can now make any combination of clothes for your NPC and save it. 

FAQs | Change Career Outfit in Sims 4

Sims 4 Career Outfit Not Changing?

Your career outfit in Sims 4 might not be changing because some outfits cannot be used outside a particular building. 

How Do You Unlock The Hidden Outfits In Sims 4?

To unlock hidden outfits in Sims 4 first open the command console using Shift + Ctrl + C and then type the cheat cas. unlockbytag SP17 and press enter.

How Do You Unlock Everything On Sims 4?

To unlock all objects in the buy section open the command console using Shift + Ctrl + C and type the cheat bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and press enter.


Sims 4 really provides players with good outfits to make their character stylish and good looking. In this blog post, we have answered all the questions on how to change career outfits in sims 4.

We hope that these cheats will help you set different combinations of clothes for your character and if you still have any queries let us know by commenting down below. 


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