[FIXED] “Confirm Your Info On the App” Instagram Error

Instagram has been improving its privacy features from time to time to protect users from getting their accounts hacked. One of the most common error messages users have been facing these days is “Confirm your info on the app” and this has been a major problem since the last few updates. Even the famous Instagram accounts with thousands of followers and without any sign of an account being hacked are facing this error message. 

Confirm your info on the app error

This error can be caused because of a few reasons like if you are using your Instagram account on different devices or because of third party applications. In this blog post, we have given every possible reason and how you can solve the “Confirm your app info Instagram” error message with just simple methods.

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“Confirm Your Info On The App” Instagram Error Message Fix

There are a few easy methods that you can follow to get your account back. But before we get to the fix you need to understand why this error occurred to prevent it from coming back. Users who are facing this error can see a pop up on their phone screen when they try to open their Instagram account, it says “Confirm your info on the app to get back to your account” and the reason Instagram gives for it is “We noticed unusual activity from your account. Confirm your identity from the Instagram app to get back your account”.

confirm your info on instagram

This means that Instagram has detected interference in your account from another source and because of this your account will be reviewed and you need to prove your identity to restore your account.

Why Does Instagram Need To Confirm My Info?

Whenever Instagram detects suspicious activity from your account they automatically block it until you prove your identity. This can be because your account might be logged in to different devices and because of Instagram security they block the account to check if it’s hacked. 

Another possible reason is that you might be using some third-party apps to track follower status or view account stats and Instagram does not promote these kinds of apps due to privacy reasons. Well, there is no exact reason why Instagram does this with some users but most likely it’s one of the reasons we have listed above. 

How To Fix The “confirm Your Info On The App To Get Back To Your Account” Error Message On Instagram

To recover your account and confirm your identity on the Instagram app follow the methods given below and make sure you go through each one of them carefully.

Confirm Your Identity Using A Video Selfie

You can upload a video selfie on Instagram to verify that the account belongs to you. But some users also reported that when they tried uploading a video selfie on Instagram it failed. To fix it you can try uninstalling the Instagram app and then reinstall it or you can use a VPN and then try uploading the video selfie. There is another way that works for many users is to use another device to log in to your account. 

video selfie on instagram

To take a  video selfie correctly you need to place your face in the circle and keep your full face in the circle. To complete your face verification Instagram will keep popping instructions on how your face should be in each step and It will scan your face fully vertically and horizontally making you move your face. 

Verification complete

After successfully capturing your face you will see a large arrow sign on your screen then just click on “Submit” and you are done. Your Instagram account will be restored within 24 hours if you have successfully verified yourself. 

Clearing Instagram Cache

If you have tried verifying facial recognition and still you can’t recover your account then you should try to clear your in-app cache files and then try again to upload the video selfie. 

video verification failed

To clear your Instagram cache follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Android or IOS device.

how to clear instagram cache

Step 2: Go to apps and search for Instagram. 

Step 3: Click on “clear all cache”.

Reinstall The Instagram App After A Few Days

uninstall instagram app

It’s time you should give your Instagram account a bit of rest for a few days if any of these methods didn’t work for you. Just uninstall the Instagram app from your device for at least 3 days and then reinstall it. Just login to your account and your problem will be solved but make sure you reinstall the app after a few days, sometimes it will be solved in just 24 hours but it can also take 2 or 3 days to solve.

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Instagram’s updated privacy features sometimes can cause trouble to some users because of their activities like liking and commenting on each post, constantly following people and or using third-party apps to get likes and track followers. In this blog post, we have discussed one of the most common Instagram issue “Confirm your info on the app” and listed out all the reasons why this happened to you and some easy fixes to solve this error.

If you are still facing this issue or need help with other related problems do let us know in the comment section down below and we will try to help you out.


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