Free Dauntless Codes 2023 | Verified (Hourly Updated)

If you are into RPG or role-playing games then you must have tried dauntless. It is a free to play fantasy world game which means that you will encounter fantasy world things like spells and monsters. Dauntless is that one game you will get addicted to once you start playing it, the graphics and gameplay it offers is one of the best. The creators of this game offer free dauntless codes once in a while so that users can get paid items and skins for free. If you are someone searching for dauntless codes then stick to the end because this might be your lucky day.

Dauntless Codes

These codes do expire fast because they are valid only up to a certain time limit. In this blog post we have listed out some updated dauntless code list and make sure you bookmark this page as these codes will be updated as soon as the publisher releases new ones. 

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Dauntless Codes with Complete Guide

Before we get to the code list if you are a new dauntless player then I will suggest you not to skip directly to the codes. Dauntless is a free to play game published by Phoenix labs, though it is a free game but the developers have made an in-game store from where you can buy new weapons, skins and outfits. 

What Is Dauntless About?

Dauntless is influenced by Dark Souls and World of warcraft. After a brief introduction to the game world, you will be able to create a character but there are not many options for the customization of your character. After creating your slayer you will have to select a weapon from seven available weapons like axes, swords, chains and firearms. These weapons will be used to kill the monsters (behemoths) and each level will have a different behemoth with specific powers which will require you to change or upgrade your weapon according to behemoth abilities. You can upgrade and forge new weapons in Ramsgate (Dauntless hub world) and equip the right weapons before facing the behemoths.

Dauntless gameplay

How To Redeem Dauntless Codes?

To redeem codes in dauntless follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the dauntless official website in your browser. 

Step 2: Now log in to your dauntless account and go to the “My accounts” section.

Step 3: Search for the “Code redemption” option and click on it.

Step 4: Copy the code you want to redeem and paste it under code redemption and hit enter button.

How to redeem codes in dauntless

Once doing it correctly you can check your rewards in the game inventory. If the code is expired or you have not entered the code correctly you will see an error popup on your screen. 

Where Are New Dauntless Codes Updated?

The publishers of dauntless release new codes on many events. You can find all the codes first posted on the official dauntless Twitter handle, Facebook page or even on dauntless community posts. These codes are mainly released on various in-game events and sometimes for promotional activities the publishers give away these codes to twitch streamers so you can also follow some famous dauntless streamers to get the code first. 

latest dauntless codes

These codes expire after a certain number of users redeem them or they are available for a certain time limit, it’s up to the developers. Don’t worry if you never got the codes on time because on this page we will update the codes whenever there are new ones.

Latest Dauntless Codes (Hourly Updated)

There are many dauntless codes that you can find on various sites but most of them are invalid or expired. Dauntless codes are a way to attract users so that the user base of the game will increase. There are various types of codes like dauntless flare code, armour code, dress code, and many more. One thing you should keep in mind is that the most popular codes like flair code get expired very quickly as compared to other codes. 

Free Dauntless codes: 

  1. MNouhj-euWR3m-uosYed-ctgnvw-yNvpK7
  2. zoezRK-vKqYdg-9Fsr9u-LTFTKR-dLtyJk
  3. 4jmJny-o4jVEW-fAoWoR-kXHAmR-XjCf3s
  4. PAXSouth

These were some of the latest dauntless working codes you can try and redeem yourself with free goodies. 


FAQs | Dauntless Codes

Where Can I Download Dauntless From?

Dauntless is available on Epic Games launcher on PC and consoles. You can directly visit the official epic games website or App and create an account or if you already have one just login and search for Dauntless and click on “Get” and it will start downloading. 

dauntless download

Dauntless For Android And IOS?

You can download Dauntless on Android and IOS but I would suggest you not to because it is still not released officially by the developers for mobile. If you still wish to download them on your mobile click on the download link below.

Dauntless for Android – LINK

How To Get Platinum In Dauntless?

There are two ways you can get platinum in dauntless:

  • You can directly purchase platinum from the store using real money. 
  • You can also earn platinum after clearing each level if you have purchased a battle pass or elite pass in dauntless.

How Much Does Platinum Cost In Dauntless?

The quantity of platinum varies with the amount you want to purchase. These are the rates of platinum you can purchase:

Quantity  Amount
500  $4.99
1150(1000+150) $9.99
3150(2500+650) $24.99
6700(5000+1700) $49.99
14000(10000+4000) $99.99

NOTE: 100 platinum costs $1 but players get a bonus as the number of platinum increases. 

Is It Possible To Cheat In Dauntless?

Yes, you can cheat in Dauntless using various kinds of Mods, scripts and bots. These hacks can get you ESP, fast speed, flying through walls and much more. 

Final Verdict | Dauntless Reward Codes

Dauntless is one of the best RPG games and with these redeem codes the developers have attracted more users than ever.

In this blog post, we have listed the latest dauntless codes and how you can redeem them. These free codes can be very helpful if you are someone who doesn’t like to spend money on games and want to show off your friend’s cool armour and outfits. Just keep on checking this page or official dauntless handles for the latest codes because you need to be fast if you want to redeem them. If you have any queries or have a working code let us know by commenting down below. 

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