Discord Music Bot Not Working | Issues and Solutions! (2023)

We all know what an excellent program Discord is. Although it was recently released, the software has quickly gained popularity and is one of the most downloaded on PCs and smartphones. The program offers a wide range of functions and purposes, which is precisely why it became so well-known in the first place. The most significant thing is that most of these tools featured within the discord software are flawless, and using them is a terrific way to connect with old acquaintances or meet new people who share your interests.

The ideal qualities, however, don’t always function as well as they do in practice. We’ll speak a little more about one of these characteristics and a unique circumstance in which it either doesn’t function as planned or at all. Precisely speaking, we will talk about the Discord music bot not working. 

Discord Music Bot Not Working

But a little birdie around spoke to us about how the discord music bots have not been functioning, but they have also vanished from the scene. So, now are we just going to sit back and lose our music rankings directly linked to fm bot? No way! If you are as keen as us on finding your perfect music soulmate, stay with us through this to find out what you can do if the discord rhythm bot has been malfunctioning.

Discord Music Bot Not Working | Here’s How to Fix

We all use the Rythm bot to listen to music on Discord and enjoy streaming the music we enjoy music. How would you react if the Rythm bot suddenly ceased to function? We use the Rythm bot on my servers to share music with my friends because we all love a friendly, cozy groupie vibe from the comfort of our room. But just encountered a similar problem to yours and became frustrated. We started doing considerable research to find the answer to eliminate my irritation. Fortunately, We found the ideal response to it.

Discord members have access to a wide range of capabilities, including a music bot; the various options accessible to users on Discord include music bots. The well-known program may be used to stream material, something many people might not know. Those using the streaming function in Discord have access to various functions, including the Discord music bots. These music bots are essentially tools that let you use Discord to stream music while playing music on your stream. 

Discord Music Bots not Working | Top Issues and Solutions you can use

All users who are presently watching the broadcast will be able to hear the music that has been allocated to the bots. Nevertheless, the Discord music bots occasionally malfunction, which may be unpleasant, especially if you’re in the middle of a stream. Here are some solutions you might attempt if this has ever occurred to you or is occurring to you.

Suppose you are one of the returning OGs of Discord. In that case, When Rythm Bot’s server is down for routine maintenance, library updates, or problems with the Discord implementation, it occasionally has to pause its music service. And as of 2021, things are irrelevant. But YouTube has issued an order to cease Rythm.fm for violating their terms of service. The rhythm bot broke YouTube’s terms and conditions of service by using its services for profit. That is why Rythm.fm is no longer accessible as a result of YouTube’s disagreement.

rythm bot logo

Please note that as of 2023, there is a significant possibility of Rythm returning to Discord. Still, our information birdie hasn’t got much under its timeline, so as soon as the time comes, we will update the article with the re-return news!

So with Rythm.fm out of the Discord scene, what else are the reasons your music is being interrupted through your server? Here’s a quick list: 

Make sure to check the Bot Access quickly:

Many different developers create music bots, and in certain instances, the programmers may have placed limitations. This is the case for many Discord music bots, which could be the case for the one you’re now using. Several music bots can no longer play a substantial portion of the music available on YouTube and Soundcloud during live streaming. Be sure there aren’t any restrictions of this kind by checking the official website or page of the music bot you’re now utilizing. 

There isn’t much you can do if there are limits and your bot has restrictions on either Soundcloud or YouTube. Alternatively, try looking for the audio you want to utilize on a source other than Soundcloud or YouTube. You may also try changing the music bot you’re presently using.

App Permissions

It’s possible that you were the one who unintentionally forbade your bot from playing music during live streaming. The nicest aspect about this problem is that it frequently has this cause, which is also simple to repair. Discord’s permissions can obstruct your music bot from functioning correctly in various situations. Several different permissions must be granted, and you must ensure they are all granted. All of these permissions must be enabled for music bots to function effectively.


Ensure that someone is actively listening.

There are several music bots that, when there are no listeners present, will either stop playing or won’t play any music. It does this automatically and isn’t usually turned off to conserve precious resources. Ensure that someone can hear the music there; otherwise, it might not, and you might think the music bot isn’t operating.

Configure the server region.

The music bot occasionally fails to function because certain server areas do not support it. Attempt to switch your server area a few times, and keep attempting to make the bot operate repeatedly. Every time you switch the server, try a few times. Eventually, you need to be able to locate a server where the Discord music bot starts to perform flawlessly. This may be modified by using the Server Settings menu.

Discord Music bot not working | Best Alternatives for you

These are mainly why things with the discord music bot may not have worked out for you; as we discussed earlier, Rythm.fm has already been banned from Discord due to the disagreements between youtube and discord management, so here are a few alternatives to make up for the dysfunctional music you know everyone on your server is missing! Here’s our list of top music bots that one can use for vibing up their jamming sessions:


An excellent option for the Rythm music bot is Hydra, which some users have even referred to as the finest music bot on Discord. Hydra offers incredible customizability. It provides an extensive online dashboard, a versatile command list with great functionality, and a great music request channel. A premium service unlocks other functions as well. For instance, an autoplay queue offers 24 hours of playback support. Yet, the majority of consumers are content with the free version.

hydra bot


Another excellent option to take the role of the rhythm music bot is Chip Bot. A variety of music playback controls, high-quality audio, and 24-hour service are all offered by Chip Bot. You have complete control over your musical preferences thanks to an equalization setting. Moreover, Chip Bot provides a free and paid service that allows you to customize further how your music is played back. Chip bot can be used straight from your Discord server and can access over 80 commands. No other window has to be opened to manage your music.

ChipBot Discord music bot not working


Rythm may be swapped out with the distinctive music bot on Discord known as 24/7, an excellent replacement for Groovy music. 24/7 allows you to play songs from many music sources, like YouTube or music stations, just like the other Discord music bots on the list. Although having a free version, 24/7 also offers a premium edition that opens up more features, including playlists, volume control, and better audio quality.


Rhythm can be replaced with MEE6, more flexible, as your music bot. MEE6 has a graphic music player that makes it simple to control the music playback. Reset, Pause, and Skip commands can be used for most tasks. MEE6 can play music from various websites, including SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitch. To listen to music, you may search directly for the song’s title or click on links.


One of the most well-known music bots on Discord is called FredBoat. It supports several music streaming providers, including SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and Twitch. Due to its excellent services in the music community, FreadBoat is used as a music bot by the most well-known servers. When you listen to a new song, FredBoat doesn’t require you to manually reset your playlists, and its search functionality is far superior to any other Discord music bot. To play a song, search for it in the database of FredBoat, then pick one of the suggestions. Also, it enables you to access music directly rather than using the website’s search tool to look them up by the title.


Discord music bot not working | How to install the Bot?

Now that we know the solution to our leading issue, we have some bonus information for you. We care about all our audiences no matter how new you are; we are always here for your aid. Now let’s give you a quick step to step tutorial for installing your music Bot into your server to keep the party going. Please carefully follow the steps given down below: 

  • On your computer, open a browser and navigate to the Discord website.
  • Use your credentials to log in.
  • Go to the webpage for the Rythm bot in a new tab.
  • Choose Invite.
  • To authorize the Rythm bot’s access, click the following button.
  • Approve the actions of the Rythom bot.
  • To show that you are a human, resolve the Captcha.
  • Visit the bots’ websites and remember the commands to utilize them.
  • The bot is now installed on your server; tweak it as you see fit and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Discord music bot is the best alternative, as my Discord music bot is working?

Fredboat, MEE6, Chip Bot, Hydra, and 24/7 are some of the top music bots on Discord. They all offer an excellent service of easy customization while streaming high-quality music from various online sources. Please refer to the report above for more information on their services and installation.

Why is my Discord Music bot not working?

Due to server latency or slowness, the music bots in Discord are not functioning. By altering Discord’s voice server zone, the problem is fixed. Most difficulties may be resolved if the music bot is self-hosted by evaluating and updating the hosting resources. The issue with the Rythm bot is due to the cutting off of ties between Discord and youtube, so please check out the report above if you want to know some equally impressive alternatives.


To enhance users’ musical listening experiences, We’ve highlighted a few notable music bots for your Discord server. To sum up, it’s unfortunate that Discord servers will no longer have Rythm, a terrific music bot. Yet, thankfully, there are many other replacements from which to pick.

Depending on your needs, choose the one that best fits them. Please comment below for further questions concerning the broken Discord Rythm music bot. We will reach you as soon as possible!

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