How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter? (Ways to Check)

Twitter is a social media website that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets.” Users can send and read tweets on their own or other people’s Twitter accounts. The site was actually designed as a way to allow people to broadcast information easily. Twitter’s most famous users are celebrities and politicians, but anyone can set up an account and start tweeting immediately. Tweets are listed chronologically by when they were posted. But like most social media apps, people can block you and disable you from keeping a look at them. So do you wonder, ‘How many people block me on Twitter?’ We have the answer to find that out!

How many People Block me on Twitter

Initially launched in 2006, Twitter has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. As of May 2011, the site had over 500 million users worldwide, which is growing every day. When you sign up for an account, you provide your name, mobile phone number, and email address. You also decide on your username and set up a profile picture. You can follow other users and send them direct messages.

How Many People Block Me On Twitter?| Faces Behind The Feuds

Twitter is an interesting and very useful app. Most celebrities and politicians tweet daily. You can use the search function to find one of the existing accounts, or you can enter your interests or location, and it will bring up relevant people. You can also just go to the website and browse through all the profiles.

If you think, why would anybody block you? It can be for various reasons, including spam, abuse, harassment, or in response to a large influx of followers. Some people don’t have time to respond to every message and just want to keep an eye on their mentions. Others just want to keep their friends and family from seeing their tweets. While some users use the block feature on Twitter to distance themselves from users they feel are problematic or offensive, other users view it as more of a formality, so they don’t have to see certain content or be in the presence of certain people.


We first need to consider what happens when someone blocks us from following their tweets. When we are blocked, they will no longer be able to see any of the content we share with our followers. Let’s go over some methods of how you can know how many people block you on Twitter.

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Finding the User

It may be a little time-consuming task, you may have to search for every single person you think they have blocked you, but you will get the best result by finding this way.

  • Open your Twitter account on your phone

Step 1

  • Search for the person whom you think they have blocked you or whose tweets are no longer on your feed

Step 2

  • If they are no longer visible like their description, profile picture, tweets, etc., it means they have blocked you

Step 3

Third-Party Applications

Some third-party applications have also been made by developers that are meant to help you with this segment of social media. The first of these is the Twitter Effect which allows you to search through who blocks you and who doesn’t within a certain period. Having said that, if you want to see your overall block count over time and across the entire Twitter system, you can use the blolook website.

  • Open any Web Browser and look for blolook website

Step 1

  • Click on the option ‘Log in with Twitter,’ use your credentials, and allow blolook to access your account

Step 2

  • You will now have access of the accounts blocking you, or you have blocked

FAQs | How many People Block me on Twitter?

What does blocking me on twitter mean?

When someone blocks you, you can no longer send them messages, and they can’t see your profile. The person who blocked you is not notified that they have been blocked.

What do you mean by “block” in this context?

A block on Twitter is the social network equivalent of a friend request. If someone blocks you, they refuse to reciprocate your actions and prevent you from interacting with them.

How do I know if my account has been hacked or stolen?

If you see any tweets or messages your Twitter account share, but you didn’t do it, it means your account has been hacked or stolen. If you suspect that your account has been hacked, contact Twitter immediately. Change your password as soon as you suspect someone may have stolen it and sent it to another person.

What is an informal block?

An informal block is sometimes called a mute, which means the person may still see you, but they will not be able to reply or mention you in retweets and direct messages.

Can anyone block me?

Only Twitter users with the ability to post tweets may block other users. This means that verified accounts, official accounts, and business accounts have the ability to block other people.

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Conclusion | How many People Block me on Twitter?

To conclude our blog post on how many people block you on Twitter, we have uncovered how to know how you have been blocked and the different reasons why people block you on Twitter. It is that not many people block other people. In fact, they are more likely to block brands and businesses than they are their fellow Twitterers. Some people may block you to avoid frequent or unsolicited tweets from you, while some people might block you to help reduce spam on their timelines. The Internet is diverse, and so are the reasons for blocking others. 

Twitter is one of the fastest, most reliable ways to communicate with mass people. People must use it wisely!

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