Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons | How to Do It? (Updated)

The Elden Ring is not just a game, it is a living world to explore. Set in an original world that mixes many different tones and themes from the history of fantasy, from ancient Rome to Arthurian legend and Nordic mythology. But what is the hype about Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons?

Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons

Elden Ring is a game that naturally lends itself to exploration, as the events take place over time and include many different branches and endings. It has been created with the hopes that it will become a world that players return to time and time again. This game features single-player and multiplayer modes; choose as per your preference.

Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons | Everything About It

Elden Ring is a real-time fantasy role-playing adventure that takes place on the continent of Tantaressia. Now it’s your turn to explore by yourself or with friends. Each character has its own life goal and will perform various actions to achieve it. One new aspect of Elden Ring that is specifically worth mentioning is its duplicate weapon system.

In the Elden Ring, players can find and use duplicate weapons. There are some weapons, like the Best Faith Weapons Elden Ring, Greatsword, and Moonveil, which you can get for the second time.


However, you can ask a friend if you want to get these weapons without using any exploits. To do that, you first need to join your friend’s world as a friendly phantom and not an invader. Then you can ask your friend to leave the weapon on the ground, so you can pick it up and take it to your world. But now your friend will not be able to use the weapon.

When your friend is using a weapon, it’s essential to choose the “Leave” option when dropping it rather than “Discard.” Doing the latter will delete the weapon completely. If you manage to get a duplicate weapon, you can use it as a material for crafting items.

Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons on PC

  • Your saved files should be located in C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata; back up your files by copying them and saving them elsewhere

Elden Ring

  • Now ask your friend to join and drop the weapon 
  • Pickup the weapon

Elden Ring

  • Reload the saved files after closing the game

Elden Ring

  • To load the game, copy your old save and paste it to the location mentioned above

These steps can be repeated repeatedly, with each turn switching who drops and picks up the items. This way, you can get duplicate weapons.

Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons on PS4/ Xbox

  • Under settings, click on save data management

Elden Ring PS4

  • Now choose saved data and click on Cloud storage and upload your save; ensure you have disabled auto-update of saved files while using this glitch

Elden Ring

  • Now ask your friend to join and drop the weapon
  • Pickup the weapon
  • Reload the saved files after closing the game
  • In settings, go to saved data management and download your saved files

Elden Ring

These above steps can be repeated repeatedly, with each turn switching who drops and picks up the items.

Duplicate Boss Weapon

In the game Elden Ring, it is possible to get duplicate boss weapons. However, Elden Ring developers want everyone to share boss weapons so players can focus on defeating bosses and increasing their level.

Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons

To duplicate boss weapons, gamers need to discover the giant Walking Mausoleums that may be observed in certain locations. Players can get Remembrance objects after they defeat any boss in the primary mausoleum. Hold the Remembrance object and return them to Enia at the Roundtable. To duplicate your weapons, you can only use Walking Mausoleums once.

Walking Mausoleums

Some players commented that the boss weapons in Elden Ring are scarce. Many players cannot get duplicate boss weapons even after killing bosses many times. Duplicates of boss weapons are indeed very rare in the Elden Ring.

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FAQs | Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons

How do I get a duplicate weapon in the Elden Ring?

There are many ways to obtain a duplicate weapon in the Elden Ring. You ask a friend or can find them in your loot, you can upgrade your weapons and get higher-level versions of the same type, or you can craft new weapons at the forge.

Can I get a higher-level version of the same weapon type?

Yes, you can upgrade your weapons to a higher level—the rarer the material, the higher chance of upgrading to a higher-level weapon. When you kill enemies and search for their bodies, the rarer materials are usually in the stronger enemies or hidden in harder-to-reach areas. You can also buy special materials from vendors or find them in loot.

Can I equip multiple weapons at a time?

Yes, you can equip more than one weapon. However, if you do so, your character loses its fatigue level. Your character will also lose its ability to wear heavy armor due to the weight of the weapons. If your character’s weight is too great, it will become fatigued and unable to walk.

Is there any limit on how many weapons of the same type I can have?

The number of duplicates you can have of a particular type is limited to one. If you try to equip more than one, the result is that a wrong duplicate will replace your weapon.

Conclusion | Elden Ring Duplicate Weapons

This blog has discussed different ways to get duplicate weapons in the Elden Ring. We have also talked about some of the minor glitches in the game and how to avoid them. The blog concludes with a list of ways to get more weapons duplicates in Elden Ring so that you can reach level seventy-five.

Duplicate weapons can be handy in Elden Ring, allowing players to have multiple copies of their favorite weapons. Some users say that you can get duplicates by starting a new session before you equip the weapon and then killing yourself with the weapon equipped—don’t bother with that either. You end up with a stack of useless, random weapons you can’t sell or use. Finding duplicate weapons from enemies is often the easiest way to get them, but finding the right enemy to loot can be difficult.

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