Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It (Working)

Elden Ring is one of this decade’s most challenging and thrilling games. One such exciting feature of the game is its multiplayer edition, helping you enjoy the game with your friends, making it more fun.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

But Elden Ring has been facing a common issue in recent days. Gamers have been complaining about the Elden Ring multiplayer not working. Worry not, for we are here to talk about the leading causes behind this problem and all the possible solutions you can adopt to solve the issue.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working | Causes Behind the Problem

Elden Ring is such a game that might be too tough to handle alone. The game is made in such a manner that it might take you hundreds of attempts to cross a particular level. Thus, its developers introduced the multiplayer edition wherein you can summon your friends and fight enemies together. This not only makes the game a bit easier but also increases our interest.

Although Elden Ring was built with extreme dedication and seamless thinking, players have recently faced issues using the game’s multiplayer mode as they cannot summon their friends in the game and play along with them. Let us know the various reasons behind this problem, and we will discuss the solutions in the blog ahead.

Elden Ring Server Issues

One of the primary reasons behind the multiplayer mode not working properly can be that the Elden Ring servers might not be performing at full capacity. This can be because the servers might be under maintenance for a particular time.

Elden Ring Server Issues

To ensure this, you can check out the Twitter handle of Elden Ring, where the team updates about the maintenance and other similar stuff regularly.

Elden Ring System Requirements Unfulfilled

Elden ring is a heavy game and uses many resources to run smoothly on your system. In addition to this, the game demands more resources when you try to switch to the multiplayer mode of the game. In such a case, if your system cannot fulfill the game’s needs, this can be a prime reason for the multiplayer mode not working.

So, you must ensure your system is compatible to run the game smoothly.

Temporary Bugs and Glitches

Elden Ring has a vast server base to handle. Therefore, minor glitches and bugs are often a part of the process. The multiplayer mode not working in Elden Ring might be a result of a temporary glitch in the server base of the game.


All you can do is wait for the bug to fix, which the developers generally do quickly as soon as they realize the problem. So, you can restart the game quite a few times at regular intervals, and it should ultimately fix the problem.

Corrupted Game Files

Elden Ring requires a set of files to run the game efficiently. All these files are installed on your local system. So if any file goes missing or gets corrupted, it might be a reason that the multiplayer mode might not work for you. So, you need to ensure that no files are missing or have gone corrupt.

Corrupted Game Files

If such is the case, you will have to reinstall the game to fix the issue ultimately.

Error with Graphics Driver

Elden Ring is a game with high-quality graphics. So if your system’s graphics driver is corrupted, it might be difficult to load the multiplayer mode. Therefore, you must ensure that the graphic drivers are working fine, as it might be a potential reason behind the problem.

Having discussed all the major causes of the Elden Ring multiplayer not working, let us now jump on to the solutions you can adopt to fix this issue quickly. Probably, any of the solutions listed below should definitely solve the problem, but if this is not the case, you can contact the Elden Ring customer support to guide you in the process.

Solutions to Load Multiplayer Mode in Elden Ring | Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

If the problem is regarding the Elden Ring servers, you can only wait for them to fix it. However, you can adopt the below-mentioned solutions, and the multiplayer mode might start working on your system if there is an internal issue.

Fix 1: Restart the Game & Your Device

Some bugs or glitches often occur due to prolonged usage of the system resources. Since this is a minor issue, restarting the device or game can easily fix it. So, we recommend you restart both your device and then the game. Once you have restarted your device, wait a few minutes before resuming the game.

Hopefully, the problem will be resolved after this.

Fix 2: Update Elden Ring Game

If the multiplayer mode is not working on the system of many users worldwide, the developers might roll out an update to fix the issue. In such a case, you will have to update the game to its latest version so as to resolve the issue.

You can follow the below steps to update the game on your PC or Xbox.

Update Elden Ring on PC

  • Open “Steam Client” on your system and search for Elden Ring
  • Right-click on Elden Ring and select the “Properties” option

Right-click on Elden Ring and select the "Properties" option

  • A dialogue box will appear; switch to the “Updates” section
  • Go to automatic updates and choose the “Always keep this game updated” option

Go to automatic updates and choose the "Always keep this game updated" option

That’s it. Now, whenever there is an available update for the game, it will automatically be downloaded. Once updated, restart Elden Ring, and the multiplayer mode should start working smoothly now.

Update Elden Ring on Xbox

  • Open the guide in Xbox using your controller
  • Choose “My Games and Apps” from the menu, where the list of all your installed games will open up

My Games and Apps

  • Choose Elden Ring>Manage>Updates and then update the game
  • In some time, Elden Ring will successfully be updated

Update Elden Ring on PS4

  • Open the game library to see the list of all the games installed on your Play Station

Open the game library to see the list of all the games installed on your Play Station

  • Now choose Elden Ring and go to “Options”
  • Now click on “Check for Updates”
  • Click on “Download” if there is any update available

After updating the game on your respective devices, the Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue should be resolved. However, if the problem persists, try adopting the following solutions.

Fix 3: Verify Elden Ring Game

Multiplayer mode often gets affected when there is an internet issue or connectivity is lost for some reason. Often some files might get broken, or data might get corrupted when there is a network issue. Therefore, you must fix the problem by verifying the Elden Ring game on your Steam client.

Follow the steps below to verify Elden Ring in the Steam client:

  • Open Steam client and go to the Library
  • Open Elden Ring’s properties
  • Go to the “Local Files” section
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of game files”

Fix 3

  • Steam will take some time to verify your details
  • Once done, restart your system and then restart your game

Hopefully, it should resolve the issue, and multiplayer should start working again.

Fix 4: Update your System and Network Drivers

An outdated version of your system might also be a leading cause behind the Elden Ring multiplayer not working. Therefore, you must update your system to the latest version.

Follow the steps below to update your system successfully.

For Windows

  • Go to the Settings
  • At the bottom, you will find the “Update and Security” option
  • As you open it, click on “Check for updates”
  • Now Download any available updates
  • Restart your system once the updates are downloaded

For macOS

  • Click on the Apple menu present in the top left corner of the screen
  • Select system preferences option from the menu that appears
  • Choose Software Update option
  • System will check for any available updates
  • Click on “Upgrade Now”
  • Enter your device password if asked, and your update will start in a while

For Xbox One

  • Open the guide on your Xbox
  • Go to Profile & System>Settings
  • Inside the settings tab, go to system>Updates & Downloads
  • Now choose the Update console option
  • The system will give you several prompts to accept before the update starts

Fix 5: Run Troubleshoot for Internet Connectivity

The multiplayer mode might not work properly when there is an issue with your internet connection. You can use the troubleshooting option available on your system to repair these issues.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your system’s internet connectivity successfully.

  • Open the Settings menu on your system
  • Choose the “Update & Security” option
  • Click on the “Troubleshoot” option and then choose “Additional Troubleshooters”

Fix 5 Step 3

  • In the additional troubleshooters option, click “Internet Connections” and then choose “Run the troubleshooter”

Fix 5

  • Your system will now look for any issues available and guide you through the process to fix them

Once done, you can restart Elden Ring, and this time the multiplayer mode should start working.

FAQs | Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

Why can’t I summon people in Elden Ring?

This can be due to the fact that the multiplayer mode is not working on your Elden Ring. You can follow the above solutions to fix this issue and summon people successfully.

What is Elden Ring multiplayer mode?

With the help of multiplayer mode in Elden Ring, you can summon your friends or other players alongside you in the game. This makes the game even more fun and exciting when you play the game along with your teammates.

Is there a level limit for summoning in Elden Ring?

For the spirit summon level, Elden ring has a cap of +10. This means that the +10 level is the strongest power level of summoning in Elden Ring. Any spirit cannot go beyond this limit.


The multiplayer mode in Elden Ring demands a lot of resources from your system. Therefore, it is a common problem that most systems cannot run multiplayer mode on them. Although sometimes the multiplayer mode might not run due to Elden Ring server issues, if the problem is from your end, you can adopt the above solutions to fix them.

Hopefully, the above issues will run the multiplayer mode instantly. If the problem persists, you can ultimately contact the support team of Elden Ring to guide you through fixing the issue.

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