Elden Ring Unable To Summon Cooperator | Here’s the Fix

Elden Ring has been a popular game among gamers because of its exciting gameplay and story structure. One of the features which make the game more interesting is its co-op feature. It allows you to play the game in multiplayer mode. It is challenging to pull off such an in-game feature, but FromSoftware has pulled it off quite nicely. Yet there have been reports about gamers being troubled by Elden ring unable to summon cooperator.

Elden Ring Unable To Summon Cooperator


If you are facing the above mentioned issue, you are not the only one. The game community and forums are filled with this error. Players have complained that they cannot summon or be summoned even when every prerequisite has been taken care of. To help you fix this issue, we bring you some of the tried and tested ways that can help you fix this issue.

Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator | Reasons and Solution

It is common for games to have bugs that hinder you from utilizing certain in-game features. But it’s not always the game developers who are at fault. There can be many reasons behind cases where you cannot use a particular feature.

There can be issues with your internet connection, which is hindering the process of summoning a cooperator. You may be missing a specific file needed to enjoy all the features. Or there could be some error in the game servers.

Therefore, check your internet connection and see if you have a stable high speed connection. Also, if you haven’t had any issues in the game other than “Unable to summon It may happen that you don’t have a stable internet connection. Check to see if there are any issues with your internet. To get faster internet, disconnect other devices. Also, troubleshoot your network to repair or fix any issues.

It is advisable to use a LAN or plug-in internet connection, as it provides a better and stable internet. Another common reason for this feature failing is that someone else has already summoned the player. Therefore, make sure that the player is available before summoning them. And honestly, there isn’t much you can do if the game servers are glitching. In this case all you can do is wait.

There is no reason to be disheartened already. There are certain things that you can do to fix this error. And this guide is to help you with that. But before you proceed further, make sure your multiplayer is working. There have been reports about gamers multiplayer not working.

So, is your multiplayer working? If yes, let’s dive into the solutions to fix Elden Ring unable to summon cooperator error.

How To Fix Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator

It can be frustrating if you cannot enjoy one of the most prominent features of the game. Especially when it can defeat the “boss” you find difficult to beat. Here are some ways to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Check your Internet Connection

It may happen that you don’t have a stable internet connection. Check to see if there are any issues with your internet. To get faster internet, disconnect other devices. Also, troubleshoot your network to repair or fix any issues.

Fix bugs and errors with your internet connection

Using a LAN or plug-in internet connection is advisable, as it provides a better and more stable internet. If the issue still pertains, then try the other solutions listed below.

Fix 2: Restart the device

You can fix almost anything with a simple restart. Restarting helps your system to fix any minor bugs, such as lag issues or other game glitches. So try to restart your device.

restart computer

Don’t do a simple restart, but a force or hard booting. To do this, press and hold the power button for ten seconds. Leave your system for one minute and boot up like you usually do. If this doesn’t fix the bug, read for more solutions below.

Fix 3: Check the official servers

Most modern games run on servers now, and Elden Ring is no exception. With a vast fanbase playing this game regularly, servers might get overloaded. Also, sometimes when the server is being updated, there can be some issues in the game. So, before you panic, about being unable to summon a cooperator, check if the game servers are running alright. To check that, follow these steps.

  • Visit the Elden Ring Twitter handle, and see if they have updated about any server issues or any other major bugs.

Elden Ring Twitter

  • You can also check out the Reddit community of Elden Ring. There are many active members, and you will report any issue with the game. Also, you might find a solution to the problem there.

Elden Ring Reddit

  • If you are a PC gamer, visit the Steam official website and see if there is any update regarding bugs or maintenance on Elden Ring servers.
  • You can also visit the PlayStation or Xbox status page to look for an update if you are not a PC gamer.

If you discover any server issues, you can’t do much about it. You’ll have to wait for the game developers to address and resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Repair Game Files

If you have been facing the issue only recently, you may have corrupted files on your device. These files can prevent you from using certain game features. Repairing the files can be the best solution to fixing “unable to summon cooperator” error. Follow the steps below to repair game files.

  • Launch Steam and go to the Library.
  • Hover over the Elden Ring and right-click. Then click on Properties.
  • Navigate to Local Files.
  • Find the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button and click on it.

Wait for the process to finish. After it is finished, restart your PC and launch the game. If there were issues with files, then the issue would be resolved.

Fix 5: Make sure you or the cooperator is not summoned by someone else

There can be a possibility that another player has already summoned the cooperator you are trying to summon. It can also happen if another player has summoned you. In Elden Ring, you can use a product called Furlcalling Finger Remedy, which allows you to interact with others. This helps you to discover if you have been summoned by someone or not. Here’s how you can get Furlcalling Finger Remedy:

  • During an invasion, Furlcalling Finger Remedy can be dropped by Recusant Henricus or Nerijus
  • Search the Stormveil Castle and Castle Morne to get it
  • Craft it using X2 Erdleaf Flowers
  • Go to Merchant Kale and purchase it

If you can see that someone is summoning you, you can ask them to stop. Then try to summon a cooperator.

Fix 6: Boss Defeated

The primary purpose of summoning a cooperator is to defeat the boss with their help. As soon as the boss is defeated, the cooperator also vanishes. Hence, you cannot summon a cooperator if the boss has already been defeated. Therefore, to summon the cooperator, you must go to the place where the boss is yet to be defeated.

Elden Ring Boss Defeated

Fix 7: Reinstall the game

It is improbable that none of the methods worked for you, but if it didn’t, you could use this as a last resort. The final alternative is to reinstall Elden Ring. To reinstall, follow these steps:

  • Open Steam and go to the Library
  • Hover over Elden Ring> Right Click> Select Manage
  • Click on Uninstall
  • After uninstalling, restart your PC
  • Open Steam and download Elden Ring again

Now start playing the game. The issue should be resolved now. If the issue pertains, it can be because of the following reasons:

  • The boss has been defeated
  • Game servers are down
  • You either missed out on some step or didn’t follow the instructions properly

FAQs | Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator

I am unable to summon adversary.

If you are facing this issue, check your internet connection and all the game files. If all of that is fine, you need to finish off all the active Volcano Manor Questline duels. After that, you should be fine with summoning adversary.

Elden Ring seamless co-op failed no sessions found. How to fix it?

In games like Elden Ring, multiplayer features require a fast and stable internet connection. If you were prompted with this error, it is because of bad internet connectivity. Try to resolve internet issues. Plug in the LAN cable if possible. With a stable connection, this error should not appear.


Elden Ring is one of the most highly-played open-world games. Features like summoning another player or cooperator make the game unique and loved by everyone. Without a doubt, it can be quite frustrating if you face trouble in using these features.

If you were facing the issue regarding Elden Ring unable to summon cooperator, this guide must have helped you fix the issue. Just make sure that you go through each fix carefully. One or the other is bound to help you fix your problem.

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