Escape from Tarkov Hacks & Cheats You Wish You Knew Before

In recent years, the game “Escape from Tarkov” has taken the gaming world by storm. Its flawless yet realistic design takes its players through a realistic fantasy path with a fantastic storyline. The game delivers what it promises, endless thrills and perfect battlefield action.

Escape from Tarkov Hacks

As the story progresses and players face even more challenges, some get left behind and lose the motivation to continue the game when things get increasingly tricky. If you find yourself relating to this, don’t worry, today, we present some of the best Escape from Tarkov hacks.

Let’s figure out ways to get out of Tarkov and run faster toward our freedom.

Escape From Tarkov Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

The game’s main objective is to challenge its players in every font and stage. Each tier or mission consists of a new challenge for the player and their group. It is a game of understanding, strategizing, and adapting to what the gameplay asks for. The game was made to give the players the “Survival” experience and doesn’t shy away from instilling the survival spirit into them. With each win comes a challenge where the players need to upgrade as they lose their coins super hard, and the navigation becomes difficult.

escape from tarkov

Surviving in such deficit situations is hard, so to make things easier for themselves, Players usually count on hacks and cheat codes for smoother and easier gameplay. The game itself isn’t cheap, so players have more than legit reasons to count on the hacks they know; so now let’s get into all the hacks that one can use while playing Escape from Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov | Some Awesome Hacks 

As much as the game becomes easier to play after applying cheat codes and hacks, their application is also primarily easy. Independent Software developers from across the globe who are as obsessed with the game as we are have come up with various easy hacks that can be used by anybody playing this game.

Some third-party hacks can be pretty dangerous for your device, so starting below, we have made a good listing of all the hacks you would need to make your gameplay easier while keeping you away from the malicious consequences of using illegitimate hacks and sites. 

Safety Hack | How to get away with using hacks?

The first thing to remember is that if you get caught using hacks of any kind and the game’s authorities get their hands upon it, you will most likely be blacklisted. So make sure to form the narrative of ‘There are no hacks” in your head before and after using the hacks. The game is regularly regulated, and strict action is taken in case of any abnormalities in gameplay. So how do we use hacks without getting caught? The best solution to this issue is to use an HWID to avoid showing your virtual track.

But how does an HWID works? And what is it? An HWDI is a tool that can be used to alter or manipulate hardware IDs. A good HWID will do the job of hiding your hacks from the game developers; we would recommend you use SKYCheats HWID.  Here’s a quick tutorial on using the Skycheats HWID 

Another way of not getting caught using Hacks and Cheats is to avoid using your main account to play the game. Use your alternative account as much as possible, so your main report is safe.

EFT Aimbots: Combat Hacks

escape from tarkov combat

This hack is for you if you want to take down any opponent that crosses your way and kill with the perfect shot every time. Even though EFT is a fast-paced game requiring high-level precision during each kill while given a brief period, this hack allows you to aim for a perfect kill in a brief span or even instantly. There are various cheat codes that you would need to apply, and down below is the list : 

  • Silent Aim Hack: This hack uses a teleportation-like trick; when you pull the gun’s trigger, the bullet teleports itself to the enemy’s direction regardless of where it was launched. You will get the perfect kill shot regardless of your positioning.
  • Lock Aim Hack: This hack can make the player’s gunshot look more legitimate and fixes the bullet’s aim in the opponent’s direction.

 lock Kill hack

  • Instant Kill: This hack can take down the enemy in a single shot.
  • Shot tracker: It is a hack to find the best path for the fired bullets to land on the opponent.
  • Automatic Target Shifting: When you are done with one opponent, this hack automatically shifts the target to the next opponent without wasting any time.
  • Automatic Shots: This hack takes down the enemy independently after locating them within the shooting range.
  • Friendlies: If you use automated hacks, apply them first, so you don’t shoot your allies.

escape from tarkov allies

  • Motion Analysis: This predictive hack enables players to predict the enemy’s next move.
  • Mouse Smoothening: To seem more legit to the opponent and hide the use of hacks, this is an effective hack to use before any of the hacks above.

EFT Cheats: Defense Hacks

Along with combat, knowing the enemy’s stats makes gameplay much easier. If players know the opponent’s team’s weakness, they can find the most accessible combat plan against them. So here are some essential Defense hacks that will help you in getting the enemy’s insider information, which would be directly taken from the opponent’s server:

  • Directional ESP: Navigation is an essential part of the game; if you know your enemy’s direction of motion, it becomes easier to locate or hide from them. Use this hack if you want to know your opponent’s direction.
  • Grenade ESP: This hack lets you know about the available grenades that the opponent can use on the player.

escape from tarkov grenade

  • Explosive ESP: This hack lets the player see through the enemy’s firearm stocks.
  • Loot Inside ESP: This hack can be used in two ways: to see through the opponent’s belongings and to steal the belongings. Use this hack as you would need it in the gameplay.

Some other hacks that can be used include:

  • Door Hack
  • Loot Teleport 
  • Fly Hacks

Now that we have discussed the hacks that are the safest to use, To get your hands on these hacks, get this.

Third-Party Hacks: 

These hacks are run by third parties, which are not legitimate and are easily detectable. They also may threaten your Device, so we shouldn’t use these hacks and get blacklisted by the game developers. But if you still want to take the risk, here are the steps you need to follow to find these free third-party hacks.

escape from tarkov hacks

  • Go to GitHub and search for “Escape from Tarkov cheats.”
  • Click on the links that appear.
  • Copy the Cheat Code 
  • Paste the Code and run the program
  • Then re-launch the game, and the codes should be applied by then.

Please note that using these third-party hacks would get your account blacklisted, and you would lose all your accounts and be banned.

Here’s another free resource that players can use but try this at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Escape from Tarkov hacks?

If you are looking for legit and safe hacks to get through the game, the most popular hack sheet is provided by Skycheats. These hacks are safe to use and won’t get you banned or blacklisted, as they are well-protected and provide the best cheat-hiding software.

Which Escape from Tarkov hacks are on sale?

Skycheats provides the best Escape from Tarkov hacks, and they often have their hacks on sale with great discounts.

What is some Escape from Tarkov tricks and tips?

There are many cheat codes to activate valuable tricks and tips in the game; Please look at the above article for more details. 


That’s all game nerds for the hacks regarding Escape from Tarkov hacks and cheats. Hopefully, they were helpful to you. Please let us know if we are missing out on anything so we can add them soon. 

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