How to Fill Out Reports in Sims 4? (Codes Included)

If you have opted for a business career in Sims 4 then most probably you might be searching how to fill out reports in Sims 4. You can choose from a variety of career options like an athlete or a doctor and each career will have its different daily tasks. Every sim working in a business career gets daily tasks like filling out a report which needs to be submitted before the end of the day.

filling reports in sims 4

Pursuing a career for your sim is a very important aspect of the game which makes the game interesting. In this blog post, we have shared every information regarding business career and filling out reports. 

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How To Fill Out Reports In Sims 4?

Selecting a career option in sims is very important to make progress in the game. You can not level up your progress in sims unless you opt-out a career and earn simoleons (Sims currency). These simoleons can be used by you to buy new outfits and accessories in-game stores and make the life of your sim luxurious. 

Before we head on to filling out the report, let me explain to you how you can choose a career in sims 4. 

How To Choose A Career In Sims 4?

For choosing a career your sim needs a mobile phone or laptop. If you don’t own a computer at your home then you can use it in a community center, library, or someone else’s home. To select a career just click on the computer or mobile phone and go to the “career panel” and select the “Find a job” option. You will see a bunch of career options on your screen, just make your choice according to your sim character. My advice would be to choose a job which suits your sim. 

If you are new to the game your sim will start at level 1 and the pay will be accordingly but don’t worry the level increases as you do more jobs and the pay will also increase. Most probably the first job you get will be as a mailman technician.

How To Fill Out Reports In Business Career Sims 4?

Filling reports is one of the daily tasks you get if you opt for a business career. The success of your sim depends on how you perform in your career. Filling out a report is very easy, follow the steps given below to do so:

Step 1: Click on your computer at your home or at a library.

Step 2: Now click on the “Web” tab.

Click on fill report

Step 3: Now just select the “Fill out reports” option.

mailroom technician job

To fill a report it takes about 30 in-game minutes to complete 25% of the report which means it will take 2 hours to fully complete the report. One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to submit your report before the start of another day. With every report you will get a focused moodlet called numbers, it will help you increase your skills for further tasks.

Completing Daily Reports Using Cheat Codes In Sims 4

If you are a lazy person just like me then you can use cheat codes to increase your career level. But once you upgrade your level you cannot go back, so if you want to enjoy your game then don’t use it. Follow the steps given below to increase your career level using cheat codes:

Step 1: Open the command console using Shift + Ctrl + C.

How to open command console

Step 2: Now type careers.promote x and press enter and replace the x with the career names listed below.

You can press enter again quickly if you want to further increase your career level.

List of career names with cheat:

  • careers.promote actor
  • careers.promote astronaut 
  • careers.promote athletic 
  • careers.promote business
  • careers.promote civildesigner
  • careers.promote conservationist 
  • careers.promote criminal
  • careers.promote adult_critic 
  • careers.promote culinary 
  • careers.promote detective
  • careers.promote doctor 
  • careers.promote education 
  • careers.promote engineer
  • careers.promote entertainer 
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_artist
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_maker 
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_programmer
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_writer 
  • careers.promote adult_gardener 
  • careers.promote law 
  • careers.promote military
  • careers.promote painter
  • careers.promote activist
  • careers.promote corporateworker Salaryperson Career 
  • careers.promote adult_active_scientist
  • careers.promote scout
  • careers.promote secretagent 
  • careers.promote socialmedia 
  • careers.promote styleinfluencer
  • careers.promote techguru 
  • careers.promote adult_writer 

Closure | Fill Out Reports In Sims 4

If you want to make progress in Sims 4 then you need to complete your career tasks. In this article we have explained how to fill out reports in Sims 4, you can also use the cheat codes to complete your daily reports.

If you have any questions or want to suggest something to us then leave a comment down below. 

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