70+ Free Xbox Live Codes that Work 2023 (Hourly Updated)

Xbox has been a prime source of entertainment since its release. It has been a kid’s dream, a gift for an adult, and an entertainment model for the entire generation. This is because Xbox offers the most impressive and quality gameplay experience, so people do not get bored for long hours. They love the ease of sitting at their homes and getting entertained in the most fantastic manner they could’ve experienced. And that is why we are here with Free Xbox Live Codes!

Free Xbox Live Codes

So, Xbox is genuinely a big brand today throughout the world. But like any other human being, we also seek to get things for free even if they are officially payable. So, in this blog, we have brought some unique and legit ways to get the live codes of Xbox utterly free of cost, and along with that, we try to update 70 new codes every hour, so you can try your luck as well. Besides, one can get free Xbox live codes in exchange for some of your valuable time each day.

Free Xbox Live Codes | Legit Ways to Earn Them

While you can get Xbox live codes by paying some money, many such ways can get you these codes completely free of cost. Before we discuss these methods, let us know what Xbox live codes are.

What are Xbox Live Codes?

Xbox live codes are like gift cards that can be used to participate in online events at Microsoft or to make an online purchase on Xbox. If you have an Xbox live code, you can redeem it just like you redeem an amazon gift card, and the value of that gift card will be added to your wallet as digital money. You can then use this money to participate in online games, download or purchase games, live arcades, and many more activities that are not freely available on Xbox.

There is an option to purchase these live codes in Xbox, but there are also certain free methods through which you can get them free of cost. Let us know how you can get these live codes for almost zero cost.

Tip 1: Use GPT Sites

A lot of GPT sites are available over the internet from where you can earn live codes for Xbox. But they aren’t free. The catch is that you have to perform small tasks such as watching videos, playing games, answering questions, and many other such tasks to give you gift cards or live codes for Xbox in return.

Tip 1

While you need to perform no fixed amount of tasks to earn a gift card, you can spend some minutes or hours daily on these websites and continuously Xbox live codes for almost free. An important thing to note while using these websites is that you should not try any wrong method to perform tasks, like using bots to answer questions, as this can lead you to getting banned from these websites.

Tip 2: Xbox live Gold Membership Free Trial

Xbox gives a free trial of 14 days for its gold membership. Although this is not a permanent way to get free live codes, you can get some of them for a fixed duration. So, what you need to do is to take the free trial of Xbox live gold membership. You will have to enter your credit or debit card details, but relax; no money will be deducted until 14 days. During these 14 days, you can use the Xbox live gold membership to the fullest extent.

Tip 2

Now that you are a gold member of Xbox live, you are eligible to get free live codes for fourteen days. You can now buy different games completely free of cost. But don’t forget to cancel your membership before the end of the fourteenth day; otherwise, you will be charged.

An extension of this tip can be that Xbox provides a 14-day free trial on every email address once. So, if you have multiple accounts, you can avail yourself of this free trial numerous times and enjoy the free live codes. If you don’t already have multiple accounts, you can create them in no time.

Tip 3: Get live codes from survey sites

Many survey websites are available on the internet that will pay you to answer small surveys that take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Some of the most popular websites are Swagbucks and Mypoints. Here, you can sign up and start filling out the platform’s surveys. You can get Xbox live codes from the platform in exchange for the surveys you answer. Although there might not be surveys available every time, they get available at frequent intervals.

Tip 4: Join the Xbox SubReddit

Did you know that Xbox has its own subreddit? You can check it out here. This can be another opportunity from where you can get some free live codes for Xbox. The main idea is that you need to be active on this subreddit platform Xbox. While people from around the world share their thoughts, opinions, views, and ideas on the platform, there are also frequent giveaways happening here. In the past, there have been many such giveaways, so you must be closely in touch with the Xbox subreddit, and who knows, you might get a free live code for Xbox.

Tip 4

List Of Xbox Live Codes 2023 | (Hourly Updated)

There are no credible sources of Xbox Live Codes, but here is a list of codes that might work, as these are fetched from live giveaways & contests.

Number Xbox Gift Card Codes Last Updated
1 H2F4J-S4AG9-F6EVE-865EJ-BKT9K 1h ago
2 XEPSP-4FLZL-BWV59-HFU3G-T35ZP 1h ago
3 CGGTC-R94CT-MPDYB-BZPWC-MNNB5 1h 10 minutes ago
4 GUP4C-Q2FJT-M3LF6-FKY6X-CAD87 1h 10 minutes ago
5 TLQFY-RMZD5-QZPHS-BNK25-3VD66 1h 10 minutes ago
6 GXJQP-PXAPG-GYWYC-KK8XF-H48DZ 1h 10 minutes ago
7 RKK5H-EAFMD-GYWYC-KZ2ST-KCN6H 1h 10 minutes ago
8 ZGJWM-D465X-PXAPG-TU8XM-KTKSC 2h 29 minutes ago
9 LQ4X7-QAYHC-RNQEN-T2R68-7QUEQ 2h 29 minutes ago
10 93X02S-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN 2h 29 minutes ago
11 MCJQ2-QZPHS-8ADZD-FSARV-H3N7W 2h 29 minutes ago
12 MUNAK-VAXW3-WLCRG-NT3FL-779AG 2h 29 minutes ago
13 G25SF-RUVSD-MYHNL-P54TC-M7VYT 2h 29 minutes ago
14 KJLZF-GCJSE-HZAXU-A2GEU-D5EZC 2h 29 minutes ago
15 8HSAC-KF9XX-HDAH6-NUSRW-NQUXT 2h 29 minutes ago
16 89QDS-PDGTG-9AQVT-JSJLX-MQWG5 2h 29 minutes ago
17 HL4S7-XZJA6-WYJ6P-JTSTZ-SUU62 2h 29 minutes ago
18 LKGJS-ZP92K-MDB4H-KTMXE-FV9LD 2h 29 minutes ago
19 GUERA-P99FF-8RWQR-MNQCF-QAGYX 2h 29 minutes ago
20 QBAY9-FCRTA-X6CQF-NUSFP-N6EL9 2h 29 minutes ago
21 DEHDK-83LZW-HP8L7-U99LX-TRGC2 2h 29 minutes ago
22 YC749-9HDZ8-ZGMAM-FRSP4-KGFSB 2h 29 minutes ago
23 XJPSH-8QV2W-EWPB4-89F5N-BB64G 2h 29 minutes ago
24 P3KJ8-PJ6V7-SBCPB-7UWPE-DDPQS 2h 29 minutes ago
25 DQK87-A2YVD-JYK6D-LJAYG-T9GUM 2h 29 minutes ago
26 PF7NY-D2RX5-KZYL7-DSNSH-WHM64 2h 29 minutes ago
27 98GGW-V6G34-QR4QD-8539R-PXXXR 2h 29 minutes ago
28 P2DDP-YH8JG-4PB6N-PGKNL-WDENW 2h 29 minutes ago
29 VX9BW-ZJNL2-GLR6F-WU8TQ-CUPT9 2h 29 minutes ago
30 D4EG9-H29EQ-8B834-C6LUU-X9MLJ 2h 29 minutes ago
31 MFT6J-HYZE2-BKT6G-YY4QC-8ECP7 2h 29 minutes ago
32 9EPZW-EJFCD-RYT4A-CFSLT-M6Q54 2h 29 minutes ago
33 2WJJD-EDQC2-4WP7X-M6E5R-5UDC3 2h 29 minutes ago
34 UE3Y6-MSJWL-2HJWM-3JV8M-YAJT4 2h 29 minutes ago
35 YV7CT-C3EAS-QBGC2-2T63Q-SMP26 2h 29 minutes ago
36 TM8TA-NCL9L-UNTKN-TGZGE-4B3HX 2h 29 minutes ago
37 TR67V-92U7M-NN9HG-DH8RJ-NKP9M 2h 29 minutes ago
38 BN2J7-58FVT-Y6V8M-Y7AMA-CC5KP 2h 29 minutes ago
39 7HDG6-CBFHK-XDECA-5PYTH-6BTFL 2h 29 minutes ago
40 3R8F7-2EC33-A79AJ-EUY3Y-QWYCT 2h 29 minutes ago
41 FBS53-5EJWE-GBW5S-TN8WN-BJ62D 2h 29 minutes ago
42 ZQND9-WCJ6L-MM3UC-WN643-PTHPF 2h 29 minutes ago
43 SBWX6-K87KR-SMTL4-KPWG8-YASRB 2h 29 minutes ago
44 G9BSG-HFBC6-4MNRP-XXX7F-3AMX4 2h 29 minutes ago
45 HURYZ-TEYFH-W67RD-KX6C6-WN2DS 2h 29 minutes ago
46 EWYJS-TBE3G-XVN7Z-QYP58-7KD26 2h 29 minutes ago
47 73JS2-U636F-TVBNQ-U4AL8-NJ5Y5 2h 29 minutes ago
48 39SKK2-3UMS9-QLGW2-UVELL-MST3J 2h 29 minutes ago
49 29KKSK-7R5CM-QLGW2-K4X9J-UKETL 2h 29 minutes ago
50 FUY4C-7R5CM-P8QTZ-YBAJP-QS9Y4 2h 29 minutes ago
51 DUP54-TVBNQ-P8QTZ-77W4S-FHQHJ 2h 29 minutes ago
52 H996P-R6HQR-32ANP-R2GCE-6FLUL 2h 29 minutes ago
53 AQFHF-32ANP-EDQC2-SRVES-ECXXH 2h 29 minutes ago
54 QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H 2h 29 minutes ago
55 ZGJWM-D465X-7EA33-TU8XM-KTKSC 2h 32 minutes ago
56 PNBNY-FWVMV-2TLMG-V7ME4-HJUU8 2h 32 minutes ago
57 QBAY9-FCRTA-X6CQF-NUSFP-N6EL9 2h 32 minutes ago
58 FJZU4-AAYCL-HJUU9-5ZKUL-44KEA 2h 32 minutes ago
59 FJZU4-AAYCL-HJUU9-5ZKUL-44KEA 2h 32 minutes ago
60 4BY3J-DKBL3-5GGLB-S5GS7-7WCUH 2h 32 minutes ago
61 JAVTX-DR5TP-Z8ULR-2872K-EPGGT 2h 32 minutes ago
62 FLBCC-68G2D-GZ4DG-GLLE6-J3Q2P 2h 32 minutes ago
63 KRYAG-9W6P3-KH7C5-AMTL6-9N6GY 2h 32 minutes ago
64 95VZH-6PUK5-YZSKB-LTWTU-ZWQAC 2h 32 minutes ago
65 3GMEZ-LWSYQ-QV5P6-GCRD2-TZL2P 2h 32 minutes ago
66 PXT6J-N5VUZ-4EJL2-KSEG5-3XEF6 2h 32 minutes ago
67 YD8XR-CE8KR-8GNXB-5ZQXE-UU3SK 2h 32 minutes ago
68 V5HFN-5VFDF-GBB5K-XB3SH-5PQ55 2h 32 minutes ago
69 PZUCM-RU4GE-9X5XS-TGLTC-JSS3Q 2h 32 minutes ago
70 NQGNN-H4YND-VU9XN-8X8PT-5EM2V 2h 32 minutes ago

Some codes might not work as one can be used once; you can wait for us to update the codes or click the button below for new codes.


Are The Free Xbox Live Code Generator Legit?

You must have seen a lot of websites that claim to generate free live codes for Xbox instantly. The question here arises whether these websites are trustworthy and whether they generate unique live codes for Xbox. The answer is absolutely not.

While Xbox has a unique pattern to assign codes to gift cards, no website that claims to generate these codes is legit. This is a complete scam to trick users. Moreover, why would you get them for free if they are even generating codes? So, never fall for such false claims, as no website can generate your Xbox live codes for free. You can either directly purchase them with real money or earn them with the methods mentioned above.

Free Xbox Live Codes

The websites that claim to generate Xbox live codes would randomly generate a code that would look similar to an Xbox live code but would not work when you enter it. Another method that these websites adopt is to show users with already redeemed codes and gain the attention of the users. Thus, you must not fall for such fake claims and waste time expecting free codes for Xbox.

FAQs | Free Xbox Live Codes

What is the cost of an Xbox Live gold membership?

While the cost of Xbox live might vary based on different countries, you can have your first month for just $1. Before it, there is also a 14-day free trial which can be availed by just entering your card details.

Will my Xbox live gold expire if not used?

After you purchase your Xbox gold live code, it is good until you redeem it. Once redeemed and activated, then you have 12 months to use your Xbox live gold, or else it will expire.

Is Xbox live gold available for 1 year?

Microsoft recently removed the 12-month membership plan of Xbox live gold in July 2020. So, as of now, it is not available.


While Xbox live codes can be earned using legit methods, you must not fall for any scam or fake website claim. If you were looking to get Xbox live codes free of cost, then most of the time, you’ll end up frustrated.

Wait for us to update the codes, or you will have to spend hours or a portion of your valuable time to earn these live codes, which is a better way rather than paying actual money or ending up paying to a fake website. All the methods mentioned above are tried and tested, so you can always try them whenever you need Xbox live codes.

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