Godfrey The First Elden Lord Weakness | Defeat Godfrey Real Quick!

Elden Ring is an open-world strategy, adventure, and action game centered on becoming the king of Elden Ring. The game has been a hot topic of discussion among players worldwide as they rapidly search for answers to cross the most difficult levels in the game. One such question that this blog will answer is about Godfrey the first Elden Lord Weakness.

Godfrey The First Elden Lord Weakness

An early challenge in the game is the encounter with the first boss of the game named, Godfrey. In this blog, we will guide you through every minute weakness of Godfrey: The first Elden Ring boss, to help you easily defeat him and advance to the next phase of the game.

Godfrey The First Elden Lord Weakness | All You Need To Know

When starting to play Elden Ring, Godfrey will be among the first few heavy challenges you will face in the game. Before we talk about the major weaknesses that can yield serious damage to him, let us slide back a little to know the backstory of Godfrey.

Who is Godfrey?

As you encounter Godfrey in Elden Ring, he will be the first boss of Elden Ring who must be defeated. You probably know of him only as the boss in Elden Ring, but this creature does have a back story to share. Godfrey is among the strongest Elden Lords you will encounter in the game. As you go through the story of Elden Ring, you will know that Godfrey is the husband of queen Marika the eternal. While Godfrey was exiled from the Lands, he had three children with queen Marika. They were known as Godwyn the Golden and the other two were twins named Morgott and Mohg.

godfrey the first elden lord weakness

You will encounter Godfrey at Leyndell, Royal Capital, where a thrilling and competitive fight will occur between you and Godfrey. While Godfrey has some major weaknesses that would yield him heavy damage, being a new player in the game, people cannot figure out the correct strategy and weaknesses of this first Elden Lord. Also, Godfrey, not being an optional boss, must be defeated to advance in the game.

As you encounter Godfrey in Elden Ring, he will start the fight by throwing his axe at you. Here are some of the major weaknesses of Godfrey that you can exploit to defeat him with ease or at least with less difficulty.

Weakness 1: Weak to Scarlett Rot

One of the major weaknesses of Godfrey is that he is extremely vulnerable to the scarlet rot. Try attacking him with this to yield heavy damage to this Elden ring boss. The scarlet rot is a weapon that does heavy damage to the enemy based on time. This weapon is even deadlier than poison and works effectively against Godfrey as this decreases his health power to a great extent.

Weakness 2: Latenna the Albinauric

Another great summon in Elden Ring is Latenna the Albinauric which can act as another major weapon against Godfrey. While this summons deals magic damage against the enemy, it should be among the prime weapons you must use against Godfrey. You can find Latenna the Albinauric at several locations in the game, including Liurnia of Lakes and several other locations.

Latenna the Albinauric

Weakness 3: Highly vulnerable against slash damage

When fighting with Godfrey, try using the slash damage technique to yield heavy damage to him. While Godfrey is highly vulnerable to the slash damage technique, you can use sharp weapons, such as curved swords, against him. This would rapidly decrease the hit points of Godfrey to make him even more vulnerable and close to defeat. Some famous weapons that can be used to give slash damage to Godfrey are a dagger, great knife, reduvia, and many others.

Strategy To Defeat Godfrey: The First Elden Ring Lord

While Godfrey has some major weaknesses, he can surely be defeated if you follow a particular strategy against him. Like always, Godfrey will start the fight by throwing his axe at you. You first need to dodge this attack of his and get out of the way to prevent any damage in the first phase of the fight. As Godfrey prepares for another, this is the best time to show him what you have got for the first time. Attach him at this moment. The next attack from him will probably be an axe jab. You must avoid this one by jumping on either side before the axe swings upon you.

slash damage

Likewise, it would be best if you tried to dodge the maximum attacks you can to gain the least damage and look for chances to attack Godfrey while he recovers and prepares for his next attack. Between this, be aware of the stomp and super stomp that Godfrey will use around halfway through phase one. In this manner, you can surely defeat Godfrey with a little patience and thinking.

FAQs | Godfrey The First Elden Lord Weakness

Is Godfrey the first Elden Lord optional?

No, Godfrey is the first Elden lord who is necessary to fight and must be defeated to advance to the next level. Although, defeating him is not a tough task and with a little patience one can easily pass through him.

Can you summon help for Godfrey the first Elden Lord?

Yes, like any other boss, you can summon help against Godfrey and fight him in multiplayer mode to defeat this first major challenge you face in the game.

What is the best summon for Godfrey the first Elden Lord?

If you are looking to use a summon against Godfrey, Black Knife Tiche is among the best options you can consider to fight against him.


So the moral of the story is that Godfrey can be defeated with a bit of patience and strategy. While you can exploit the weaknesses of Godfrey, they won’t alone be able to defeat him. A correct plan of action, dodging maximum attacks and attacking when it is the correct time to attack are the key points that will help you win against the first lord of Elden ring.

That is all in this blog. Try to exploit Godfrey’s above weaknesses, and hopefully, you can defeat him this time.

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