Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes that Work 2024

Gran Turismo 4 was launched for the PS2 in 2004 to widespread critical acclaim and is regarded by some as one of the finest games in the series. Based only on its Metacritic rating, it received an impressive 89 from reviewers and 8.8 from consumers. We all have been playing Gran Turismo 4, a video game, for over 20 years without recognizing that it features cheat codes.

Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes

Twenty years after the PlayStation 2 version of Gran Turismo 4’s first release, cheat codes were recently discovered. Without any assistance, we’ve been enjoying the racing game since 2004. So now it is time to step up and taking the wind and learn more about the cheat codes that one can use. Let’s get into it!

Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes | For Your Ease

The information was revealed over the weekend by Twitter user Nenkai, who revealed four hacks available to gamers, each of which relies on a series of button pushes, much as in the past. According to Push Squared (via Reseteta), a Twitter user named Nenkai revealed the elusive cheat codes, leaving fans perplexed about how they managed to stay a secret for so long.

The “rewards” the cheat codes offer include 10 million Credits and quick Licence passes, which might have been extremely useful to know during the day. Nenkai notes that the hack codes won’t function until 365 in-game days are over.

Gran Turismo 4

The hitch is that they can’t be activated until 365 days have gone on the game’s internal calendar, which might account for why it’s taken quite some time for them to be found as speculated; that figure likely means the cheats were actually dev tools, which is…actually what most old cheats were.

Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes | All Possible cheat codes

Gran Turismo 4 is also the third-bestseller game within the Polyphony Digital franchise, with global sales of over six million units. Yet nobody has found its bundle of vintage cheat codes despite its excellent sales. So now, let’s look at all the possible codes one can use!

  • For 10.000.000 Cr: Select>Left>Right>Right>Down>Up>Up>Left>Down>Up> Right>Left>Down>L1>R1>Select.
  • To Automatically Pass A Licence: Select>R1>Select>R1>Select>L2>L2>R2> R2>L1>Select.
  • For Automatically Passing the Gold License: Select>R1>R2>L2>L2>Select> L1>R1>Select>R2>L1>Select.
  • To Automatically Pass the Gold Event: (on the event course selection menu, it doesn’t always work): Select>L1> Up>Up> Select> R1> Down> Down> Select> L2> Select> R2>elect.
  • The Mission Hall has an additional code that may be used to add an additional 10,000,000 Credits. It is most likely implemented improperly and ought to permit finishing any assignment. Select>R2>Select>R2>L1>L2>L2>Select>L1>R1,>Select>Select is the code.

Frequently Asked Questions | Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes

Are there any Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes?

Even in the past, when such behavior was more prevalent, Gran Turismo games weren’t ever known to contain hacks, so you can only imagine how useful this information would have been to IGN and GameFAQs in 2005. Although the effect is different today, you can at least shorten the time required for your subsequent playback. No longer is it necessary to B-spec that annoying 24-hour race at the Nürburgring to win the Formula Gran Turismo.

Are there any Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes?

Why does Gran Turismo have Cheat Codes?

But why did they sign up for the game in the first place? Of course, without a confirmation provided by the developers, we’ll never know. It’s probable that they were first utilized for internal testing, as is the case with many cheat codes. To prevent players from being able to complete everything correctly straight away, they may have been hidden behind a day verification for the public release.

Closure | Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes

Sadly, cheat codes are becoming obsolete in the age of microtransactions. This is especially true for Gran Turismo 7, the most recent game in the series for the PS5 and PS4. But sure, you can try the cheats out and let us know in the comments down below!

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