How Minecraft Revolutionized Sandbox Games? (Explainer)

Minecraft has been instrumental in forging a completely different genre of games and bringing them to light in front of a massive niche of players. Sandbox gaming never really went mainstream as much as it did through the advent of Minecraft and its simple mechanics. Even though Minecraft projects a world that has minimal, 24-bit textures, this is more or less a ruse when considering the actual depth of the game. 

How Minecraft Revolutionized Sandbox Games

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How Minecraft Revolutionized Sandbox Games?

The world only gets better the more the player delves deeper into it. Staying true to the definition of a “sandbox,” Minecraft exists to be explored, destroyed, constructed, and engaged with in all manners of pleasurable narcissism because why not? The game nudges your decisions to be the deciding factor in shaping it. 

Online Capability

There’s a healthy number of servers for Minecraft. Fortunately enough, a lot of them are still kicking all over the world. Players capitalize on this by forming small groups to take on various worlds that are player constructed or enjoying the story mode together. They need a good internet connection to enjoy lag-free gaming as they partake in the quest to be the best. 

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Unlimited Interactions

One of the main points of this sort of sandbox game is the explorability of the world. Many sandbox games out there focus more on building a game with a huge map but not with much interaction. Minecraft one-ups this by introducing a plethora of things to do as you go high or low. You could be traversing 24-bit mountains or be well underground with scalding lava biting at your heels and still find people, animals, and all sorts of vermin trying to get at you. 


Of course, the number one way to spice up a sandbox game is to incorporate survival tactics inside it. And with Minecraft, you do have a limited number of fatal bumps before you get the “GAME OVER” screen. Lots of this is incurred due to big falls, taking damage from elements in the environment or through enemies. 

diamond sword

To avoid this, you could construct many tools to fend against danger. Our personal favorite is the diamond sword which is a pain to acquire/build but if you do go ahead and complete the challenge, you’d be virtually immortal. Well, unless you intentionally fall inside a pool of hot lava or simply drown. 

Arts & Crafts

Minecraft gained a massive boost in popularity back in 2014 because of its concept of the building. Think Fortnite but less competitive. Building in Minecraft is a zen activity that puts the player on a fun course to construct and exude their brain juices and ideas into a game. It’s a bit like the Sims game too if you think about it. It’s always an adventure building, constructing, and putting together a house/castle/hammock together with items you forage from around the world.  

The developers at Minecraft have been extremely creative in putting forth lots of options for players when it comes to interior and exterior designing. From small torches that illuminate a set number of squares on the ground to entire chandeliers that instantly light up the room, Minecraft doesn’t exist within time barriers. Everything can happen at once given you have the resources for it. 

Day & Night Cycle

The algorithm present inside the game is very particular about the behavior of its characters concerning time. For example, during the day, animals are gentler and they spread out to pasture with little worry of predators. This also accounts for the perfect time to go ahead and hunt for meat or dairy products. 

Timing plays an important role in many of your decisions and it can be said that this mimics actual life too. During the night, animals are scarce and the ones that are present prefer to stick in packs in case of predators. Speaking of predators, many come hunting and they aren’t afraid to include you in their palette. Warring tribes are also a recent, dangerous feature added to the fray. 


Sandbox games stand in a very different light and their player base is always shifting and churning, but Minecraft never loses its charm. It sticks to its basics and improves upon an already tried and tested formula. With many more prospects and new players bubbling to try out the game each year, Minecraft has established itself as an amazing representation. 

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