How to Beat Expert Mission 15? (Explained)

If you’ve ever played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you know that it’s absolutely a game built for the fans. The developers didn’t just want to make a game that was good; they wanted to create an authentic experience for those who have grown up with Goku and the other Dragon ball Z fighters. But how can they do that if there are so many villains in this universe? That’s where Expert Mission 15 of DB Xenoverse 2 comes in. It is said that Expert Mission 15 is one of the most challenging missions. Are you stuck on it? Learn how to beat Expert Mission 15 without any hassle! 

How to Beat Expert Mission 15

We are here to share the strategies to help you complete Expert Mission 15 of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. As usual, there are no spoilers for Expert Mission 15 but if you wish to know what is in store for you, read on.

How to Beat Expert Mission 15 | Know the Game

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball games but need something a little more complex and challenging, Xenoverse 2 is for you. If you haven’t played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, there are various missions. Each mission features a particular challenge that the player has to face. However, before you attempt to complete them, you need to unlock them by completing some of the game’s other story missions. But, just how do you unlock the 15th mission? Well, as it turns out, you must have a certain character on your team to get this mission. Expert Missions in Xenoverse 2 are the hardest fights in the game that will push your fighting skills to their limits.

Expert Missions is a special mode in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that will take you right into the heart of battle. You can compete against friends and other players to see who has the faster reaction time, the better counter strike, or who can pull off the most combos! These Expert Missions are not just for those with high rank or high-level characters. Sometimes a bit of strategy is needed to perform at your best. As you progress in ranked battles, upcoming Expert Missions will show up as suggested fights for you to partake in.

The Game

If you are wondering how long does it take to beat the time limit? You get 8-10 minutes to beat the level. You’re just supposed to beat the time limit. 

Which character should you use? There are no requirements for characters that can be used in this mission. You can use whichever character you want. Just make sure he’s at a level high enough for his skills to be effective, high enough to finish the mission in one go, and with max stats (recommended). The most important thing is that your character should have powerful attacks (excellent power and ki gauges). The only requirement is that your character must use a skill with the name “Perfect Strike,” “Ultimate attack,” or “Super Attack.” 


What should you do? It all depends on your playstyle and the skills of your character. Just go to whichever route gives you the highest chance of success. Use non-perfect attack skills and try something like this: Attack, Spin Attack, Ultra attack, (Multi-Hit) Ultimate Attack forfinish, etc.

Tips to Beat Expert Mission 15

Customizing the Character

  • Change equipment:  You can make your character more powerful by making some changes to equipment. Like- go to change equipment, then go to QQ Bang, and now you can make changes to your character heath, stamina, strike supers, etc.

Expert Mission

  • Change skill sets: By changing skills, you can add different skills to the character that he is lacking. Go to change skill sets; here, you will see different types of skills that you can opt for. One of the best you can go for is Super Guard or Maximum Charge. These skills can help you to defeat your enemy.

Change Skill Set

Beating the Enemy

  • Make a Gigantic blast: The Gigantic blast is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s version of the Super Giga Blast transformation (super powerful). It will store energy and then release it in a large attack that causes impact damage.  

Expert Mission E- Step 1

  • Meditation: This is again a powerful attack. Players can meditate by pressing Square or Circle to restore some Health and Stamina. 

Expert Mission E- step 2

  • Make a Gigantic blast again: Make the gigantic blast again. It will make the enemy weak. The technique can be used to go in and out of combat quickly if the player clicks on their desired target after selecting either Helping Hand.

Expert Mission E- Step 3

  • Go to Allies Aid: Just go to the Allies aid and it will heal your body.   

Expert Mission E- Step 4

  • Make a combined attack: A combined attack can help you win the game. It will get difficult for your enemy to be safe from a combined attack.

Expert Mission E- Step 5

It is recommended to defeat the enemies quickly, as often as possible, because they will constantly spawn during the fight and can be overwhelming. Also, use characters such as Gohan (Adult), Trunks, Master Roshi, and Piccolo in Ideal/Super Saiyan form because, with their long-range attacks, you can keep enemies from coming near and hit them from a distance to raise your attack power.

FAQs | Expert Mission 15

How do I beat Expert Mission 15?

There are many ways that you can beat Expert Mission 15. However, there will be some limitations on what you can do for the mission. You’ll have to unlock new areas of the island with new character abilities before your final battle with the boss.

What are the Star Coins in each level?

Star Coins are usually hidden in each level and will give many points when collected. You’ll need to collect 100 coins to get an extra life. Collecting all of them will also give you new paths that lead to the boss with a shortcut through worlds/levels.

How do I get the Hot Air Balloon for Expert Mission 15?

The Hot Air Balloon is available after clearing Expert Mission 3. To get this, you need the Rocket Nozzle. Then, go to World 5-A and clear it to unlock the Hot Air Balloon.

I’m at Expert Mission 15 and I’m stuck. What do I do now?

You’ll need to level up a few times before advancing, so keep playing Expert missions until you’re at the appropriate level. Keep an eye out for Easy mode missions as you play – they’re often easier and worth completing!

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Conclusion | How to Beat Expert Mission 15

Ultimately, the mission’s difficulty will vary depending on the player’s level and Dragon Balls collected through the story mode, but it is generally relatively easy. The player should finish the story mode once before trying this. Use a character that can deliver powerful moves such as Meteor Burst and Special Beam Cannon.

Another critical thing to note is that you should be careful with your Spirit Bomb; it is wise to use it only on high-health enemies. When used on enemies lower than 5% of their health, you will not inflict as much damage as when used on opponents who are higher than that percentage.

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