How To Get Strawberries In Sims 4? All Tricks Revealed!

Sims 4 is a simulation game with lots of things related to real life. When talking about real life the game also includes giving birth to a child and raising him. The use of strawberries is very well known in Sims 4 to influence the gender of your child, due to this many users have been on the internet searching how to get strawberries in Sims 4. It seems to be a very difficult task to find strawberries when you actually need them so here we are to make it easy for you.

 strawberries in Sims 4

There are a few places in Sims 4 where you can find strawberries but not a lot of people know about it, if you want to find strawberries then stick till the end so you don’t miss out on anything. 

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How To Get Strawberries In Sims 4?

Strawberries are a very important factor in Sims 4 when it comes to the gender of the baby and the game automatically makes them hard to find when a sim is pregnant. When you cannot find strawberries in your fridge or your garden then you must be wondering where to find them, we have made it easy for you by stating the exact location where you can find strawberries in Sims 4. Before we get to how to find strawberries in Sims 4 let me tell you what is their use in Sims 4. 

Gardening in sims 4

What Is The Use Of Strawberries In Sims 4?

When your sim is pregnant in Sims 4, there are equal chances of getting a boy or a girl but there comes the use of strawberries to help you influence your upcoming child’s gender. Strawberries are used to get a girl child in Sims 4 but there is no surety, you can only increase the chances of having a baby girl using strawberries. 

How To Have A Baby Girl In Sims 4?

To get a baby girl in Sims 4 your sim needs to listen to pop music and eat strawberries. This will increase your chance of having a girl child.

How to get a girl in Sims 4

Places To Find Strawberries In Sims 4

If you’ll roam around in search of strawberries in Sims 4 it will be very difficult and you will also lose hope. We have listed all the places below and methods to find strawberries in Sims 4.

Neighbourhood Places

If you don’t have any expansion packs then this is the only way you can find strawberries. You can find strawberries in your neighbourhood and community lots in bushes, talking more specifically here are some locations where you will find strawberries easily. 

  • Magnolia Blossom Park
  • Willow Creek commercial district
  • Pendula View (Willow Creek)
  • Courtyard Lane(Willow Creek)
  • Foundry Cove (Willow Creek)
  • Windenburg
  •  Sylvan Glade
  • Parched Prospect
  • Bedrock Strait

community lot sims 4

These were some of the places with very high chances of finding strawberries but this is a time-consuming method so keep that in mind.

Finding Strawberries In Sims 4: Seasons

This method is only applicable for users who have Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack. This is one of the easiest methods for getting strawberries, you can purchase a seasonal spring seed pack and most of the time there is a chance that you will find a strawberry seed inside it. Using the seed you can grow a bunch of strawberries at your place and this will end all the hassle bustle of roaming around to find strawberries. 

buy seeds in Sims 4 seasons

This method will only work if your sim is pregnant during this season, also there is no fixed chance of getting strawberries inside the spring seed pack. 

Finding Strawberries In Sims 4: City Living

This is the best method according to me to get strawberries in Sims 4. Users with Sims 4: City Living expansion pack can get them in stores, there are stores in every community lot with fruits and vegetable vendors. 

Buy strawberries from vendor sims 4

The cheapest you can get is at a store in the art area of the San Myshuno area for 8 simoleons. You can also purchase a store and hire a vendor to open it for 100 simoleons so you can go get strawberries anytime you want. 

Find Strawberries In Sims 4 Using Debug Cheat

Debug cheats in Sims 4 will allow users to purchase items that are normally not visible in buy mode. 

Follow the steps given below to use debug cheat: 

Step 1: Press “Ctrl + Shift + C” to open the command box.

unlock cheats in Sims 4

Step 2: Now type “testingcheats on” to unlock cheat codes and press “Enter”.

Step 3: Now again open the command box and type “bb.showhiddenobjects” and press “Enter”.

debug cheat in Sims 4

Step 4: Now go to build and search “Debug”.

Just scroll and you will find strawberries in the list of hidden items.


Sometimes basic things like Strawberries can be very difficult to find in Sims 4 when you need them and it can really be important to find them to influence the gender of your baby in Sims 4. In this blog post, we have shared every location where you can find strawberries in the basic game and the users with expansion packs can find strawberries very easily using the above methods. 

If you have any questions or want to suggest any new place or method do let us know in the comment section down below. 

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