How to Increase FP Count In Elden Ring? (All Methods)

Another treat for gamers, Elden ring is an epic action and thriller game that has gained popularity recently. People around the world love the concept of the game, and thus the stats of the game are constantly at an upgrade. As a result, core gamers worldwide seek to learn ways and methods to gain the upper hand in the game and excel in it quickly. One question asked many times by the gamers is How to increase FP in Elden Ring?

How To Increase FP Count In Elden Ring?

By the end of 2022, Elden Ring has become one of the most famous play station games worldwide. While the storyline and visual graphics of the game are extremely fascinating, it has been a topic of discussion among youth. One of the main focuses of Elden ring players has been how to increase FP in Elden ring. FP or Focus point is an integral part of the game which acts as a source of energy when casting a spell or performing some special tasks. Today, we will guide you thoroughly on increasing FP in Elden ring, including all possible ways.

How To Increase FP In Elden Ring? | All Methods Discussed

For an Elden Ring player, focus points are an important currency. Many players find it difficult to earn or increase FP in the game. Although, there are some legit methods you can adopt to help you increase FP points rapidly.

Step 1: Earning FP increasing Talismans in Elden Ring

In Elden ring, you get rewarded with rare pieces of equipment when you defeat bosses. These are talismans that can highly transform your way of playing the game. While a variety of Talismans are available in Elden ring, you have to earn those that help you increase your focus points.

Below is a list of all the talismans that will help you increase FP points in Elden ring.

  • Navy Hood: This talisman helps increase the mind factor in Elden ring, earning you more FP points.

Navy Hood

  • Glintstone Scarab: This talisman allows you to take maximum damage during a fight and lowers FP’s consumption rate.
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion: One of the best talismans to increase focus points, this talisman has two variants.
  • Marika’s Soreseal: Another excellent talisman to rapidly boost the mind, arcane, and intelligence.

Marika's Soreseal

Step 2: Increasing the Mind Attribute

The mind attribute is another crucial factor in Elden ring, which can help you earn a huge amount of focus points. Moreover, with the help of the mind attribute, you can cast efficient magic spells and utilize your skills to defeat many bosses in the game.

Increasing the Mind Attribute

Since increasing FP is also an important part of the game, the mind attribute will help you get on it. You can only utilize your magic spells to the maximum if you have a good rate of FP. So focus on increasing the mind attribute to increase your FP ultimately.

Step 3: Using items that lower the usage of FP

When looking forward to gaining a lot of FP in Elden ring, you must adopt every possible approach that leads to your goal. While following certain direct methods is the prime focus of earning FP, you can also try to gain some FP through a recursive approach.

A recursive approach to increase FP in Elden ring can be to use items that significantly lower the usage of FP. One such major item in Elden Ring is the talismans. Believe it or not, such talismans exist that can lower FP usage by about 20%.


Carian Filigreed Crest is one such famous talisman of Elden ring that is known to lower FP usage to a great extent. While it lowers the skill cost when worn, it also reduces the usage rate of FP in the game.

Step 4: Find crystal tears that prevent the loss of FP

One of the most underrated methods adopted when players look to increase FP is finding crystal tears. People tend to forget this method, but it is a great way to save those precious focus points. In Elden ring, you can find two such types of crystals. Where one crystal stops FP loss for around 15 to 20 seconds, another crystal will fill your bar with FP. Isn’t that a great thing?

crystal tears

But you need to look for these rare crystals in the game. Once earned, take a drink of them every time you need FP.

Step 5: Weapons that increase FP in Elden ring

While Elden Ring offers some great weapons that would boost your FP count in no time, you need to acquire them for sure. Having such weapons that help you increase FP count can also let you grab an upper hand in the game.

Two such weapons are most popular to provide you an FP boost in Elden ring:

  •  Sacrificial Axe: Efficient in causing huge damage to the enemy, the sacrificial axe is a great weapon that helps you boost your FP count. Having it in your inventory is a good asset to acquire.

Sacrificial Axe

  • Sword of Milos: Known for efficient physical attacks, the sword Milos can also help you boost your FP count in Elden ring.

FAQs | How To Increase FP Count In Elden Ring?

Why should I increase my FP count in Elden Ring?

While FP counts are the most important currency of Elden ring, they can help you move ahead in the game and defeat bosses rapidly. FP can help you by providing a better skill set, and magic builds too.

Do all talismans increase the FP count in Elden Ring?

No, talismans in Elden ring give you an upper hand in different aspects of the game. While some talismans increase the FP count in Elden ring, others are used for several other benefits.


These are all the ways through which you can increase FP in Elden ring. While there might be a few others, the ones mentioned above are the most significant ones to try out the next time you play Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has been a prime choice of gamers in 2022, and gaining FP in the game is what gamers worldwide look for. So if you were one of them looking for methods to increase FP count in Elden ring, we hope you know the path now!

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