How To Start A Streak On Snapchat 2022 Guide

Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms. The main reason why Snapchat became so popular among teenagers is due to its feature called snap streaks, which is basically two people talking to each other over pictures or videos for several consecutive days. If you are new to this platform there’s no need to worry because in this blog post we will be sharing the basics of Snapchat and how to start a streak on Snapchat.

How To Start A Streak On Snapchat

Snapchat streaks are one such feature that turned the game for Snapchat and other social media platforms also started implementing it but couldn’t do it better than Snapchat. So let’s get started with this full Snapchat guide.

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How To Start A Streak On Snapchat?

Starting a streak on Snapchat is very easy and you just need a friend to start your streak with them. When you are done adding your friend on Snapchat it’s better that you first ask them if they want to make a streak or not.

You can do this by simply texting them or taking a blank snap and then writing “Streak?” in it and sending it to your friend. If they respond by sending back a snap it means that they also want to start making streaks with you.

How To Start A Streak On Snapchat

Now when you’re done with this then you and your friend will have to send each other snaps which can be photos or videos on a daily basis to make streaks. I know this may sound silly but it’s really fun and once you start making streaks there’s no going back. 

The text messages, stories, group messages do not contribute to your streaks. Only the snaps that you send to your friends separately count in streaks. In order to make a streak, you both should send each other at least one snap in 24 hours and after three consecutive days, you can see a burning icon with “3” written along it will appear just right next to your friend’s name.

Suppose you and your friend sent each other snaps daily for 30 consecutive days then it would mean you both have a streak of 30 days.

How To Maintain A Streak On Snapchat

Now the bigger question lies that how you can maintain your Snapchat streak with your friend. This is the problem which most of the users face because it’s very difficult to remember sending streaks each day.

Maintain streaks on Snapchat

 The only solution I can tell you for this is to make it a routine to share your day with a picture about what you’re doing or where you’re travelling and send it every day so that your streaks will not break. If you see an hourglass icon next to your friend’s name it means that one of you has not sent a single snap in the last 24 hours so make sure you do send every day to maintain a streak. 

What Is Snap Score?

How to increase your snapchat score faster

Snap score is the score calculated by Snapchat based on how active you are on the app. It includes the snaps you send, the ones you receive, story views, friends and explore. These all things contribute to an increasing Snapchat score.

How To Increase Your Snap Score Faster

To increase your Snap score faster you need to be more active on Snapchat which means sending more snaps than usual and to multiple people at once, also uploading stories and exploring feeds on a daily basis. 


How To Put 100 Streak Story On Snapchat?

To put 100 streak story on Snapchat follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your Snapchat account and swipe left the friend list.

Step 2: Now click on the bitmoji of your friend with whom you have completed 100 streaks with.

Step 3: Take a screenshot of the profile and go to your memories section.

Step 4: Swipe right on the screen and go to camera roll then select the screenshot.

upload story on Snapchat

Step 5: Now click on the send button at the bottom and then check the box with “Our story” and click send again.

How to put 100 streak story on Snapchat

Now your story with 100 streaks will be posted. 

What Does It Mean To Start A Streak On Snapchat?

It means that when you and your friends are sending each other snaps for several consecutive days the streak gets started with a fire icon and the number of days your streaks are.


Snapchat streaks are the new way of communicating with your friends. It’s more fun than texting because you get to see your friends’ daily life in photos and videos. Starting a streak on Snapchat is very simple and in this article, we have explained “How to start a streak on Snapchat” and the basics of Snapchat which you can go through to start making streaks with your friends.

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