iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App | Here’s How to Do It

Apple devices are known for their smooth and efficient operating systems that make navigating between software applications and other programs easy. The iPhone has many interesting and useful features which can help you manage your data effectively. You have complete control over what gets deleted and what doesn’t, with it being effortless to use the app. iPhone Clear App Cache without deleting app is an easy and simple process. Just follow a few steps, and the job is done.

iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App

The App Cache is the temporary data storage location on your device memory or a microSD card, where app-related files are saved to. By deleting the cache, you can clear the temporary data that is no longer needed by apps, and that can be deleted safely. Luckily, your iPhone has a built-in function that will allow you to delete the app cache without deleting the app.

iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App | Step by Step Guide

Your iPhone is a powerful little machine. It can do many things, like map your travels or make a call, or even take pictures while keeping you connected on the go. However, depending on which app you are using at any given time, temporary data may need to be stored in memory by the device and not just by the app itself. This is called cache memory which fills up quickly if it isn’t cleaned out properly when an app stops running on your iPhone.

If your device storage is full or has become slow, deleting the apps can solve your problem. Deleting the apps is unnecessary to get rid of the cache. There is a process through which you can clear the app’s cache or your phone’s cache without deleting the app. Deleting the cache for apps is a good idea because it can help speed up your device and reduce crashes. The apps can be categorized into 3 types of cache, under which many apps exist.

Steps To Follow | iPhone Clear App Cache without deleting App

App Cache: It is the temporary cache for an app installed on your device and is created when an app is downloaded to your phone, and it saves data relevant to that app, including contact details, location, calendar information, etc. the stored data can be used by that app when it needs to access the data in your phone.

System Cache: It is the cache built for one particular app or system and maintains data between your device’s apps.

Phone Cache: It is used to save temporary data from any app installed on your phone, and you can also clear it every time you want to get rid of the unnecessary data on your phone without deleting any app.

However, we don’t want to delete all the apps and their cache. So, use the following steps to delete any app’s cache without deleting an app from your device:

Step 1- Go to your “Settings” and tap on “General”

Step 1

Step 2- Now tap on “iPhone Storage”; It will redirect you to a new page

Step 2

Step 3- Tap the app that you want to delete the data

Step 3

Step 4- Now click on the offload app, which will remove all the cache with one tap

Step 4

Step 5- Reinstall the app, and after offloading, you see a reinstall option, tap on the button and install the app

Step 5

Clearing Browser Cache | iPhone Clear App Cache without deleting App

  • Go to settings 

Step 1

  • Scroll down till you see ‘Safari’ and click on it

Step 2

  • Now click on clear history and website data

Step 3

This will delete all the cache from Browser.

FAQs | iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App

Do I need to sign in again after a reset on my iPhone or iPad? 

After resetting settings, you may need to re-login with Apple ID.

How do I clear the app cache on my iPad?

To clear the cache, go to your home screen and open the Settings app. Then select General –> Storage & iCloud Usage –> Manage Apps. Find the app you want to delete and scroll until you see “Cached Data.” Tap “Manage Cached Data,” then hit “Clear Cache.

What songs, apps and other content will disappear after a reset? 

Apps stored in iCloud, such as the iBook store, games, and music purchased from the iTunes Store, should be available after a reset. If it is not available right away, it will be downloaded automatically. Content not stored in iCloud, including photos and videos taken by the camera or imported using an external device, should be saved to your computer or iCloud Drive.

What is app cache, and why do I want to delete it?

App cache refers to storage that helps your iPhone run more smoothly. It stores application settings, user interface styles, and artwork for offline viewing. Every time you use an app on your phone, the data gets stored in the cache. When you reuse the app, it loads the previously saved data from the cache, which makes the app run faster and smoother. However, this cache can take up space on your device. If you have many apps or a large media collection, you might notice that your device seems slow or quickly runs out of storage space. If this is a problem, you can delete the app cache to regain disk space and speed up your iPhone or iPad.

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Fortunately, Apple has improved the process with iOS 11 and iOS 12, which deleted the app cache without deleting the app on iPhone. This means you don’t have to delete the whole app, just the app cache. Clearing app data’ and ‘deleting cache’ are different. Deleting cache might sound intimidating, but it’s not something you need to worry about: it only applies to apps that use temporary data.

When you delete the cache, the app is essentially reset to its original state, including any data stored in the cache. So, don’t be too quick to delete caches for apps if you want to keep some of that data or are concerned about losing it after deleting the cache. This feature is available on both iOS and Android. They may have a few different steps or controls to clear the cache, but you get the same result.

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