Kahoot Hacks | Tested Cheats that Work In 2024

In recent times, Kahoot has emerged as an excellent platform for web-based learning in many parts of the world. But what is Kahoot? It is a digital learning platform that provides a group learning service for people by allowing them to create or participate in quizzes and other digital learning methods. But there are some hacks to this platform. This blog will explore the most interesting Kahoot hacks you would not have known earlier.

Kahoot Hacks

How does Kahoot work, actually? Say, in a class, the teacher can create an exciting quiz for students, and students can participate in the quiz from the ease of their home. This is possible with certain algorithms, where every particular quiz has a unique key through which participants can join. Along with this, you can take up different types of challenges on Kahoot to track the progress of participants and much more. With these excellent services, Kahoot has become one of the major platforms for e-learning these days.

Kahoot Hacks | Making Kahoot Interesting

Certain Kahoot hacks were developed recently in the form of google chrome extensions, but most of them have been blocked and removed by google. Yet there are still some genuine hacks available for Kahoot quizzes, and we are going to talk about them below.

Hack 1: The School cheats Hack

This first hack in our list will help you get all the answers to your Kahoot quiz in no time. The only prerequisite of this hack is that you will need the Kahoot quiz id. You can obtain it from when the quiz owner has shared their screen, or sometimes you can directly ask them for the quiz id since it is not a big deal to share it. Once got the quiz ID, follow the below steps to get answers to your quiz:

  • Get the unique quiz ID shown in the URL bar of the browser of the quiz owner
  • Go to the School cheats website
  • You will find a dialogue box with a “Continue” button below it
  • Here, paste your quiz ID and click continue
  • That’s it! You will now be able to see all your quiz answers immediately
Hack 1

Note that the quiz pin won’t help you get answers to the quiz. You will need only the quiz ID to do so.

Hack 2: The Kahoot Flood Hack

Another famous Kahoot hack is the Kahoot flood hack. Many websites on the internet provide this fun service. This is a way to flood a particular Kahoot quiz with so many bots to load the server. It is a method to prank your friends and break a quiz for some time.

If you really want to become a hit prankster amongst your friends, I suggest trying the SMS/Call prank app called BombitUP that bombards one’s device with spam messages & calls.

Hack 2

So, how does this hack work? There are many websites available where you just need to enter your quiz ID and a simple name. You can send hundreds of bots to a particular quiz with just a single click. Along with it, you can also choose to either increase or decrease the number of bots you want to send to a particular quiz. These services are mostly free over the internet, and one can have some fun through them.

Note that these websites are safe to use, and your system won’t be affected at all. Use them for fun and safe pranks on your friends.

Hack 3: Kitty Tools

The last one on the list is a GitHub repository that helps you get the answers to your Kahoot quiz. This repository is known as the Kahoot Kitty tools. Although, using Kitty tools is quite a tedious process, and you will need to know the basics of python to run this tool. So, if you seriously want to get the answers to a Kahoot quiz, then you can use the Kitty tools. To use this tool, follow the steps below:

Hack 3
  • Download all the files of this repository to your local system
  • You will need to set up a code space account to proceed further. You can set up the code space account by using the link given in the repository below
  • After setting up your account, open the terminal or command prompt on your system
  • Now run the main.py file available in the repository in your terminal

After running the main.py file, you will be guided ahead on what to do to obtain answers for your Kahoot quiz. As mentioned earlier, this is a tough process, and using it needs some basic knowledge of python and coding.

Fake Kahoot Hacks and Website Claims

Since the launch of Kahoot, there have been many websites and bots that claim to provide answers to every quiz and challenge on Kahoot. But to bring up the reality, you will find many websites claiming to offer genuine Kahoot hacks, but they are all untrue. Apart from only a few websites, most of the websites just aim to gain traffic from you.

Thus, when using a Kahoot hack, try considering any of the above methods to get a genuine result for your quizzes. Also, the Kahoot hacks are mostly freely available, so if you are asked to pay to get answers to your Kahoot quiz, it might be a scam. Websites claim to give answers to Kahoot quizzes in their premium version, but most are entirely fake. Try not to be trapped in these scams, or you would end up losing your money.

FAQs | Kahoot

Why are random people joining my Kahoot quiz?

A participant in your Kahoot quiz must have used a bot to prank you. Through this method, they send anonymous bots to your quiz, which is why you see random people.

Can we get answers to a private Kahoot quiz?

Yes, Hack 1 mentioned above is a genuine way through which you can answer a private Kahoot quiz. Although, you will need the quiz ID to get these answers.

How many people can join my Kahoot quiz?

If you are using the free version of Kahoot, there can be 10 members max in your quiz, whereas, in the premium version, there can be unlimited members.

Can I create a Kahoot game without paying?

Yes, you can use the free Kahoot version to create a game. In the free version, you will not get access to all the features of Kahoot, but you don’t have to pay any amount for using it.

Can I sell my Kahoots?

Yes, Kahoot has a marketplace feature where verified people can sell their quizzes, content, and much more and earn some money from it.

Conclusion | Kahoot Hacks

These were all the hacks that you can use to get answers or play a prank with your friends and colleagues on Kahoot. Honestly, the first hack is the simplest one to try out. If you genuinely need answers for the Kahoot quiz, try using the third hack. The second hack is made to play a prank and have a fun time on Kahoot.

Also, be aware and avoid being a victim of Kahoot hacks and false claims made by websites. There are some genuine websites for sending bots on a Kahoot quiz, but there are more fake websites that claim to let you know the answers to a Kahoot quiz. Try adopting any method from the ones listed above, as they are the only ones available now.

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