Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Killing Floor 2 is a new game by Tripwire Interactive. Its mechanics are the same as in the original, but they’ve added some new features, making it a lot more interesting and exciting. Some changes have also been made to the multiplayer mode that has affected over 275,000 customers till now. But recently, users started complaining about Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer not working. This has left players without copies of Killing Floor 2 and many others with crashed instances unable to join anymore due to an “internal error.” What is the cause, and what are its solutions? Let’s find out.

Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer Not Working

“Killing Floor 2” is a horror-themed survival co-op action game. The game supports up to six players in either single-player or its somewhat rare multiplayer mode. Like the other games in the series, Killing Floor 2 features hordes of zombie-like specimens called Zeds that you must kill with traditional weapons and crafted explosive devices. Killing Floor 2 was released in November 2016, improved many aspects of its predecessor, and added some new features. Playing online multiplayer for Killing Floor 2 is smooth and enjoyable. Still, you must ensure enough bandwidth and a good internet connection to ensure the constant load of many players. Unfortunately, even if you have this and the servers do not crash, it might still ruin your experience in-game.

Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer not working | How To Fix It?

In Killing Floor 2, the player can control various characters with unique skills and personalities. The game features a story-driven campaign that tasks players to complete several missions, including a “Zedday” event where the survivors must fight against hordes of Zeds. Playing through the campaign unlocks more playable characters and more weapons for multiplayer mode.

Killing Floor 2

Currently, the game is not working for most of the users. Many are getting messages saying: “Failed to join the server, retrying” or “Failed to connect to the server, firewall issue?” As a matter of fact, the Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer issue is one of the most common problems that many players encounter. You may find that you can’t connect to other players, or your friends can’t join your game. This guide will show you some practical solutions to fix this problem. Before getting started, you should make sure that your game is running well in the first place. 

Since many people have encountered this problem and have come up with some possible solutions, here are some of them: 

Strong Internet Connection- Make sure you have a strong internet connection with a stable ping. I know that Killing Floor 2 may be a relatively heavier game with large amounts of updates during gameplay but make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable enough to handle it perfectly. 

Killing Floor 2

Ports/ Firewall Settings- Make sure your ports are fine and up-to-date, as well as your firewall settings. In case you don’t know, killing floor 2 needs ports to be open to work properly, and if you have any firewall enabled, that might be why you are facing this issue, so make sure to check it out.

killing floor 2

Network Settings- Make sure that all of your network settings are fine. This includes all your network adapters and other hardware within your system that might be causing problems with the connection. You can do it by running a few tests and seeing if the problem still persists.

killing floor 2

Error Code 1: This error is displayed if you don’t have enough RAM on your PC to run Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer smoothly. The possible reason for not having enough RAM on your computer is that you have too many programs opened simultaneously or too many heavy-running applications or games. You can try closing all unnecessary programs to leave room for the game title you’re playing.

Killing Floor 2

Wireless connection: Are you on a wireless connection? Wireless may be harder to connect and often experience severe lag/disconnects. If you’re using a wireless connection, I’d recommend using an ethernet cable or switching to a wired connection. 

Killing Floor 2

Error in Connect: You are using the wrong IP address. Your computer is behind a proxy server, and you must enter the proxy port number in-game settings. You need an updated version of your drivers for your computer and hardware for Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer to work correctly.

Killing Floor 2

If you’re having trouble joining a game or getting into a server, try the following:

  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking the game 
  • Close other programs that are using bandwidth, including torrent clients and P2P applications 
  • Check your “Game Port” setting in Steam settings. It’s set to auto by default 
  • Check that your STEAM Client has not been configured to only use the LAN network and not the Internet
  • Make sure that you have updated your graphics card driver (instructions are available on the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card)
  • If you are on a Mac, try playing the game in Windowed mode if a server is full to help with visibility

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FAQs | Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer Not Working

How to Make Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer Easy?

Playing Killing Floor 2 online is easier when you know how:

Console Commands- There are a lot of console commands you can use to improve your experience in the game. By editing the config file and using the console together, you can use them to achieve the results you desire.

Killing Floor 2 Host Migration- Host migration allows players who have lost their connection to re-join the match as long as another player is hosting.

Multiple Instances of Killing Floor 2- If your internet connection is top-notch, multiple instances of Killing Floor 2 can be run at once on one PC.

Is Killing Floor split screen?

Killing floor split screen is a special match type that occurs when two players work together to kill two monsters in one spot. When one player kills the first monster and the second kills the first monster’s mate, all four monsters are killed, and you will split your loot. This is especially useful if you have found an excellent place to farm but need more firepower to take them out.

The other great thing about this mode is that you can still get credit for both kills even if the second player leaves before they die. The person who stays behind and kills the second one and their partner will receive credit for both kills. That player gets double the cash and XP for the monster killed. 


Killing Floor 2 is excellent, and we’ve had a blast playing it. However, we think that some of what could have been done better in creating this title was the multiplayer. With how things are going in most games these days, being able to play with friends is a must. In conclusion, on Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer not working, we would like to point out that this version may be the only one experiencing this issue.

If you’ve been able to play online games without any problems, there’s a good chance you’re not having issues. A second plan would be to check their network connection by opening another Chrome browser and seeing if they have access to the game or not. If they don’t, try downloading and installing the game through another device until it works properly.

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