Malenia Weakness Elden Ring | Defeating Malenia Made Easy

While Elden Ring has been one of the most rapidly growing games of 2022, its developers have seen an unexpected ratio of users the game gathered the previous year. With such a high percentage of players worldwide, there have been certain points where most players get stuck and cannot surpass them. One such stage of the game is the fight with Malenia. This leads people to search for ‘Malenia Weakness Elden Ring.’

Malenia Weakness Elden Ring

Malenia, the famous demigod of the game, has been a matter of great difficulty for players. While this character has been one of the most skilled characters in the game, players find it equally enjoyable and challenging to defeat her. If you are yet another similar player struggling to beat Malenia, the demigod from Elden Ring, then we are here to help you do that. This blog will let you know Malenia’s weakness in Elden Ring to help you exploit and defeat her.

Malenia Weakness Elden Ring | Defeating Malenia Made Easy

One of the prime characters from the story of Elden ring, Malenia was a demigod who swore to defend her brother at all costs. While Malenia was a demigod similar to Radahn, they both were responsible for their escape from hell. Malenia is the daughter of Radagon and Marika, who will remain the undefeated bodyguard of her brother for eternity. Born afflicted with the “Scarlet Rod,” this character is one of the greatest challenges for players in the game.


Although Malenia is one of the game’s most iconic characters, it is not that she doesn’t possess any weaknesses. There are certain aspects in which Malenia faces maximum damage and becomes vulnerable for the time being. While you must choose the most appropriate armor, spells and weapons, you can easily take over Malenia with a bit of patience and skills.

The three major weaknesses of Malenia in Elden ring are:

  • Fire
  • Frostbite
  • Hamorrahage


Fire is one of the most common weaknesses of almost every Elden ring boss. Since fire deals with a heavy amount of damage to the HP of the character, it makes it vulnerable as well. You can consider fire a primary weapon against Malenia and try to burn and seriously damage her HP. This is the first weakness to exploit when aiming to defeat a strong character in the game.


Frostbite in the Elden ring has been a status effect of the game. It can be another prime weakness of Malenia producing small damage but making her vulnerable. While frostbite does small chunks of damage to Malenia, it reduces her damage absorption rate to a great extent. This means that you can do more damage to her for 30 seconds. This is a great time to yield maximum damage from Malenia’s HP and take the upper hand in the fight.

Frostbite Weakness of Malenia

To try out frostbite on Malenia, you can choose weapons like Death’s Poker Greatsword or Ruinous Ghostflame, which can be a better option.


Hemorrhage, also known as blood loss or bleeding in Elden Ring, has been another prime weakness of Malenia. Players who have managed to defeat this legend in the game have extensively relied on Hemorrhage to defeat Malenia. Since this weakness of Malenia helps you to make her lose a great percentage of maximum HP, it becomes the best time to attack her. During this time, Malenia will experience a loss of around 7 to 10 percent of her HP, which is a huge amount to give her heavy damage. She will consume about a 100 to 200 damage rate and will be highly vulnerable during this time. So it would be best if you used Haemorrhage as the prime weapon to make this strong character lose all her HP in no time.

Hemorrhage Weakness of Malenia

You can use a Moon veil and magics like Blooflame Talons to give a hemorrhage to Malenia.

These are the prime weaknesses of Malenia in Elden Ring, through which you can consider defeating her and move forward in the game.

Tips To Defeat Malenia In Elden Ring

While Malenia has been a great challenge for players worldwide, you must consider certain tips and points before trying to defeat her. A game is always meant to be won, either easily or through a tough challenge. Elden Ring is among the tough ones on the list. But, it is never the case that a character cannot be defeated no matter how many tries it takes. Thus, there is undoubtedly a way to defeat Malenia in Elden ring, and you as a player just need to be patient and use the correct spells and weapons.

Here are some tips you must consider before defeating Malenia.

  1. Malenia is a high-level character in the game. Thus, you need to make sure that your level is an equal match to her top-class skills and powers. You need to be at least between levels 130 to 150 to give equal competition to this strong opponent.
  2. Do not be greedy and try to defeat Malenia in a single attempt or so. You will definitely require to create a strategy and come up with all the preparations to defeat Malenia, which might need some time and several attempts.
  3. Try focusing all your strength on Malenia when she makes her Clone attack. This is when you can yield maximum damage from her and dodge her perfectly.
  4. Prevent yourself from her Waterflow attack and try using some magic for an easier time during the fight.

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FAQs | Malenia Weakness Elden Ring

Is Malenia the toughest boss in Elden Ring?

Yes, among all the bosses in Elden Ring, Malenia is considered to be one the toughest and greatest challenges for players in Elden Ring.

Why is Malenia so hard to defeat?

Unlike other bosses of Elden ring, Malenia is a humanoid character of the game. She possesses skills that move her extremely fast and also give heavy damage to the opponent with her attacks. This is why she is one of the most complicated characters to defeat in Elden Ring.

Which summon is best against Malenia?

Black Knife Tiche is one of the best summons in Elden Ring. It is an excellent counter to the extreme skills of Malenia and fights her in an equal game.


With these tips and weaknesses of Malenia, you can give her a good fight in the Elden ring. Although it might still take a few attempts to defeat this intense and heavy character of the game, with a clear strategy and the use of weapons and spells, one can surely achieve it.

Though Malenia is a tough challenge in the game, she was never undefeatable in the Elden Ring.

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