MC Command Center Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It

It’s a daily struggle – you boot up your game, and when it loads, you get the dreaded “MC Command Center not Working” screen. Shuddering frustration flows through your mind as your only option is exiting to the desktop. But don’t fret anymore! This guide will give you an idea of what could be going wrong, offer some troubleshooting steps, and then share a few alternatives to help get you on your feet for MC Command Center not working.

But first, understand what the MC Command Center is. It is a tool built by Microsoft that provides users with new capabilities during the operating process, such as various audio and video formats, webcam support, and more.

MC Command Center Not Working

The Command Center allows users to stream live video on Xbox Live or share their screen on Facebook. It also includes some unique features like grabbing screenshots or recording gameplay videos from your favorite PC games. It’s very versatile and allows users to store an infinite number of commands that can be executed with a single button press. But MC Command Center has grown so big that it now affects game performance because it runs on an outdated codebase, which might be a reason why is MC Command Center not working.

MC Command Center Not Working | Decipher The Why and How!

What’s gone wrong: Let’s start by looking at some common problems with MC Command Center, then work backward to see what might be messing up your game. Once you’ve figured out how to fix it, we’ll share more details about what could be wrong. The MC Command Center is not loading properly. It’s been up and running for years, but now it doesn’t seem to be working at all. You might also experience blank pages and error messages when accessing anything on the site. The good news is that there are ways to fix this issue. Also, be advised that this problem has many different causes and solutions. It’s good to have a few different ideas as you figure out what is causing the problem and how you will fix it.

Why Is MC Command Center Not Working? (Causes)

We’ve all experienced the frustration of using MC Command Center with a failing server or random crashes, and it would be nice if we could find out why. Is there a solution to this issue? Absolutely! Here are some reasons why MCC is not working as it should, followed by a few things you can try. MC Command Center has been found to be incompatible with certain mods that don’t work well with Bukkit’s master server. Other than that, no one knows why the mod isn’t working. A minimal number of Bukkit plugins have been found to cause issues with MCC. We’ve all experienced the frustration of using MC Command Center with a failing server or random crashes, and it would be nice if we could find out why. Is there a solution to this issue? Absolutely!  Here are some reasons why MCC is not working as it should, followed by a few things you can try.

  • The first thing to do is make sure you’re using the most recent version of MCC! Check out the official thread for instructions on how to update and the latest news about development. 
  • Ensure your server meets the hardware requirements for running MCC (which is pretty easy). 
  • Check for any mods or scripts installed on your server. 
  • Test your server’s performance with a host that’s not in the same region as you. 
  • MCC crashes when you try to play- This is due to the very high processing requirements that MCC needs. You can improve lag by optimizing settings.


If you’re like us, you’re using the MC Command Center as a controller for your PC games. However, if this program doesn’t work correctly on certain computers, it might not be because of the software itself. This article will describe how to troubleshoot this issue. First, you’ll want to ensure that the game is running through Steam and not through Direct X and/or OpenGL. You can try running it through those instead of DirectX if this is the case. In order for the MC Command Center to work, you must ensure that your device has the latest version of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stack by installing MC Command Center.

  • Click on the MC Command Center icon in your computer’s windows start menu. It should look like an hourglass with a compass in it.

MMCC Step 1

  • In the middle of this application, you’ll see an icon of a red computer. Right-click on it and hit the “reset configuration” option. 
  • Restart MC Command Center and see if it works now. If not, try updating your graphics card driver. 

MMCC Step 3

  • Make sure you have an updated version of MC Command Center

MMCC Step 4

  • There could be an issue with your internet connection. This can happen if you are trying to use a Wi-Fi connection and too many devices simultaneously use the same server. You should try to connect directly to your modem instead of going through your wireless access point or router.

FAQs | MC Command Center Not Working

I am using Windows 8 and when I try to install MC Command Center, I get an error message.

The installer for MC Command Center is not compatible with Windows 8. Please use a different computer to download and install the program.

Why is my MC Command Center not working?

There could be a number of reasons for the issue. If you’re using MC Command Center with another mod, try disabling or removing the conflicting mod to see if it fixes your issues.

What do I do if MC Command Center is crashing?

Try reinstalling MC Command Center and make sure that you have the latest version downloaded and installed for the game.

“I downloaded and installed MC Command Center, but I’m getting a message saying it doesn’t work on my computer. What should I do?”

“If you experience this problem, it’s likely your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for MC Command Center.


MC Command Center not working is definitely frustrating since it is a unique set of tools that helps your Twitch live streams go the extra mile. It’s already used by more than 5 million people from all around the globe, so you’re sure to be in good company if you give it a try. Running MC Command Center for an extended period can result in a bug where, after restarting, the MC Command Center does not capture video from the game. This could be due to many different reasons, but there are various methods to fix this problem too. Hope this article has helped you in some way.

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