Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC 2023 | All You Need To Know

Video games have been a prime entertainment source for today’s young generation. Be it on PCs, smartphones, or even basic cell phones, any kind of interactive game has been a prime choice of players since the introduction of technology. One such game is Minecraft, and in this blog, we will know all we can about Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC

While Minecraft has been an evergreen video game that hasn’t failed to prove itself as a prime choice of gamers since its launch, many versions of it have developed in recent times. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, or MCPE, is another version of Minecraft developed specifically for smartphones. But in this blog, we will talk about how you can install the Minecraft pocket edition for PC. Big screens always provide a fantastic gaming experience; thus, we will guide you through every step of installing the MCPE on your PCs.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC | All You Need To Know

Before running into the Minecraft pocket edition for PC and the steps to install it, let us know what Minecraft is and how it was developed. The game holds an interesting background from its initial days of launch.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that was developed as a basic game in Java. The game revolves around a three-dimensional world where players can break and create different blocks. In its initial days, Minecraft was a really basic game without the features it holds today. Later, Microsoft purchased the game for a heavy amount, and since then, it has been managed and improved by them.

Minecraft is an easy-to-play, fun, and exciting game made available for almost every platform, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, mobile, Xbox 360, and any other platform you can think of. The game offers two main modes to play: Survival mode and Creative mode. In the Survival mode, players have to find building supplies and food to fight for their survival, whereas in Creative mode, supplies are given to the players, and there is no need to eat food.

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

The game’s primary purpose is to simply provide the players with an area where they can build, survive and explore. The game can either be played alone or you can also compete online with players worldwide. Although the game is paid, its craze has stayed the same in recent years.

What is Minecraft: Pocket Edition (MCPE)?

After the development of Minecraft for PCs, its developers thought to bring another edition of the game compatible with smartphones. That is how the idea of Minecraft: Pocket Edition was born. So, in 2011, the company came up with a mobile-friendly pocket version of the game. This version was earlier known as Minecraft: Bedrock Edition but was later renamed Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Initially, the game was launched on the Google play store in 2011 and was thereafter made available for iOS devices as well. But what is the difference between Minecraft and Minecraft: Pocket Edition? The answer to this question is that the game has no major difference. While the game’s objective remains the same, the only changes made are to make the game attractive and compatible with mobile devices. Although, several exciting features in the game are not available in the PC version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

The major differences include changes in spectator mode, Redstone, and multi-platform support of the game. Additionally, players can purchase extra content through microtransactions and don’t support unofficial mods. All over, the pocket edition gives a more exciting and fun gaming experience on small screens.

How to download Minecraft: Pocket Edition on PC?

Let us now talk about how you can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your PC. So this is possible with the help of “BlueStacks.” If you need to learn what BlueStacks is, it is basically an android gaming platform for PCs. Here you can download almost any android game or app on your PC. Follow the below steps to install Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your PCs successfully.

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • Click on the “Download BlueStack” option. A .exe file will start downloading. Double-click on it once downloaded

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • BlueStacks will now start installing on your system

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • After installation, a welcome screen will load on your PC, and BlueStacks will be opened

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • From the search bar given in the top corner, search for “Minecraft”

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • The game appears in front of you
  • Now click on “Install from Google Play,” and you will be redirected to a window

Minecraft Pocket Edition For PC

  • Minecraft will start downloading, and you can now enjoy the pocket version of it on your desktop

Remember to sign in to your Google account when you are redirected to the Play Store website. After this, Minecraft will automatically start downloading on your system. Install it and enjoy the game ahead.

How does the Minecraft Pocket Version differ on PC?

One of the prime questions that arise is why download the Minecraft: pocket version on PC when it is available on mobile phones? Why can’t players just play on their mobile phones? The answer here is that Minecraft: pocket edition, when played on a PC, gives a much more exciting and fun gaming experience along with many other features which get limited in mobile phones. For this reason, players download it on their PCs and enjoy the best mode of the game. When you download Minecraft from BlueStacks, here are the major difference you can notice in the game while playing it on PC:

High FPS: If you own a high-end PC with great resolutions and speed, you will notice an unmatchable gaming experience compared to mobile phones.

Real-time Translation: It might be a case that Minecraft would not be available in your native language. But when you download it through BlueStacks, this problem is expected to be resolved.

Repeated Trap: This nifty feature allows you to repeat an action multiple times within the game.

Multiple Instances: While you can open various instances on your PC, you can play with multiple friends in different worlds in the game. Isn’t this a cool and wild gaming experience?

These are all major differences you would notice while playing the pocket edition on your PC. The game is undoubtedly a great one to be experienced on a big screen.

FAQs | Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC

Is the Minecraft pocket edition free on PC?

Yes, download it through BlueStacks, and you will get the pocket edition completely free of cost.

Is Minecraft pocket edition better than the PC version?

While the game’s objective remains the same, there are still some noticeable differences. If you want to have the best gaming experience, try playing the Minecraft pocket edition on your PC.

Do I need a high-end PC for running Minecraft?

No, a simple PC with Windows 7 and above can easily support Minecraft. Although, a high-end PC will undoubtedly deliver a better resolution and gaming experience.

Conclusion | Minecraft Pocket Edition for PC

That is all you need to know to run Minecraft: Pocket Edition on PC. While Minecraft PC is no less than the pocket edition of the game, you will notice some significant differences while playing the pocket edition on your PC.

Enjoy the game ahead and experience a new face of Minecraft, from a small screen to a big one.

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