Minimize Game on PC Without Quitting 2023 (Windows & macOS)

Have you ever wondered how to minimize the game tab without quitting the Game in between? This happens most of the time with almost every PC gamer that once something happens, you have to switch tabs to do some other work suddenly, and if you don’t know the procedure accurately, you have to quit your game and then do the other work.

Minimize Game Without Quitting

But those who know the correct method can quickly minimize the gaming window without quitting and move on to your other window for that work. This article focuses on the various steps that help you minimize the full-screen game window and switch to the home screen easily. There are various ways for different devices (Windows and Mac).

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Minimize Game on PC without Quitting 2023

There are many easy steps you might not have heard about or might think that it’s so easy, and I was not known all this time? These features are easily accessible either through your cursor or your PC’s keyboard.

Listed below are a few steps for minimizing the screen while playing games on a Windows PC: –

  •       Exit Full-Screen Button– Many keyboards these days have an inbuilt key to exit full-screen mode. Click this button, and the buttons will appear at the top right corner of your screen. Now, click the minimize button to minimize your gaming window.minimize full screen mode without quitting
  •       Pressing Esc key– Pressing the escape key in some PCs helps minimize the previewing window on your device. This feature may not be acceptable for all the games, but it does work most of the time exiting the full-screen mode.minimize game without quitting
  •       Press Win + M– pressing these keys altogether minimizes almost any tab, may it be gaming, browsing, or anything. This method is considered the most effective way to minimize your gaming window without quitting the game. This method will minimize all windows that are open on your PC. Pressing these again will open the minimized windows back to normal again.minimize game without quitting
  •       Use Windows key– pressing the windows key on your keypad makes the taskbar visible at the bottom of your screen; along with that, the three closure options will also be available on the top right corners again. Click the minimize button, and it will minimize your Game. This method works slowly for games sometimes, don’t panic in this situation and give it some time to process.minimize game without quitting
  •       Ctrl + Alt + Del (in-game interruption)- this case is most reliable in cases when you are playing a game, and it tends to hang, and you are left with no choice. Try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del combination together, which will take you to the control bar. Then click on Task Manager and after that click on the Processes tab. You will see an option for a full-screen program; click to end the task.minimize game without quitting

You are now moving on further to the process of minimizing Game on MacOS without quitting. Some basic features of your MacOS are easily accessible either through the cursor or the keyboard, but we might not have heard about them or might think they are so simple that you had no clue? Similarly, are the steps for minimizing the screen while playing games on a macOS, which are as follows: –

  •       Game settings– Firstly, the most straightforward step you can do is to look at the settings for the key bindings in your game window to determine if the Game can be minimized or exited.
  •       Press Esc Key– The Esc key can be used to minimize previewing on the device. After disabling full-screen mode, click the yellow “Minimize” button which is present above the window, to exit the window. You can find the Esc key located on the top-left corner of your keyboard. This command works in most cases but sometimes may not. The particular reason for this is that all the games don’t accept this function.Minimize game without quitting
  •       Use Command Key– Press windows key with control key and ‘F’ shortcut. By doing this, the windows will get removed from the full-screen mode. After this, you can click on the yellow “Minimize” button, which will be on the top-right corner of your window screen.minimize game without quitting
  •       Using Command key + M– Give the command by pressing the window’s key plus ‘M.’ This will minimize the current game window. After this, press the window’s yellow “Minimize” button to exit. By doing this, you’ll be able to minimize your game and switch your tabs to do the work.minimize game without quitting
  •       Hide by pressing Command + H– Press these keys altogether and this will turn all into program invisible mode, which allows you to select a specific window opening on your screen. Click the application icon and select what you want when you switch it.Minimize game

FAQs | Minimize Game without quitting

 What are the keyboard shortcuts to minimize my PC screen while playing a game?

 Following are the keyboard shortcuts to minimize my PC screen while playing a game:

  •       Command + Ctrl + F
  •       Command + M
  •       Command + H
  •       Command + Return
  •       Command + Option + Esc

Can minimizing the full-screen, again and again, lead to the hanging of my computer?

 No, it’s a straightforward and standard step to function multiple windows on the PC. That’s why this doesn’t lead to any hanging off your computer.

 Does the game progress get deleted while minimizing the screen?

 Your game progress will not get deleted due to minimizing the screen. You can continue from the same place by maximizing the screen again.

 Can directly shutting down the PC leads to a complete exit from the Game?

 Yes, because when you shut down your PC and restart, all the previous windows will be closed, including your Game. To play the game again, you’ll have to start it again.

 Why do I need to minimize my screen?

 The requirement for the exact purpose of minimization of full screen is meant to make sure your dock or taskbar doesn’t get too cluttered. And by doing this, you can run multiple programs at once.

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Closure | Minimize Game Without Quitting

Now there won’t be any problem whenever there is a need to switch your gaming window to some other working stuff. Now, you can easily switch your tabs without compromising your in-game stats and you can easily pause and minimize your game on the side and do the other required work easily.Minimize game without quitting

Follow the above given steps according to your device (PC or MacOS) and worry less on the striking question like “do I have to quit my game all the way just to do some other work for a few minutes?” You won’t have to start your game again and again whenever there is a need to switch tabs. Enjoy gaming with this cool everyday hack for your PCs.

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