Mohg the Omen Weakness | Here’s How to Defeat The Blood Lord

So far, Mohg the Omen has been one of the most challenging boss fights you have had in Elden Ring, and you can barely get him down to half health? Well, trust us, we have been there and done that. As a fellow dreamer who intends to become the Ring Lord one day, we are here to help you out. Our enemy may be challenging to deal with, but let’s get a look into Mohg the Omen Weakness and, on the way, figure something out on how we bring this Boss down. 

The Demigod Boss has been really difficult to defeat, and today we will discuss some of Mohg the Blood Omen Weakness. 

Mohg the Omen Weakness | Here’s How to Defeat The Lord Of Blood

In contrast to his twin brother, who acts as a Guardian of the Golden Order and prevents anyone from becoming the Elden Lord, Mohg’s intentions are quite sinister and depraved. His intentions are rather very unique among the Shardbearers.

He plans to remove the Golden Order altogether and transform the lands between his own dynasty of Moghwyn, thus becoming the next Elden Lord. Even though he is one of the Bosses, he is the servant of The Formless Mother; he acts as its agent and intents to spread its will across his dynasty. 

Mohg’s Goals

In the game, he can be identified as one whose face is almost covered in many curved horns and one protruding through his left eye. He carries a large staff with which he collects the blood of his fallen enemies after defeating them.

mohg the omen

So basically, if you fall beneath him, he will make sure to take every pint of blood your gaming body can offer to him. He takes your blood as well as your power and makes it his own contribution to fulfill his own goals, which revolve around collecting enough blood to stand up against other demigods. 

Mohg the Omen Powers and Skills:

To understand Mohg the Omen’s weakness, the first step is to understand what he excels in. Now you know that his goal is to collect enough blood, so Blood magic is something that we know is a trick that he has up his sleeve. So one of his major strength cards is his Blood Magic. The first mistake you can make is that you will make him bleed.

Do not go that path. He also uses Fire magic and the best way to avoid it is by jumping away from the attack. Arial attacks are also possible via his wings. But the most worrisome difficulty against him is his Superhuman durability and Superhuman Strength. Even when your best move would land him 3-4 hits, it is just impossible to defeat the monster he is without any proper strategy and understanding. His popular attacks consist of:

Trident Thrust Attack: Mogh will try to thrust his trident toward you, trying to cause damage. To avoid this, make sure to either dodge or block this attack.


Blood Flame: Now there are two variations to it, One where the blood flame will be in a wide arc and the other where the blood flame will be a straight line. The wide arc hide behind a pillar, and the straight arc can be avoided easily by dodging it from left to right.

Trident Combo: As the name suggests, the character will first Swing the Trident and then smash it into the ground and then swing again with an overhead slam. To avoid, just keep your eyes on the Trident and Dodge.

Blood Flame Claw Explosive: This one is a bit tricky, Mogh will first claw the air in the direction of the target that will explode. Following this explode show will be another attack that would be a spear thrust attack. To counter this dodge, the explosion and block the second part of it. 

Blood Flame Claw Explosive

Now that we have talked about his Goals of restoring power and have already discussed his attacks and strengths along which you got a set of ideas through which you can counter them. Let us talk about how we can get the upper hand against him through his weaknesses.

Mohg the Omen Weakness: 3 Important 

We are sure of Mohg the Omen’s strengths and figured out the counterattacks. Confident enough to go ahead? Now it is time for us to know our advantages a.k.a Mogh the Omen weaknesses. It must be no surprise for us to know that he is a beast but as they say, Even the strongest beings have their own weaknesses and Mohg is not any exception. 

Mohg’s attacks will be Powerful but slow. Due to the heavy animations used, the players will get enough time to dodge their attacks. Now that we know he is nothing more than a strong yet fragile vessel of blood, he is the most vulnerable to Physical Damage dealing attacks. So any good weapon, such as Flamedrake Talisman would be good to go against him. 

His usage of his Trident gives him a good thrust material but as it is a sharp object, it gets stuck in pillars and ceilings allowing you to land as many hits as you can to break his physical durability. The other weakness would be the usage of Gravity Spells.

So his key weaknesses are his slow timing and his disadvantage of the location. Make sure to count every second around him and collect as many melee weapons before this fight because that is what it will take to bring him down. Dodge his moves, and take the time he takes to position himself for the next attack as your time to hit. Unable To Summon Cooperator in Elden Ring? Here’s How to Fix It!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Beat Mohg the Omen?

The easiest way to beat Mohg is to first lower his stagger meter with heavy attacks and then land a heavy blow when he is at his limits.

What are the attacks Mohg the Omen is immune to?

Mogh the Omen is immune to Fire, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, and Poison.

Can Mohg the Omen bleed? 

Yes, Ironically, and Actually, even though he himself uses the same attack technique, he too is vulnerable to its effect. 

What damage does Mohg possibly cause? 

Mogh can cause physical, standard, Pierce, and Fire damage. He will very likely cause some blood damage as well.


The recommended level for fighting with this mighty Demigod would be 80-90. A lack of powerful weapons would actually be a very foolish move against him. Be sly and take this fight with a Defense and Attack stan to win against him.

And to our future Elden Lord, make sure to collect the remembrance of the Blood Lord as it can be consumed for 30000 runes or can be used to obtain the Bloodboon Incantation or Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear. 

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