Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Weakness | Here’s How to Defeat Him

After Monster Hunter, the new version of the game- Monster Hunter Rise grabbed people’s attention. Pretty much similar to the previous one, this game also lets the user play the role of a hunter to hunt down monsters with different exciting weapons, environments, and other amazing features. The game also enables you to capture and slay monsters, while the major challenge is to dodge their attacks when trying to defeat them.

Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Weakness

In this blog, we will talk about Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune weakness, a monster you encounter during the game’s early stages. The blog will contain a complete guide on the prime weaknesses of this monster and how you can defeat it with a bit of patience and a superb strategy.

Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Weakness | All You Need To Know

Every monster in Monster Hunter Rise has some weak points that are to be looked upon and must be exploited to defeat the monsters. Knowing the enemy’s weakness always makes it more fun & easy for the player to score a win. While players might not be able to notice these weak points, they get frustrated not being able to get past a particular beast in the game. Mizutsune is among such monsters, and before we talk about its weaknesses and how to defeat them, let us know a bit about this monster from the Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune

Who is Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise?

You might have encountered Mizutsune if you are reading this blog. But to defeat this monster, you will need to know about it in detail. In monster hunter rise, Mizutsune will be among the earliest monsters you will encounter. While the other monster before it might be melee, Mizutsune can definitely face a challenge for you in the game. Mizutsune throws out a bubble blow that can yield a lot of damage if you are not already prepared for it.

So, you will need to follow the correct strategy, dodge its attacks and use the right weapon to get past this challenging creature in monster hunter rises. Let us now know about some weaknesses that Mizutsune poses. These can be a prime aspect of defeating this mighty creature.

Weakness 1: Attacking the Head

While Mizutsune would yield very less damage on any other body part, its head is its prime weakness. When facing it, try attacking its head again and again. This will break out the head of Mizutsune. You can break the head of Mizutsune twice; this will also get you more monster material drops after successfully defeating it. So, make Mizutsune’s head your prime target when facing it in monster hunter rise.

Weakness 1

Weakness 2: Try Wirebugs to dodge attacks

When facing Mizutsune, you will notice that it gushes out water from its mouth sweepingly from one corner of the battlefield to another. This is the most damaging attack of Mizutsune that can defeat you instantly. You will need to dodge these attacks anyhow, and an excellent way to do so is by using wire bugs. You can use wire bugs like wire dash and dodge these water breath attacks of Mizutsune. At the same time, try to reach as close to Mizutsune as possible and attack him on the head.

Weakness 2

Weakness 3: Avoiding attacks from the front

When attacking Mizutsune’s head, you will need to attack it from the front. But while you are not going for its head, try to remain at its side all the time. Stay on the sides and as close to it as possible. Keep giving it spikes from the side to buy you enough time to prepare for the head. In this way, you can protect yourself and yield damage to Mizutsune.

Weakness 3

Weakness 4: Use thunder attack & avoid staying still

Mizutsune’s prime weakness is its enemy constantly moving. So, try to exploit this weakness by not staying still in battle and continually moving around the ground. Also, make sure you do not lean on the wall while dodging the attacks and remain as close to it as possible. While running around Mizutsune, use the thunder attack to yield heavy damage and lay it down.

Weakness 4

Weapons & Armours to use Against Mizutsune | Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Weakness

Not going by a specific strategy against Mizutsune might lead you to defeat again and again. So, you must try to follow a particular pattern of attacks and choose the correct weapons and armor against this monster. Here are some of the best weapons and armor you can choose to fight against Mizutsune in monster hunter rise.

Best Weapons

Mizutsune is highly vulnerable to thunder attacks. So, choosing a thunder weapon will make your work easier as it will yield heavy damage to it. You can use the great sword, long sword, or dual blades as prime weapons in battle. Along with this, weapons from Khezu or Zinogre will be the prime ones to help you defeat Mizutsune.

Best Armor

Mizutsune’s prime attacks include bubble blows and breath attacks. In order to protect yourself from these attacks, you can use any armor that is efficient against water attacks. You can use the Royal Ludroth set that can act as an effective armor or any other which is known to resist water attacks.

FAQs | Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Weakness

What type of monster is Mizutsune?

Mizutsune is a Leviathan-type monster in monster hunter rise whom you will encounter in the early stages of the game.

Which is the toughest monster to defeat in Monster Hunter Rise?

While there are many monsters who will be a great challenge in the game, the Extreme Behemoth will be among the deadliest ones in the game. This beast will be extremely difficult to defeat and will require a lot of preparation.

Can Mizutsune’s tail be cut?

Yes, you can cut the tail of Mizutsune to avoid the tail whips that yield heavy damage. Along with the tail, you can also cut the claws of Mizutsune to make them weaker and more vulnerable.


These are all the weaknesses that you can exploit to defeat Mizutsune. Remember that randomly approaching it in a fight and using random attacks might not lead to victory. So, you will need a strong strategy and the correct weapons to defeat Mizutsune. Although it is among the earliest enemies, you will face in Monster Hunter Rise, beating it is not so easy.

Mizutsune also uses its tail and claws as a prime weapon. So, try to cut its tail and claws to make it weak and vulnerable. After this, you must focus on breaking its head which would ultimately make him go down in no time. That is all you need to know about defeating Mizutsune. Don’t forget to grab all the drops and materials that will be there once the hunt ends and Mizutsune is defeated.

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