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Making a sim is the most important and basic task of Sims 4. Users get a wide range of accessories and clothes to select for their Sim. A sim is created in CAS or create a sim mode in Sims 4 and once created you cannot change your sim appearance without using a cheat. The CAS mode in Sims 4 displays all your accessories in just two columns but you can use “More columns Sims 4 mod” to increase the number of columns to make this process more convenient. 

more columns Sims 4 mod

This mod allows you to create more CAS columns as per your choice you can create up to 5 columns in CAS mode. If you are someone searching for a mod like this then make sure you stick till the end so that you do not miss out on anything.

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More Columns Sims 4 2022

Adding more columns in Sims 4 CAS mode could be very useful for you and can save a lot of time. It just makes the whole process of creating a sim easy, because with more columns you will be able to see more content on your screen.

How to install more columns mod sims 4

This mod is created by weerbesu and you can download it through this link. The installation process is very simple, just extract the files using WinRar and then copy the contents of the downloaded folder and paste them to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Creating Columns In Sims 4: Things To Remember

More columns glitch

There are certain things that the developer has made clear before using this mod that you should know:

  • Make sure your game resolution is correct because a weak or low resolution would create problems in producing columns in Sims 4.
  • Your resolution must be higher than 1280×720, if it’s not then the 3 column mod will not work properly.
  • To use 4 column mod your resolution must be higher than 1600×900.
  • Just as 3 and 4 column mods the 5 column mod will not work on resolution lower than 1920×1080.
  • If you have a Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack then you would require a higher resolution than the above columns.
  • You must have the same version of the mod as the game. The v1.10 of the mod is only compatible with the game version 1.58.63, the mod will not work for versions older than this one.

Cas Columns Compatibility And Features In Different Versions


  • This version included a feature to add 5 columns in CAS mode and will only work with 1.52.100v of the game.
  • Changes in UI like centralised positioning of the catalogue title.

Compatibility in more columns mod

  • The feature to randomize and distribute sims equally is now shifted to the right corner in CAS mode.
  • To fit extra columns and lines in CAS mode the width of the filter bar has increased. Also, many changes are done for pet development.


  • Only for the game version 1.58.63v.
  • Fix issues like UI scaling and column glitches.

Glitches in more columns mod

  • You can also adjust the UI scale from the options menu. This would let more columns be shown in the given resolution by a smaller UI size.
  • Older versions of the game cannot add more columns so download the 1.58.63v.


  • Fixed the bug where users were not able to click on items when multiple rows of swatches are opened.
  • The problem of misalignment of match eye colour checkbox when multiple tabs of pet eye swatches were opened is resolved in this version.

More columns mod features

  • The scroll bar automatically shifts to the beginning when scrolling the swatch scroll list is not fixed and sticks to the chosen swatch.


  • Only works with 1.73.48v of the game.

Scrollbar fix in Sims 4 mod

  • Added scrollbar for convenience when more than 10 rows are opened.
  • A randomize button is added in the more categories option.


How Do You Fix Sims 4 CAS Glitch?

Make a backup of your game files and rename it, then right-click on the game in origin to repair the game. After repairing try running a new game and if it works then put your game files back and enjoy the game.

How Do I Add More Columns In Sims 4 Cas Mode?

You can add up to 5 columns in Sims 4 CAS mode with the help of more columns mod by weerbesu in Sims 4. Just download the mod and install it, then you can have more columns in Sims 4.

Columns Not Deleting In Sims 4?

You can delete a column in Sims 4 after completely making it empty. 

Closure | More Columns Mod Sims 4

Sometimes small features like adding a column in CAS mode in Sims 4 can be very convenient, it not only saves time while creating a sim but also makes the whole process easier. In this blog post, we have explained how you can use “More columns mod Sims 4” and what are its compatibility issues with different game versions. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Sims 4 mods, let us know in the comment section down below.

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