Pokemon Go Incense Not Working | Here’s the Fix

Pokemon Go’s remarkable success is due in part to the release of Pokemon Go Incense, a new variant initially introduced for players of the game to help them stay alert for longer periods. Despite the amount of hype and publicity, Pokemon Go has its pitfalls. Recent reports state that the game’s Incense is not working as intended. Earlier, people have also complained about snapshots not working on Pokemon Go. In addition, some users have reported that even Incense is not working correctly. To keep the thrill in users, let’s know how we can fix ‘Pokemon Go Incense not Working’ and still play the game with full excitement.

Pokemon Go Incense Not Working

Pokemon Go just got a significant update, and millions of players have enjoyed the new features. But while they’ve been catching Pokemons left and right with the help of Incense, some are reporting that it isn’t working correctly. Reports have stated that it is possible to lure gyms even if there are no nearby incense. This will lead to some users being unable to lure the same gym for weeks. If you’re one of these people, don’t fret! We’re here to help you get back on track.

Pokemon Go Incense Not Working | How to Fix It?

The hot topic of the moment is how to get more spawns, which means working out how to use Pokemon Go Incense properly. It is said that the Pokemon Go Incense will attract pokemons from any distance, which is the feature that most people use it for. The general consensus here on this aspect of PiGo Incense use is that there is no effect one way or another. Some people have had success using it, but many have not. 

Pokemon Go Incense

With Pokemon Go Incense not working, it seems like users are not having much luck. Many seek to combat this problem using different Incense, which some have stated to be working without fail. Still, this solution is viable but can adversely affect the game’s economy.

How to fix Pokemon Go Incense Not Working

To fix the Pokemon Go Incense issue, you may have to make some changes in your device. Here’s what to do:

1) Go to your phone settings

2) Go to Date and Time

3) Turn On Set Automatically

5) Turn On the Automatic Date and Time

Step 5

6) Tune on Time Zone and turn on the GPS 

Step 6

7) Close your game and re-open it. You should now be able to use Incense! 

8) Leave your phone alone for a few minutes. The Incense will be back in 4 hours. If this doesn’t work, try step 6 again.

Reasons Why Pokemon Go Incense Is Not Working

Before going into why Pokemon GO incense is not working, let’s first go over what it is. Incenses are consumable items in the Nintendo game that attract Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops to your location for 30 minutes. When you use it, a pink cloud will appear above your head, signaling that there are wild Pokemon in your immediate area. All you have to do then is tap on them to initiate the battle. 

PokeStops incense

Incenses are obtained in the game by purchasing them from PokeStops (including one-time and seven-day varieties), getting them as level rewards, or hatching Eggs. Each piece of Incense comes at a different price, with the more expensive variety lasting for 30 minutes instead of 15.

Now, let’s explore why Pokemon GO incense is not working in your particular case. 

When you use an incense, you’ll have to wait a few minutes before it goes back into your inventory. A pinkish cloud above your trainer avatar indicates the time required for the item’s regeneration. So if you can’t use the item and don’t see that cloud, it means that the item has already been used up and is waiting to respawn.  

pokemon go respawn

Many people blame the developer for not being able to keep up with the demand for in-demand items. In our opinion, it is more likely that this is an issue on the backend where the servers cannot handle all of the traffic that Pokemon Go incense purchases have created.

Reasons Why Pokemon Go Incense is not Working:

  • Your in-game topography is too large, making it impossible to find Pokemon. 
  • Incense was released around the same time as the game release, and so there are not enough +5 incense in your area yet to achieve a successful result 
  • The launch of Pokemon Go Plus was too close to that of the incense, meaning players were already experienced with it and didn’t need any more encouragement while on their journey  
  • Most people were still playing Pokemon Go after the incense release, meaning that there were too many players in your area getting the incense  
  • There was not enough news coverage to promote the release on social media and to make it more widely known.

With that, if you have any other issues with Pokemon Go, it is recommended to look at our Pokemon Go FAQ. This way, you can find a solution to all of your queries. 

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FAQs | Why Is Pokemon Go Incense Not Working?

I was trying to use the Pokemon Go Incense I purchased but it didn’t work!

There are a lot of common reasons why your incense may not work. Please ensure that you have tapped on the incense before lighting it up and that you are outside of your region’s boundaries.

I didn’t get any Pokemon when I used the incense?

Incense will attract only a specific species of Pokemon. Some are attracted to every region, and some will not appear in certain regions. For example, you cannot find a Meowth in the Americas/Europe, but you can find one in Asia.

I’m searching for pokemon in a park, and one or two show up. Why aren’t the rest of them showing up?

You might be close to a gym, so you’ve got it on your radar. The game is working hard to find out if Pokemon are around the gym. It may take a while before all Pokemon in the area show up, but eventually, they will all be shown.


Are you still frustrated about making your Pokemon Go Incense not work? It’s a common occurrence for many people to catch the bug and become addicted to Pokemon Go. This game has the ability to bring people together, whether it’s getting someone from your town out of their house, allowing you to escape reality for a few minutes (or hours), or prompting debates about morality in society. One unfortunate side effect has been players spending so much time on this game that they begin to neglect more important aspects of their life.

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