Pokemon TV Not Available In Your Country | Here’s How to Access It

One thing that we all can agree about how wonderful our childhood was due to the wide arrange of animation as back in the time it gave a hint of how amazingly adventurous life can be during our teen years, not only was it merely a timepass medium. Still, it entertained us while teaching us about friendship and other things that make life something we should look forward to.

Even though times have changed, we can always go back to the animations we used to watch to relive the nostalgia. We all are well aware of one of the classics among animations called “Pokemon,” which now can be watched on PokemonTv, but the mountain that stands in between is Pokemon Tv not available in your country.

PokemonTV Not Available In Your Country

PokemonTv not available in your country is just as heartbreaking as it sounds. Imagine you are all for a round of reliving your core childhood shows, and you try to find the source, but instead, you learn that it is simply not available in your region. Truly disappointing, but to improve things, we have found a solution to your issue and all the means through which you can enjoy the show you want without any problem. So let’s get started! 

Why Is Pokemon TV Not Available In Your Country? 

As we all know, the best way to watch the Pokemon anime and follow Ash and Pikachu on their journey to become a master trainer is to watch it on PokemonTv. PokemonTv International has created this application for anime lovers who enjoy the show. A lot of content is available here, such as all seasons of the show, the extras, and the movies. Even though sometimes they remove the shows from the app due to maintenance, they still put them back as soon as the maintenance work is done or their new release is over the watch timespan they had fixed earlier.

It is similar to not being able to access anime movies & shows; thankfully, apps like zoro to make it possible to access these animes.

The main issue we will discuss is that PokemonTV isn’t available in every region across the Globe. Due to the rights retained by the Pokemon Company in mainly the Asian countries, PokemonTv International is not allowed to provide theirs in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, South Korea, Samoa, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Macau, Laos, the Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Japan. The only countries where the PokemonTV app legit works are the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Russia, and Sweden.

Please note that although it will soon be accessible there, the Nintendo Switch version is unavailable in Russia and New Zealand. 

Pokemon Tv Not Available In Your Country | How To Access It?

As we discussed earlier, due to the issues regarding the copyrights of the content, the show is currently inaccessible through Asian servers. So what they do is several nations and companies impose “geo-blocks,” virtual barriers used to censor material. Various ways exist to overcome these restrictions and access the content. Now let’s get into all possible techniques to overcome these barriers and get into the shows they like!

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Virtual Private Network, shortly known as VPNs, is your savior. Your IP address is hidden by a VPN, giving the impression that you are connecting to the internet from a different place. By tricking the streaming services into believing that you are using their service from a location where the services are available, you can get past geo-blocking restrictions and have unlimited access.  

vpn for pokemontv

So basically, you can reside in any Asian Country where PokemonTv services are unavailable. Still, you can also use their service by using VPN and shifting your server address to the one where the PokemonTv is available. It is straightforward to use a VPN; you only need a good internet connection and a good VPN app that you can easily avail from your AppStore. Here are our few suggestions on which VPN to use and how you can use them : 


With 6000 servers spread across 60 different countries, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs you can use it provides a user-friendly interface, a stringent no-logging policy, and military-grade encryption are all included. It also offers quick connection speed and unlimited bandwidth.

To install it, go to the Appstore and download the app. After the App appears on your homepage, open it and press Connect. You are good to go.


Another excellent option for watching movies and TV shows is ExpressVPN. It is quick, dependable, and doesn’t record user activity. It also provides 256-bit AES encryption and more than 500 servers across 94 nations for optimal security.

Change your region details

Another cheat code to watch on PokemonTv is to change your region details from your phone system and keep your phone on airplane mode while consuming media from PokemonTv. Follow the steps below so you can get access to pokemon Tv: 

  • Go to your Phone settings
  • Search for the “Region and Language” setting.
  • Change the settings to a country where PokemonTv is available.
  • Restart your application. You are good to go!
change region for pokemontv

This works most of the time, but mind PokemonTv always keeps removing and adding seasons of the show depending on no valid circumstance, and they do the same with the movies as well. So make sure to check whether the show is available in that country. Another thing you need to know is that the shows are usually dubbed in the native languages of the country, i.e., if you switch to Sweden as your region, you will be shown the Swedish version of the show. So change your region and language to those you know and can understand.

Mod PokemonTv

If you are an android user, which statistically speaking most Asians are, you can also use the 3rd party modded version of PokemonTv. It is precisely how the US version of the App is but with some extra features that may include your regional language subtitle or the direct download option. You don’t have to use any VPN or change any settings to access this app. They also update shows regularly; honestly, they are more consistent in keeping the content available than the official services. 

As it is a third-party site, there is no guarantee that it is safe or not for your device, so proceed with caution. If you are still willing to risk your device, then here are all the necessary things that you can do to get this Mod app installed on your phone: 

  • Download the MOD from the following link – PokemonTv
  • Give the required permissions.
  • Go to your download history and install the application.
pokemon tv

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PokemonTv is not available in my country?

The service provided by PokemonTv International is region-locked and not accessible in Asian nations where The Pokémon Company holds distribution rights since The Pokémon Company International runs it.

How can I watch PokemonTv if it is not available in my country?

The best way to watch PokemonTv in a country in which it is not available such as Japan, India, and China, using VPN is the safest and most reliable way to continue enjoying your favorite shows even when they aren’t available in your region. There are other ways, such as using a MOD PokemonTv app, but it has risks. 

Closure | Pokemon TV not available in your country

Shows from the early times of our lives make us feel the distance we have walked since now and then, and it should be available to everyone despite the region they reside in. Here is our list of solutions to go above the restrictions and make yourself feel like how you felt during the simpler times. Please let us know your thoughts below and if we left anything so we can update it later.

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