Pokemon Unblocked at School | Here’s How to Do It 2024

Pokemon is a famous and one of the longest-running anime series throughout the world. While most of us have been watching Pokemon since our childhood, people have made an emotional connection with it. Many Pokemon games were also released to let fans enjoy them and connect with them more closely. Even today, many versions of Pokemon games, including Pokemon Go, Pokemon Scarlet, and Pokemon Violet, have a broad fan base worldwide.

Pokemon Unblocked at School

Pokemon games are owned by the Pokemon Company, which has been running these games for a long time. While the game has been a prime attraction among students, schools have blocked the game on their networks. Thus we present a thorough article that will help you know how is Pokemon unblocked at school.

Pokemon Unblocked at School | Easy Tactics for a Fun Experience

While the Pokemon games have acquired the love of a wide range of audiences worldwide, its primary audience has been the younger audience or school-going kids. Schools realized this fact, and thus, Pokemon games, including Pokemon Go and others, have been blocked on their networks to prevent students from playing the game during school hours.

Pokemon Unblocked at School

Although there are certain ways to play Pokemon games, even on school networks, without any restrictions. And we will be talking about how is Pokemon unblocked at school and let you know all the tactics through which you can successfully run the game on any network with ease.

Changing Location using VPN

While the game has been blocked over a particular network, say your school’s network, it is still available to play on many other networks. So, you can download and use a VPN to change your current location virtually and run the game. What a VPN does is it will change your current server location to a new one, and you will be able to run the game easily. All you need to do is download the VPN on your device and run it before you start the game.

Pokemon Unblocked at School

Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can successfully install a VPN on your device:

  • Open the App Store or Play Store.
  • You can download any available VPN service. Although, Hotspot shield is a good recommendation. Download the Hotspot Shield VPN.
  • Open the app, and it will show you a list of various server locations. Choose any location.
  • Click on “connect.”
  • Once a connection is maintained, open the game on your device.
  • You will now be able to run the game successfully without any restrictions.

While the VPN will change your server location, you can run any Pokemon game you want, and it will run easily on your device.

Using the Unblocked Games 76 website

While the Pokemon game might be blocked on your school’s network, you can still run it on your system through certain websites. One of the most popular websites through which you can run Pokemon even if it is blocked on a network is “Unblock Games 76”. Here you can find almost all types of Pokemon games and play them without restrictions on any networks.

Many other such websites provide similar services. These websites are made so that any network does not restrict them; for this reason, you can play almost any game that might be blocked on your school’s server on this website.

Using an independent browser like Tor

The Tor browser is a well-known independent browser that uses the onion server to access websites. Since there is no blockage on websites in the tor browser, you can use it to play any Pokemon game that might even be blocked on your school’s network. Although, at some school networks, the tor browser might not be effective due to unknown reasons. But mostly, you can use the tor browser to run Pokemon games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Scarlet on your system. Unfortunately, this method only works for laptops and PCs and is not available for mobile devices.

Pokemon Unblocked at School

FAQs | Pokemon Unblocked At School

Are unblocked games on websites available for free?

Yes, you can play all the games on proxy websites absolutely free of cost. So, you can play the games on websites like “Unblocked Games 76” for free.

How do you play blocked games on the school network?

While there are several methods available to play blocked games on a school network, the best one is to use a proxy website to play these games.

Why is the Pokemon game restricted on school networks?

While schools restrict certain games on their networks, Pokemon is among them as well. This is to prevent students from playing games during school hours and getting distracted from their studies.


Schools often restrict many games on their networks to prevent students from playing during school hours. But there are many ways through which you can bypass your school’s network and run the blocked games on them. You can try the above methods to run Pokemon and other blocked games on your school network.

Since Pokemon is popular among a wide range of audiences, it is blocked on many networks due to its addictive nature. Yet, you can try running it through a VPN or a proxy website to enjoy it anytime you wish to.

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