PS5 Controller Update Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It

The love for PS5 is never over. Many homes are dependent on the functioning of PS5. The kind of perks and benefits of the system can replace any other home entertainment system. It has evolved to be more than just a video gaming console. There are many people dependent on the functioning of the PS5. The console is the main thing that powers the entertainment unit. PS5 is the most recent variant of PS, and they haven’t had an upgrade.

PS5 Controller Update Not Working

This is the most current entertainment unit, and the functioning is unbeatable. However, there are some issues in the functioning of the console. Some of the customers say that the PS5 Controller Update Not Working is a problem. Well, we have a list of reasons why this might happen and how we can solve this. 

PS5 Controller Update Not Working | Why did my PS5 controller stop working? 

PS5 Controller, or the DualSense Controller, as some people call it, is the ultimate entertainment unit. This is one of the best gifts for your boyfriend or a boy of any age since it’s so famous among boys. Unless they already have it because most of them do. There was a recent update that introduced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This was an innovative move by them and was praised by everyone. Even Xbox owners commended the effort and wanted a similar update for Xbox.

However, a minor issue after this update was the battery backup problem. PS then launched a new update to fix this issue. Unfortunately, many controllers have stopped working after installing the latest Update. The reason here cannot be known as the Update has its meaning. We need to understand how we can solve this malfunction. Not working is one thing, but other issues can arise due to the Update. 

PS would work on a patch, and you’ll get informed about the same. But how will you update your system if you are not connected to the controller? Your controller must also be connected to the USB cable and the Playstation account. This requires connection, and the recent Update might restrict you from doing the same. 

There are specific ways that you can fix this issue and connect the controller. Here are some of the things that you can try. 


Restarting the console and reconnecting the controller might be the first thing you try. This can be just a tiny glitch or error in your case and not because of the Update. Try this simple step; if there’s no issue with your controller, this should solve it. 

Checking the USB cables 

This is generally known to everyone who owns a PS5 but brushing up never hurts. The fact is that your console won’t update if you have not connected your controller with the USB cable provided by Sony. You should check your cables if you are trying to edit your PS5 and cannot go through with the Update Now option. Also, check if they are working correctly. Apart from the USB cable, it would be best if you also connected the C-type cable.

If you’re struggling with it, you should probably set it up and try updating it. Another issue with the type C cables is that Sony might not support it if you use cheap quality type C cables. It would be best if you used the original C-type cable with your PS5. However, this can be checked by using another device using the Type C cable.  

Shutting it down 

Shutting down your PS5 is a lesser-known option. However, some users say that if you keep the PS5 running for too long, you should probably switch it off for some time. Restart your PS5 controller, and this can solve your issue. 

  • Press the power button. 
  • Only release the power button when you hear two beeps. 
  • Then it would be best to wait for the console to shut down completely. 
  • Boot it again and start the controller. 
  • Now begin the Update.

Reconnecting the controller 

Another trick that we can try is reconnecting the console and the controller. This can begin by deleting the connection first. However, you must remember that deleting the controller will delete the settings. You’ll need to modify and redo some of the customizations that were done before. Here’s how you can delete the connection : 

  • Go to Settings. 
  • In the Accessories column, go to the General option. 
  • Press X on Bluetooth Accessories. 
  • Click on the controller. 
  • Now click on Delete. 

You need to connect the controller now with a cable. Press the PS button after clicking the wire. This should be able to solve your issues regarding the Update. 

Resetting the controller

Resetting the controller is possibly the last thing you want to do, but this is an option when nothing works. It is effortless, and these are the steps to do it. 

  • First, you need to delete your controller from the accessories. 
  • Turn the controller upside down. 
  • There will be a small hole around the barcode. 
  • You need to insert a small pin in the hole. 
  • Hold the pin in there for 5 seconds. 
  • Now you need to press the PS button. 

PS5 Controller Update Not Working

After the PS5 has been reset, you need to reboot your PS5. Now, wait for the notification to pop up. This is when you need to connect the controller via the USB cable. Now update your controller. If there is still an issue and you cannot update the controller, try doing this to another controller. Try the same thing with another Dualsense controller. This proves that there can be something wrong with the first controller. 

FAQs | PS5 Controller Update Not Working

What is the benefit of updating your PS5 controller? 

Many benefits can come because of updating the controller. Some of these are pretty good, like eliminating the bothersome prompts and reducing the difficulty connecting the controller to the console. 

How do I force update my PS5 controller? 

You can force update your PS5 controller, which is how it can happen. 

  • If the Update is ready, your PS5 will send you an update. 
  • Whenever you see the prompt, connect your Dualsense to the console using a USB cable. 
  • Once you connect it, then choose the option for Update. Now, wait for the Update to finish. 

PS5 Controller Update Not Working

How do I fix an unresponsive PS5 controller? 

Resetting is the only option here. To reset the unresponsive controller, you need to reset it. Now use a sim ejector or some pin to press the reset button. You need to press the reset button for about 5 seconds. This will reset the controller, allowing you to update your console easily. 

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The issue of PS5 Controller Update Not Working can be fixed very easily. There are about 4-5 ways of doing so, and we have mentioned them. This is a casual issue that has happened with many of them. You can fix this issue without any technical guidance. These are the ways that you can fix this issue. 

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