Radagon of the Golden Order Weakness | Defeat Radagon Real Quick

Elden Ring is known to have some of the deadliest and most brutal bosses throughout the entire storyline of the game. One such boss is Radagon. Gamers worldwide have been googling ‘Radagon of the Golden Order Weakness.’ And we are here with the exact answers that you need.

Radagon of the Golden Order Weakness

While players are facing difficulty in defeating Radagon of the golden order, who is yet another strong and tough lord of Elden ring, we are here to expose some weak points of this deadly creature to help you pass through him with a little ease. After reading this blog, you will know the Radagon of the golden order weakness and can use it in the game to advance.

Radagon of the Golden Order Weakness | Defeat Radagon Real Quick

Radagon is yet another boss of Elden ring whom you will encounter after several bosses in the game. Like Godfrey, the first boss of Elden ring, Radagon also holds an interesting and mysterious background that led him to be an Elden Ring boss. Before we move on to know the weaknesses of Radagon, let us know a bit about his storyline in Elden Ring.

Who is Radagon of the Golder Order?

Radagon of the golden order is the second Elden ring boss. But how did he come to be a boss in Elden ring? After Godfrey was exiled to Land Betweens by queen Marika, Radagon was the one who married her. Radagon’s first wife was Rennala, with whom he has three children: Ranni the witch, Practor Rykard, and Starscourage Radahn. But soon after that, Radagon married Marika, who made him the second Elden lord after Godfrey. Radagon and Marika also have two children named Malenia and Miquella, who are also a prominent part of the Elden ring. While Radagon wields a hammer that shattered the Elden ring once, he is an extremely tough challenge in the game to pass through.

Radagon of the Golder Order

You will encounter Radagon after entering the glowing walls by defeating Hoarah Loux, warrior of the game. As you prepare to fight this mighty lord of Elden ring, you must know some prime weaknesses of Radagon which can be exploited to win the battle against him.

Weakness 1: Use of Defensive Items

Radagon is known to use both Holy and damage against its enemies, and so will he against you. To prepare against it, you must consider equipping the Haligdrake Talisman and the Dragoncreast Greatshield Talisman to prevent the holy and physical damage. This will buy you more time to fight against Radagon. You can also use the Pearldrake Talisman to avoid any other non-physical damage while fighting with this beast.

Pearldrake Talisman

Weakness 2: Lord’s Divine Fortification

Another weakness cum defensive strategy that must be used against Radagon is the Lord’s divine fortification incantation in Elden ring. Since this incantation is known to increase the holy damage negation by around 60 percent, you must consider it to counter Radagon’s favorite holy damages. Along with Lord’s divine fortification, you can also consider using Devine Fortification and Holyproof Dried Livers to counter the holy attacks of Radagon. This would make it tough for him to beat you and give up the upper hand in the fight.

Holyproof Dried Livers

Weakness 3: Use Fire Damage

While nothing works Radagon, including holy damage and bleeding, this enemy is completely immune to most of the attacks. But one primary weakness of Radagon is fire damage. While this beast is utterly immune to most damages, fire is one prime weapon you cannot miss to use against him. So, focus more on using weapons that deal in fire damage, like Blasphemous Blade, which will act as a primary weapon for you against Radagon. In addition to this, you can also fire incantations like the flame sling, which will act as another primary weapon against this master of battles in Elden ring.

Blasphemous Blade

Weakness 4: Highly affected by Godskin Incantations

Drawing power from the black flame means using godskin incantations, which is another prime thing to use against Radagon. While godskin incantations are generally used by godskin enemies, it is now time that you use them to win against Radagon in Elden ring. To use the godskin incantations, you will require faith. Try to use godskin incantations that deal with fire damage, like Fire monk and fire giant. You can find these incantations throughout the Lands between.

Godskin Incantations

How to fight against Radagon of the Golden Order?

While Radagon is an extremely powerful boss in Elden ring, you must follow a specific strategy to defeat him. If you are a melee player and don’t know much about the tactics, a primary trick is to stay as close to Radagon as possible. If you can dodge the attacks of Radagon, possibilities are that you can give him a counterattack while there is a delay in his next attack. Also, if you stay close to Radagon, you will also be prevented from his lightning or leaping strikes.

But, also be aware when you are too close to him. Being too close to Radagon, he might grab you and deal massive damage to you. Although his attacks are quite slow, you can dodge his grab attempt easily. This is how you can win against this second lord of the game and advance in the game ahead.

FAQs | Radagon of the Golder Order Weakness

Is Radagon immune to bleed?

Yes, Radagon is immune to bleeding. In fact, he is resistant to most of the status effects, which makes him a tough enemy to defeat.

What weapons are good against Radagon?

While Radagon is extremely vulnerable to fire damage, you must try to use weapons like Blasphemous Blade and Sword of Night and Flame to fight against him.

What should I summon against Radagon?

Mimic Tear can be an excellent option to summon against Radagon. Try summoning it at the end of the encounter so as to defeat Radagon in the first phase itself.


That is all you need to know to fight Radagon in Elden ring. Although the attacks of Radagon are quite slow, you must not underestimate him to be a weak opponent. Defeating Radagon will require a high level of patience, skill, and strategy. Try to follow the basics of the game and stay close to him.

It is not that players haven’t been able to defeat Radagon. If they can defeat him, so can you; only a perfect execution of a plan is what is needed.

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