Why Is Ranni Not In Her Tower? | Here’s How to Find Her

Ranni is one of the most mysterious characters of Elden Ring. She also has one of the largest questlines, which takes a lot of time to complete. When you meet her at the Three Sisters, she will recruit you as her servant and send you to find a hidden treasure. This marks the start of Ranni’s questline. Reportedly many players have noticed a glitch and are wondering why is Ranni not in her tower. If you are also stuck on Ranni’s questline for not being able to locate Ranni, then this guide is perfect for you.

Why Is Ranni Not In Her Tower?

Why Is Ranni Not In Her Tower? | Find Her Here!

Once you meet Ranni at the top of the tower, she will send you off on a quest. It is at this point the players reportedly complain that they cannot find Ranni at the tower. For starters, this is not a bug. You can try a few solutions, and one of them is bound to work for you.

Solution 1: Converse With Everyone In Caria Manor

Players often forget to complete or exhaust the conversation with the side characters, which can be crucial to moving forward in the game. It may be so in your case. Therefore, get down to the tower and exhaust the dialogues with everyone there. After finishing their dialogues, go to where Ranni should be: the top of the Three Sisters Tower. You should find her there.

Caria Manor

Solution 2: Atone Your Character

If you cannot find Ranni at the tower, then it maybe because she was attacked after giving her the Dark Moon Ring. To get Ranni back, you simply have to atone yourself. In order to do that, purchase Celestial Dew, but it may be hard to come by.

Atone Your Character

To get Celestial Dew, visit the Carian Manor Church, and over there, you should be able to purchase Celestial Dew from the servant. Now head towards the church of vows and atone yourself.

Now head back to Ranni’s rise. You should find her at the right place now. It is difficult to beat the bossed in Elden Ring and therefore, we published¬†Mohg the Omen Weakness, to make it easier for users to beat him.

FAQs | Ranni Not In Her Tower

Where is Ranni after Loretta?

Once you successfully defeat the boss of Caria Manor, the Royal Knight Loretta, head towards Caria Manor. There you’ll find the Three Sisters area, which Glinstone Dragon Adula is guarding. If you want, you can fight it or walk past it. Now head towards Ranni’s Rise (the middle of the three towers). You can find her at the top of the tower.

Are Ranni & Renna the same?

Yes, Ranni & Renna are the same. When Ranni meets for the first time, she introduces herself as Renna. But as you progress further, she says that she lied about her name being Renna and is actually Ranni.


Ranni is one of the best non-player characters in the game. She also bestows upon you some of the most important quests. If you want to experience one of the best endings of Elden Ring, you must play Ranni’s questline properly. Therefore, you will have to spend some good time on the game. But if you could not find Ranni before, after finishing her questline, then we hope the above solutions were helpful.


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