Rarest Boards In Subway Surfers | Complete List (2023)

Subway Surfers has been one of the most loved and evergreen games of all time. The game was first released in 2012, and since then, it has gained massive engagement from its audience. Even after 10 years of its release, Subway Surfers manages to be a cult favorite since it offers a good and interactive experience for users of almost any age group. With that, people have been searching for the rarest boards in Subway Surfers, and we are here to help you out!

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers maintains its audience support and engagement by introducing new characters, boards, and skins. Today we are going to talk about some of the rarest boards in Subway Surfers, which are available either for a limited time duration or unlimited use. This article will contain a complete list of the rarest boards in the game and how you can own them for your character. These boards will give your character some special skills and powers to sustain for a more extended period while making it easier to play the game for a certain duration. So let’s dive into the ocean of hoverboards to find the best ones in Subway Surfers.

Rarest Boards In Subway Surfers | A Complete List

Blue Ice Special Board

On the first spot of the list is the Blue Ice hoverboard. This is a special edition hoverboard, which is a tough one to get. The blue ice hoverboard has a cyan color on it, and in appearance, it has a modern and attractive design. The board is designed as an aux board with some green design patterns in the middle. To summarize, it has a good and attractive design which is quite appealing to players.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

The blue ice hoverboard was released first in the Cambridge edition of Subway Surfers and has gained much popularity since then. Like any regular hoverboard, this board lasts 30 seconds unless you have purchased the upgraded time pack. The board is speedy and makes it easier to dodge barriers for a certain duration. You can make this unique and rare board your own with just 70 keys, although 70 keys are a huge amount to collect for beginners.

The Windglider Hoverboard

Windglider is among the rarest and toughest to own hoverboards in Subway Surfers. While this hoverboard gives your character some extreme skills and abilities to sustain in the game for a longer duration, it is exceptionally costly to purchase. This extremely rare hoverboard was first launched in the Tokyo update of Subway Surfers.

The Windglider is a premium hoverboard that allows your character to drift smoothly during the run. The smooth drift, which was earlier known as air drift in the game, is a very old ability but is still popular among players. The Windglider hoverboard has a glider at the bottom and has design patterns of blue, white, and red colors.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

The Windglider hoverboard has attached wings coming from the bottom. These wings are the key to smooth drift in the game. When you jump while running in the game, these wings allow your character to glide slowly back to the grave. The ability of the Windglider increases even more when you have super sneakers attached to it. It will enable your character to jump higher and glide down equally smoothly on the tracks or on the trains.

To obtain this mind-blowing and rarest hoverboard, you will need to collect 360000 coins which is undoubtedly a work of patience.

The Crew Crush Hoverboard

The Crew Crush hoverboard has occupied the next spot on the rarest boards in Subway Surfers list. This board is another unlimited-time edition hoverboard first seen in the Cambridge edition of Subway Surfers. The board is somewhat similar to the blue ice special board.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

Although, the appearance of the crew crush hoverboard is much more attractive than the blue ice hoverboard. Tough to obtain as a beginner in the game, this hoverboard is a desire of many players. The Crew Crush has an aux board shape along with red, white, gray, and black design patterns.

You will need 60 keys to make this rare hoverboard yours in Subway Surfers. Go to the “Me” option, then choose “Boards,” and you will see your character surfing on this masterpiece for just 60 keys.

The Low Rider Hoverboard

Another extremely rare hoverboard on the list after the Windglider hoverboard is the Low Rider. As the name suggests, the low rider hoverboard offers your character extreme ease to dodge even the tallest barriers. This hoverboard has been extremely popular among players since its introduction. The low rider was first launched in the Subway Surfer: Holiday version for an unlimited time.

The low rider hoverboard helps to keep your character low for the entire duration it lasts. This allows you to dodge almost the tallest barriers and sustain for a more extended period in the game. The low-rider hoverboard is beneficial when your character runs at a very high speed and is hard to control.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

Made with a unique design of two handles on each side of the hoverboard, your character will hold these handles to lie low for the entire duration of the hoverboard. The Low Rider hoverboard is extremely useful if you want to complete the “No Acrobatics Award.” When launched in the game, this quality hoverboard was once available for free for trails.

To make the Low Rider hoverboard yours, you will need 320000 coins in the game. Purchase it and enjoy the fun of riding low.

The Hot Rod Hoverboard

Next up on the list is another hoverboard with unique abilities. The creators first introduced the Hot Rod hoverboard in Subway Surfers in the Miami edition of the game. Somewhat similar to the daredevil hoverboard, the hot rod hoverboard is known for its speed. While your character surfs on this rare and fantastic hoverboard, there will be no match for its speed on the tracks or over the trains.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

The hot rod hoverboard provides a deluxe experience to players with its red hot rod car, which comes with an engine, exhaust pipe, and a flame design on the front. When launched, the hot rod hoverboard was available free of cost in the Mumbai, Mexico, and Bangkok editions of Subway Surfers.

Now being the third most expensive hoverboard in the game, you can own the hot rod hoverboard for 280000 coins. Vibe your character with extreme speed on this deluxe and modern hoverboard.

The Bouncer Hoverboard

As the name suggests, the Bouncer hoverboard is another rare hoverboard in Subway Surfers that allows your character to bounce over barriers and trains while running. With the ability to super jump, this hoverboard comes with in-built super sneakers.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

With an attractive appearance of green color and a split design with a golden bottom, the bouncer hoverboard helps your character play the game easily. While the bouncer hoverboard is active, your character will wear the super sneakers automatically. If you were already wearing the super sneakers before activating the hoverboard, your super sneaker time will stop and will resume only after the bouncer hoverboard has gone inactive.

You can use the bouncer hoverboard to win the “High Jumper” award. The bouncer hoverboard also gives your character a special action to rotate the board on the right side while jumping. To obtain the abilities of this hoverboard, you will need 280000 coins.

The Birdie Rio Board

Coming back for the 29th time since the release of Subway Surfers, the birdie Rio board has been popular among players since its launch. The birdie Rio hoverboard looks like a rainbow-colored feather-shaped hoverboard. Though the hoverboard is simple to use, it has been rare in the game due to its extremely unique shape and looks.

Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

While the hoverboard has returned during Christmas, it has become popular among players. You can buy it for only 50000 coins in the Christmas season offer. So, make this hoverboard yours before it vanishes away from the limited-edition offering. Enjoy games similar to Subway Surfers? Here are 11 Games Like Fantage to Try in 2023!

List of Rarest Boards in Subway Surfers

Here is a complete list of all the rare hoverboards available in Subway Surfers.

Hoverboard Ability Cost
Blue Ice Special Board Quick & Speedy with modern looks 70 keys
Crew Crush Deluxe look 60 keys
Windglider Smooth Drift/Air Drift 360000 coins
Low Rider Stay low to dodge barriers 320000 coins
Hot Rod Extreme speed and power 280000 coins
Bouncer In-built super sneakers 280000 coins
Birdie Rio Board Rare and attractive design and look 50000 coins


FAQs | Rarest boards in Subway Surfers

What is the rarest hoverboard in Subway Surfers?

While the Windglider is considered the rarest hoverboard in subway surfers, certain other rare boards come for a limited-time edition in the game.

Which is the fastest board in the Subway Surfers?

Out of many hoverboards in the game, the daredevil hoverboard is considered to be one of the fastest boards among subway surfers now.

Does the character go fast with the hoverboard active?

With the speed-up ability activated on the hoverboard, your character can go faster while surfing.


That’s all in the list of the rarest hoverboards in subway surfers. Try them out to gain an exciting gaming experience and to sustain for a longer duration in the game. Remember to grasp the limited edition hoverboards before they run out of time. After all, these hoverboards will make the game a bit easier for you.

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