7 Rarest Skins In Subway Surfers 2023

Subway Surfers is one of the most played infinite obstacle games in the world, with unique characters and rewards. For almost 10 years now, the game has provided up-to-mark upgrades and challenges, and with every new challenge, the game has introduced various diversity of characters to make every player’s identity seen.

Rarest Skin In Subway Surfers

Some are available quite easily with coins, keys, or special rewards whereas some of the rarest skin in Subway Surfers cant be easily found. So in this article, we will navigate you through all the ways you can unlock the rarest skin of Subway Surfers.

Rarest Skins in Subway Surfers | What are the Rarest Skin in Subway Surfers?

The skins that are not readily available, nor do they belong to the core crew, are known as the Rarest Skin. They are seasonally available, i.e., only for a specific period or when an ongoing event is happening in the game. These characters can only be unlocked in a particular time frame, and their reappearance is very not likely. 

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These characters may require considerable money, coins, keys, or tokens only available during special events. With regular updates in the game, it is hard for a player to keep up with all the new characters that get introduced.

Subway Surfers

Hence, they often miss the opportunity of unlocking many characters in the game, so they usually wait for the next time the characters get available to unlock; the issue here is sometimes there is no next time or a minimal period. Some characters are not made available anymore, but their popularity remains at its peak.

 Today we will discuss a few rarest skins in Subway Surfers and how we can unlock them through hacks, cheats, or glitches.

Rarest Skin in Subway Surfers | 7 rarest skins you can unlock

Let us understand how one can unlock the seven rarest skins in Subway Surfers.

Zombie Jake: The most sought-after character

zombie jake

Zombie Jake is one of the most sought-after yet rare characters in Subway surfer. It is one of the first limited characters introduced back in 2012 during the Halloween season. The character design is almost the same as Jake in his default avatar, but the skin is more greenish, his clothes are torn at the edges, and his stance is more awkward and zombie-like. 

With its first appearance, Zombie Jake could be bought or unlocked for $4.99 during the Halloween season except for the Mexico season. His serious outfit costs an additional 30 keys. 

Zombie Jake was last made available during the Venice Beach season in 2021 for 99 keys, but the cheapest was during the 2020 Halloween for only 95,000 coins. Now let’s get into how to obtain Zombie Jake at the current period. The only way to achieve this is to either wait or use the app’s glitch to our benefit through time traveling.

To unlock Zombie Jake:

  • Shut down the subway surfers app from the phone 
  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Change your date and time to October 2020, anywhere between the 20th to 30th.
  • Re-launch the app and open the in-game store.
  • Buy the Zombie Jake from the store for 95 000 coins.

Please note that when you re-launch the game, all your progress will be gone, and you will lose your seasonal rewards, so it is suggested to do this after the season hunt. 

Elf Tricky: The Rare amongst The Rare

Pat yourself on the back if you have managed to get your hands on Elf Tricky; not only is it the rarest but the most limited character of all times. Elf Tricky was first introduced during the 2012 Holidays season with in-app purchases and was also later available for 95 000 coins. 

elf tricky

She is almost as same as her OG character, but the difference strikes when we see her elf outfit, Santa Claus hat, and Red white striped leggings. Two other variations of her outfit were later introduced for 25- 30 keys each. 

Elf Tricky is generally available during the holiday season, and to add more to that, she can be unlocked within a small time frame, making her the rarest and hard-to-get skin in all of the Subway Surfers. 

The last she was available was in 2015 for 95000 coins; after that, it was difficult for anyone to add her to the collection. Follow the steps below to get your hands on Elf Tricky.

  • Go to your app store and install the JSON&XML app from the App store.
  • Open the app that you just installed.
  • Search for a file called “Profile,” which will lead you to the character inventory 
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the code you just opened and replace all the “Jake’’ with “Elf Tricky.” 
  • Save the edited code, and you will unlock Elf tricky.

Follow the below tutorial to unlock Elf Tricky. 

For IOS users, please note that IOS doesn’t allow the involvement of third-party cheat codes. Hence, the only way to get Elf tricky is to Connect your account to Facebook and install an emulator so you can connect the emulator to Facebook, enter the cheat code through it, and obtain the Elf Tricky.

MonkBot: The Male Robot Surfer

monkbot appearance

MonkBot first made its appearance during the Beijing season of January 2020. Calling this character unique is an understatement. This character, along with another that we will discuss is the only robots given a gender identity. It is a male dressed in traditional Chinese clothing with a bamboo hat on top.

It has no further variation and cannot be upgraded to other forms. The character was released for an in-app purchase costing $2.99 and later could be unlocked for 88,888 coins. 

Now, let us find out how to unlock the character at the current moment when it is not available in for in-app purchase:

  • Shut down the subway surfers app from the phone 
  • Go to your Phone’s settings and change the date and time to January 2020 from anywhere between 20 – 30.
  • Relaunch the app and open the in-game store
  • Look for MonkBot and purchase it for its available price. 

This may lead to losing your previous achievements, so apply this method after completing the ongoing event. 

Carmen: Traditional Brazuca Surfer

If you want to get your hands on this Brazilian beauty, then this is your chance. Carmen was first introduced during the 2013 RIO season and is the 4th most rare character in the game; it has been reintroduced many times but for a minimal period. Her OG outfit designs have been changed before, and she has 2 different new variations of clothing as well.

carmen appearance


She has brown skin and is generally seen in a very traditional outfit to fit the ideal of a Brazillian woman. She was first introduced to 95 000 coins, and her other businesses cost around 25 – 30 keys each. 

If you want to unlock her, she is available for 100000 coins until the 9th of January and has 2 other variations available for 30 keys each. If you are out of luck and tune in late, don’t worry; please use the time glitch method and unlock Carmen.

Rabbot: The female Robot Surfer

Rabbot is the female variation of the male robot Monkbot. Rabbot is a unique edition character, and as the name suggests, it was tough to unlock the surface, which was first released in 2019. Rabbot is the first robot to have feminine pronouns The first time she was launched; she could be unlocked using 40 keys. When it was reintroduced during easter, It would cost you around 180 easter eggs to unlock Rabbot and 100000 coins. The last she was seen was during the Birthday Bonanza for 99000 coins.

rabbot appearance

Currently, it is uncertain when the character will be out for sale again, so the best way to get your hands on Rabbot is to use the time glitch method. Follow the steps below to unlock Rabbot:

  • Shut down the subway surfers app from the phone 
  • Go to your Phone’s settings and change the date and time to April 2019 from 1- 20.
  • Relaunch the app and open the in-game store
  • Look for Rabbot and purchase it for 99000 coins.

Tony: The Third Limited 

Tony is the Third Limited character to appear on Subway Surfers; he was first introduced during the New York edition in January 2013 and has since made one to two appearances in the game. It is tough to get this character. When it was first introduced in 2013, it could be purchased for 95 000 coins, and its other avatars could be bought for 30 keys each. 

tony appearance


It is hard to determine when Tony will be made available, but it was last seen in the Birthday Bonanza event for 99 000 coins. If you use the time glitch method on this character, you could get your hands on him, but that is not recommended as it’s been so long since, so the best method to use here is the cheat code method.

  • Go to your app store and install the JSON&XML app from the App store.
  • Open the app that you just installed.
  • Search for a file called “Profile” which will lead you to the character inventory 
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the code you just opened and replace all the “Jake’’ with “Tony.” 
  • Save the edited code, and you will unlock Tony.

Eddy: The Magician Surfer

Eddy first appeared in the 2013 October during the New Orleans Edition. It is one of the best-played characters in the game. It appears as a magician and has two other outfit variations. When it first appeared, it cost around 95000 coins, and the outfit updates were 30 keys each.

eddy appearance


 He re-appeared in Mexico season along with Carme for 100 keys, and if you want this character, you are just in luck as it is available for the Xmas Event for 100000 coins. If you miss Eddy, you can use the time glitch method and jump to 2022, December 30- 10, to get Eddy for your collection.

Here’s an easy way to understand all information you need regarding the above-mentioned rarest skin in subway surfers in tabular form:

    Characters Last Appearance   Cost  Best Method
Zombie Jake  2020 Halloween 95 000 coins Time Glitch Method
Elf Tricky  2015 Holidays 95 000 coins  Cheat Code Method
MonkBot  2020 January  88,888 coins  Time Glitch Method
Carmen  2022 January  100000 coins  Time Glitch Method
Rabbot  Birthday Bonanza  99 000 coins Time Glitch Method
Tony  Birthday Bonanza 99 000 coins  Cheat code method
Eddy  2022 January  100000 coins Time Glitch Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to unlock the rarest skin in subway surfers?

Yes, there are a few methods to unlock the rarest skin in subway surfers, but it mostly depends on which skin you want to unlock; please follow the article above for further navigation.

Which is the rarest skin in Subway Surfers?

The rarest skin in subway surfer is easily the Zombie Jake, as it is one of the first introduced skin variations in the game, but some would argue that Elf Tricky is the rarest as it has not been available for several years now.


That’s all we have in store for the rare subway surfers skins. We have compiled the rarest of rarest skins while keeping availability in mind. Please let us know if we missed anything. 

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