Rate My Professor Not Working | Here’s the Fix

Ratemyprofessor is a website made especially for students. This website allows students to give reviews to their professors/ instructors. It allows the students to find out what subjects they will be getting in the coming terms, who their instructors will be, and their ratings. The instructor’s pupils give the ratings, so you will find quite a bit of good and bad reviews. But if you were trying to access the website recently, you might have found that rate my professor is not working.

Rate My Professor Not Working

Rate my professor, which was available only through the website, has upgraded itself and released an app. The app was released quite some time back, but lately, people are having trouble accessing both the website and the app. In this guide we’ll help you access the app and webpage if you are facing this issue.

Why Is Rate My Professor Not Working? | Possible Fixes

There have been updates from people across the country that they cannot access Rate My Professor. It can be frustrating when you download an app from the play store or app store and don’t download or download at a low speed. It can make anyone furious if you have a fast internet connection, but still, the app doesn’t load.

Why is Rate My Professor Not Working?

Some of the reasons why Rate My Professor might not be working or getting downloaded are:

  • Slow or unstable internet connection
  • Update needed
  • Servers down

Where we can solve the top two issues, we can’t help the third one. You’ll need to wait for the developers to work on the servers to get started again.

How Can You Fix The Issue Of Rate My Professor Not Working?

If you are looking to fix the downloading or loading issue associated with Rate My Professor, here’s what you can do about it.

Check internet connection

Most of the time, we don’t realize that our internet is not working properly. The slow internet speed may not reflect on the text messages but would be clear when downloading an app. So, before you go to further fixes, check your internet connection first.

Fix bugs and errors with your internet connection

Restart the device

This is the universal solution to any problem on any device. Simply restarting the device can fix a lot of issues that you might be facing. So restart your device to resolve the issue caused by any bug.

restart computer

Check the status of the server

If the app is not downloading or loading as it used to, there might be some server issue. So check if there have been any updates regarding the server on their official Twitter page. If the server is down or getting updated, then you’ll simply have to wait.

Website of Rate My Professor Not Working

If you are trying to access the website but cannot access it, or you can access the website but not the pages, then try one of these solutions.

Delete Cache

Deleting the cache will refresh your browser’s memory of the website. This can help fix any issues caused by the browser. Now, to delete the cache of only one website, open the website, and refresh the website by pressing ctrl + F5. This should refresh the cache related to that website.

Rate My Professor Cache

Blocked Access

It may be possible that your browser or internet is not allowing you to access the website. In that case, we suggest you use VPN. Before using a VPN, delete cookies related to that website.

To use VPN, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the webstore or official website of
  2. Download Node VPN
  3. Open it and choose any server location
  4. Open the website which was being blocked before
  5. You should now be able to access any website

Firewall & Antivirus

Sometimes your systems firewall or web antivirus (Avast, McAfee) might block access to certain websites. Therefore, mark the website ratemyprofessor.com as safe or simply disable them. After this try to access the website.

Server Issue

Due to high traffic on websites, the loading speed gets affected. Sometimes, servers also stop responding. Therefore, just wait for a while and try to access it later. The other case with the servers can be that they have crashed or are being updated. In such cases, wait for the developers to fix this issue and get it up and running again.

At themodhero, we aim to publish more of such problem-solving guides; if you have any app or gaming-related query unsolved, reach out to us, and we’ll make sure that you get the best possible fix.

FAQs | Rate My Professor Not Working

Do professors care about the Rate My Professor?

Rate my professor is a renowned platform, and professors/ instructors know about it. They claim that they don’t take it too seriously. They also say they take it as a means to know about students’ feedback about the course and its structure.

Can you get in trouble for Rate My Professor?

The student reviews are anonymous. And no, you cannot get in any kind of trouble for putting up a review about a professor.

Are rate my professor accurate?

The reviews you read about the professors on the webpage come from different students’ perceptions. A professor can be good for some and bad for others. Therefore, you cannot base your decision on the reviews posted on ratemyprofessor.com.


The application is widely prevalent among students. There is a possibility that due to heavy traffic, there might be issues with the server. But before you go on complaining to the developers about the poor server, check your internet first. Also, if the servers are up and running, you can try one of the above fixes.

Also, don’t base your judgment on the reviews on the Rate My Professor website. It’s just like reviews about an amazon book, and it can be great for a few and bad for others.

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