Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness for An Easy Win

Elden Ring has many challenging bosses who give the players a tough time getting past them. While this has been a prime reason why the game has become so popular among the young audience, some bosses are too tough to compete with. Thus, they sometimes frustrate the players to ultimately look for a guide to defeating them. Hence we are here with the perfect guide to help you: Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness.

Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness

The Red Wolf of Radagon is a tough and challenging boss for melee players. This blog will discuss the red wolf of Radagon’s weakness to help you gain the upper hand in the game and defeat this enemy with a little ease. While the game will still test your skills and patience, this guide can help you pass this boss comfortably.

Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness | A Complete Guide

Another boss in Elden Ring who would become a major challenge for you in the game, especially if you are a melee player, the red wolf of Radagon, does have some weaknesses. Before we know about these weaknesses, let us know where you can find this mighty creature in Elden Ring and what its strengths are.

Who is Red Wolf of Radagon and where to find it in Elden Ring?

Undoubtedly, the red wolf of Radagon will pose a tough challenge in front of you. It is the first major boss that you encounter in the Academy of Raya Lucaria dungeon. After defeating some melee enemies, it will be the first significant challenge you face. The wolf can be located at the debate parlor site of grace which is halfway through the legacy dungeon. Being a brutal enemy, the red wolf is somewhat similar to the lion of stormveil keep.

Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness

It is a mighty creature with a sword that swings along with its head. The wolf is known to yield heavy magical and fire damage throughout the land. Although it is a tough creature to fight, the red wolf of Radagon has some weaknesses which you can exploit to gain the upper hand in the fight with it. Let us know about them in detail.

Weakness 1: Weak to Blood-based Damage

While the red wolf of Radagon is an adamant enemy to face, it is weak to blood-based damage. The wolf uses magical and fire-based damage to attack you, but instead, you can use swords that deal blood damage to give tough competition to it. The blacksmith in the roundtable hold can equip a weapon with blood damage which you can use to wipe off a major portion of the wolf’s HP. So, try this upon the red wolf, and you can defeat it easily.

blacksmith in the roundtable

Weakness 2: Weak to Slash Damage

The red wolf of Radagon is also weak to slash damage. As it swings its swords towards you with its head, try to dodge them as they are too slow and can be easily taken off. In the meantime, when the wolf prepares for its second attack, try to use the slash damage technique, which would yield heavy damage to its health, dragging it to the verge of defeat.

Weakness 3: Shielded Opponent

The red wolf of Radagon is known to excel in using magical and fire-based attacks. In order to repel these attacks or to gain the least damage out of them, you must always be shielded. This would help you easily dodge the wolf’s attacks; even if it gets you, it might not consume your entire HP. This would buy you enough time to ultimately perform multiple attacks on it to defeat it to the ground.

Weakness 4: Summon Spirit Ashes

Another prominent way of putting the red wolf on the back foot is to summon spirit ashes. This is because as you summon the spirit ashes, they will continuously keep the red wolf distracted to buy you time to attack it from a distance. Do not try to approach the wolf as it can cause heavy damage to your health points. You can use the Kaiden Sealsword ashes to summon spirit ashes and pose a tough challenge to the enemy.

Summon Spirit Ashes

Strategy To Defeat The Red Wolf Of Radagon

While the red wolf of Radagon can be a powerful enemy to face, a strategy against it can get you an easy win. A prominent technique is to dodge the attacks of the red wolf constantly and while it recovers for its second attack, look out for the best time to give it a slash. The red wolf is generally slow, and it takes a lot of time to prepare for another attack after the first one. This is the best time to take over this mighty character.

Where to find Red wolf of Radagon(1)

The red wolf is known to use a lot of magic attacks. So, be aware of them, and get out of the way as soon as the wolf tries out an important aspect of its strengths. Do not let your guard down anytime, and hold your shield tight to deal the minimum damage against its magic attacks.

Next, try to bait the red wolf to attack you. Do not try to attack first; rather challenge it to attempt the attack first and be ready to dodge it. While it recovers from its attack, you will have plenty of time to give slash damage and take away a maximum portion of its health points.

In this manner, you should easily defeat the red wolf of Radagon, although it might be a work of several attempts.

FAQs | Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness

Is the red wolf of Radagon an optional boss in Elden Ring?

No, the red wolf of Radagon is not an optional boss in Elden Ring. It is among the first boss you encounter in the Academy of Raya Lucaria dungeon and must be fought to move ahead in the game.

Is queen Marika a radagon?

Radagon is the spouse of queen Marika like Godfrey. He is known to master magic and incantations. However, it is considered that Radagon and Marika are nearly the same.

What is the Radagon secret?

The Radagon secret is the clue left outside the statue of Radagon, which can be revealed simply by casting a spell in front of the statue.

Conclusion | Red Wolf of Radagon Weakness

The red wolf of Radagon is undoubtedly a tricky creature to fight against. This is not a new issue if you also face difficulty fighting it. Players usually face this challenge every other day in Elden Ring. The only key is to be patient and choose the correct strategy to fight the beast.

This is all you need to know about the red wolf of Radagon weakness. Now that you know of its flaws try exploiting them and using them to defeat this mighty creature of Elden Ring.

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