Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working | Try these fixes (Tested)

Calling and talking to each other over call is now easier than ever. No network range stops us from doing that now. Networks are the least of our concerns. We have many alternatives for calling. For example, Wifi solves most of our issues. OG Whatsapp and discord are some apps that allow calling and connecting to the other person over audio. However, there is a better option that was introduced.

Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working

Wifi calling was instructed to let us call even without a network. This was imbibed in the making of the phone and most recent phones have it. However, many users have complained that Samsung Wifi Calling Not working. Is this true? Let’s find out what the issue is all about. 

Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working | What could be the problem?

We have the advantage of Wifi calling on our recent phone where even if we have an unreliable network, wifi calling comes to our rescue. Wifi calling is made for people who face issues in their network. They can rely on their strong wifi connection for talking on call. It doesn’t require you to open any other app. One significant advantage of Wifi calling is that it does not add to your bill and the voice quality is outstanding.

This eliminates network issues and improves the quality of your call. Wifi calls in effortless ways, if your connection is poor, it takes over the call. Another benefit is that there are lesser chances of your call being dropped. It would be best if you also remembered that the person you’re trying to call has either one of these things, they need to have a good network or they need to have Wifi calling enabled. There are cases where Android users, specifically Samsung users, complain that their Wi-Fi calling feature has stopped working. 

What’s the reason? 

There is no reason for this, but some people have noticed that this is happening with Samsung Galaxy phones. There are ways to fix this issue and they are the following. 

Enable the feature 

One of the essential things that you need to check is if you have enabled the Wifi calling feature on your phone. There can also be a situation if you have disabled it. Both these scenarios do not allow you to call via your Wifi. Some of the android phones don’t come with the feature turned on and you have to do it manually. This is one of the first things you need to do after buying a phone is switch on the feature for wifi calling. These are the steps that need to be followed. 

  • Open the Settings on your phone. 
  • Use the Search bar for searching Wifi Calling. 
  • After you find the Wifi calling feature, use the toggle bar to switch it on. 
  • Enable the feature and try using it. 

Restart Phone 

There can be a case where Wifi calling might be enabled on your phone and won’t work correctly. In such cases, you can try restarting your phone or if there is a Wi-Fi issue, you need to restart your router for a better connection. This may be because of some temporary glitches in your phone and you don’t need to worry about the Wifi calling efficiency. Restarting your phone is also a good solution for most of the temporary glitches in your phone.


One of the most common problems with this issue is that there has been a software update and it has a glitch. A glitch can be for wifi calling or overall. Another problem is that you have not kept your phone updated with the updates. You need to check the Setting for any software updates and keep your phone updated. These are the steps on how you can do that. 

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Go to the About Phone menu. 
  • Look for the System updates icon and check for updates. 
  • Install any new updates if there are any.

Phone Carrier 

Assuming that your phone supports Wifi calling is another thing that can cost you. If you haven’t checked while buying your phone, you should check if your phone supports Wifi calling. If it doesn’t, you need to change your phone to use this feature. You can confirm this by checking your Settings app for the Wifi calling feature. If you don’t see it, your phone does not support Wifi calling. Another hurdle is if your carrier supports Wifi calling.

You can call their support and ask them if it is available. If they don’t offer it, you should ask them when it is expected to start. You can also shift to a new carrier as this is a must-have feature. 

Stable Connection 

Wifi calling only takes over when you don’t have a good network. You must ensure that you, the caller, and the receiver have a good network connection. Please have a good network connection and make sure it is stable. 

Reinsert SIM Card 

Removing and reinserting your SIM card comes after restarting your device. If restarting does not solve your issue then a good alternative might be reinserting your SIM card. Also while doing this clean the port and insert the SIM card properly. 

Airplane Mode 

Your phone prefers to use the cellular network even if there is Wifi calling on your phone. This can happen even if you have enabled Wifi calling on your phone. If you want to use Wifi calling, this won’t happen if your cellular network is strong enough. There are specific ways if you want to force Wifi calling on your phone. 

  • Put your phone on Airplane mode. 
  • This disables your phone’s connection with the cellular network.
  • This can force calls only using the Wifi calling feature. 
  • This is the only way you can check if the Wifi calling on your phone is working seamlessly. 

Wifi Issue 

Even if all these steps don’t improve Wifi calling efficiency, you should check your Wifi network. Change your Wifi network and connect to another network for a better connection. This might help improve the quality of your relationship. If this doesn’t help, then your router might be blocking you from doing so.

  • Open your router’s setting panel. 
  • Search for an option that can block Wifi calling. 
  • Please turn it on. It would be best if you talked to your ISP provider about this issue. 
Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working

Reset Network Settings 

If none of the solutions are working, resetting your network settings might be your last resort. If everything else is a ticked box, like enabling the feature and checking the connection then this is the only thing that will work for you. There are some consequences for this choice; this can reset your phone’s wireless, mobile data, and Bluetooth settings. No other data will be erased so this is entirely safe. After this, you will need to connect to your Wifi network again and configure VPNs if required. 

Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working

  • Go to Settings. 
  • You will find System in there go to Advanced Settings.  
  • Find the Reset option, go on Reset Wifi, Mobile and Bluetooth. 
  • Confirm the operation and reconnect your Wifi network to check Wifi calling. 


This is a specific option for Samsung phones that you can set the preferred mode of calling. Go to Settings and prefer Wifi calling instead of a cellular network. You can use a third-party app to do this for now. You can use the Samsung Band Selection App to do this. 

  • In the app, go to More Network Settings. 
  • In there go to your Network and Advanced settings. 
  • Wifi calling is an option there. Set your calling preference to Wifi calling. 

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These are the ways that you can fix the Samsung Wifi Calling Not Working issue. One of these solutions should help you to solve this glitch. Sometimes we assume certain things but it is always better to double-check specific topics. 

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