Sifu Preload Not Working | Here’s How to Fix It

The new Chinese martial arts game “Sifu,” scheduled to launch on Playstation and Nintendo Platforms on February 6th, has recently generated a lot of hype online. But for the wrong reason, gamers have been highly dissatisfied by the technical issues that were caused, many of which are still present. Even though it was one of the most eagerly awaited launches of the year, and many gamers were thrilled about it, the situation has drastically changed. Many gamers have criticized the game due to the Sifu Preload not working, and many have lost interest in playing it.

Sifu Preload Not Working

So what comes next? How can this problem be resolved with thousands of preloads already installed and after spending a fortune? What’s more, why is there even a problem in the first place? Let’s investigate everything a sifu aficionado would be interested in.

Sifu Preload Not Working | What Could Be The Reason?

Above we gave you a brief overview of what was happening with the sifu preload not working saga. Now let’s look into the details of the problem. So basically, what happened was Unquestionable; one of this year’s most eagerly awaited video games, Sifu, was scheduled to debut on February 8, 2022. Before the game’s scheduled release in two days, the developer planned to let pre-ordered users early access on February 6, 2022.

However, it was discovered that the early access edition had a few issues. On PS4 and PS5, the users could not obtain the game’s early access. They were venting on social media about the problem. The SIfu Game development team acknowledged the problem and apologized, saying, “We are aware that there are challenges prohibiting the download of Sifu through early access on the PlayStation shop.” along with the promising lines that read, “we will update you soon.” 

Even though they maintained continuous contact with the customers via their Twitter handle, please couldn’t help but blame mainly SONY for this malfunction. Many users kept saying “how their first impression was ruined, and they can’t help but be disappointed.” Here’s a user stating his disappointment via Youtube:

Later they kept in touch with the customers and kept everyone updated as the SONY team investigated the issue thoroughly and tried to make amends with the game software. And eventually, they ended up solving the problem and also promised some gifts to the early access holders. Even after the issue seemed resolved, it was never decided for some people. 

As SONY was too slow to come up with a solution, people tried using their luck in doing so, even though SONY later published a brief guide on the solution. Now let us talk about all the methods you can use to make your sifu preload work.

Sifu Preload Not Working | How to Fix it?

The SONY-issued method:

After the uproar about the game not working correctly, SONY was immediately alerted on the issue, so they tried to publish a solution as soon as possible. The Playstation team took it upon themselves to bring an end to this issue and issued the answer to this problem through their Twitter handle. Please follow the steps below if you are still facing the issue mentioned above: 

  • If you haven’t already tried this, restart your PlayStation console.
  • Relaunch Sifu.
  • In the console, select “Settings.” Accounts and Users”> Restore Licences > Users and Accounts > Users and Accounts “Other”
  • You can add any PS+ game to your library.
  • When you are back in the library queue, select “Sifu” to start downloading.
  • Now there won’t be any issues with the game downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sifu preload not working on my device? 

Sifu preload has been showing a lot of issues worldwide. So it’s probably not just in your device. The main reason there was an issue in the preload edition is still unknown, but the authorities from Playstation and SONY have already pointed out the problem. They have already issued guidelines for solving it. Please refer to the article above to find out how to fix the issue if you are still facing it.

What is the issue with my sifu preload not working?

The sifu preload was promised to be made available for the early access users two days before the game’s official release date, with some extra monetary charge. But things went south when some users online reported that they could not play the game as the preload didn’t work as it promised it would. After several reports across the globe, the developers took notice of the issue and later solved it. They also promised some in-game gifts for the users who were disappointed earlier. 

What to do if the sifu preload still not works?

If your issue isn’t solved, please refer to the article above and follow the steps mentioned to resolve it. If your problem is still not fixed, please report it to the developers of SONY and Playstation via their email and wait till you hear back from them. It may take time to listen, but their customer service is doing its best to keep up, so be patient.


Sifu is one of the best game releases of the year 2022; even if the game’s release wasn’t as smooth as it was anticipated, the game was received well among the gamer community regardless of its rough arrival. The fix to the game was updated immediately, and it has been running smoothly for everyone ever since. Let us know in the comment section if we missed anything. 

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