Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge | How to? All Generations? (Guide)

There are a bunch of game challenges trending on the internet among the youth to make the games interesting. One such challenge which is gaining a lot of attention these days is the “Sims 4 Disney princess challenge”. This is the most popular Sims 4 challenge, it follows the legacy of 10 generations of Disney princesses and each sim will be playing a Disney character. The main aim of this challenge is to recreate the lives of Disney princesses and promote them.

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge

There are some rules which you have to follow to complete the challenge and each generation will have different requirements. To know about how to complete the Sims 4 Disney princess challenge stay with us till the end so that you don’t miss any rules.

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Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge 2021

Sims 4 Disney princess challenge is the recreation of the lives of Disney princesses, users have to make their sim character as a Disney princess and each generation will be a different princess. There are 10 generations of Disney princesses and 4 further generations too which is up to the user if they want to continue the challenge ahead, but the challenge officially ends on the 10th generation. Before we move on to each generation requirements there are some rules that users should know 

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge Rules

These are some of the rules which each player has to follow to complete the challenge successfully:

  • In some challenges, users would be asked to choose gender-specific heir/heiresses, but users can change it based on whether they are playing patriarchy or matriarchy. 
  • There are a few differences between ldshadowlady sims 4 Disney princess challenge and the 10 generations legacy but they are mostly the same. 
  • Users having expansion packs can incorporate it however they like. Ideas are provided in EPS.
  • The challenge is based entirely on the Disney princesses franchise and movies. 

How To Do The Disney Princess Challenge In Sims 4?

To do the princess challenge you will have to follow the requirements of each generation we have given below:

Generation 1: Snow White

The challenge will start with Snow white as a teenager. Users can create the evil mother of Snow white and give her the evil look to make their challenge even more fun, but this part is not mandatory. The real story begins when Snow-white becomes a young adult and now the other requirements come.

Sims 4 disney princess challenge snow white

Requirements for Snow white:

  • Snow white must be female.
  • She should have 7 children which will be dwarf.
  • Each dwarf child of Snow White will have a negative trait like gloomy, glutton etc.
  • Each dwarf should have the same father.
  •  Each dwarf must achieve something before their teenage years. This can be reaching level 5 in toddler skills or getting an A grade in school.
  • Snow White will never answer the door to strangers and cannot talk to elderly women.

 EPS-  Each child must have one positive trait when they grow up and you can also increase this number if you want to make it more difficult. 

Generation 2: Cinderella

Your character will be based on the early life of Cinderella. She is the one given the dirty work like cleaning the house and cooking for everyone even after having six brothers and sisters. Cinderella still loves doing most of these things and the story begins when she turns into a teenager. 

Sims 4 disney princess challenge cinderella

Requirements for Cinderella:

  • Cinderella should have “neat” and “foodie” traits.
  • Cinderella will have to clean the house every day and cook the meal for everyone. 
  • She cannot marry until her mother dies but you do not have to wait till she becomes old, Sims can become a criminal sometimes too because you cannot use a cheat to kill Cinderella’s mother.
  • Cinderella cannot have more than 3 children.

Generation 3: Tiana

The last two generations of princesses have not accomplished anything but Tiana is the one who will change this. Tinana is hardworking and earns her living as she lost her father when she was just a child. The story begins when Tiana becomes a young adult.

princess tiana

Requirements for Tiana:

  • She must have Ambitious traits to fulfil her dreams.
  • Her father must die before she becomes an adult.
  • Tiana should have an aspiration for food.
  • Tiana should marry a sim with a green trait like green hair, eyes, skin which cannot be taken off. This is because in the original Disney story the guy she fell in love with turned into a frog.

Generation 4: Aurora

All the other generations of princesses had to struggle to make their name in the family but Aurora was a rich princess who never even had to do work in her life. Apart from a life partner, she had everything and the reason for not having love in her life is her overprotective father who didn’t even let Aurora out of the house. The story begins when Aurora becomes a young teenager.

princess aurora

Requirements for Aurora: 

  • Aurora should have the “lazy” trait.
  • She cannot have more than 3 friends.
  • Aurora has to meet her future spouse at night when her parents are sleeping. This must be done as in the original story.
  • Aurora can run away with her love whenever she wants.
  • Can only have 2 children and it is preferred to have twin girls if you are playing Anna or Elsa next.

Generation 4: Aurora

Anna had troubles with her sister as she started growing up but when she was a child they used to play together, they were like best friends and everything was normal. Anna’s sister locked her away and she doesn’t know why. The story begins when Anna was a child.

princess anna

Requirements for Anna:

  • You cannot make any contact with your sister until Anna turns young adult.
  • The love of Anna must be a criminal.
  • You have to get a near death experience from your lover.
  • Again become BFF with your sister and then anna can again find the love of her life.
  • After getting married Anna can only have one child.

Generation 6: Rapunzel

Now comes the story of one of the most famous Disney princesses Rapunzel. She could never understand her mother as her mother never trusted Rapunzel nor the outside world. Rapunzel was never allowed to go into the outside world by her mother but this couldn’t stop her from finding the love of her life. The story begins when Rapunzel became a teenager.

Princess rapunzel

Requirements for Rapunzel:

  • Rapunzel must have “loner” and “art lover” traits.
  • Must reach level 8 painting before turning into a young adult.
  • Rapunzel can only leave the house for school.
  • Never had friends until her wedding.
  • Elope- She has no friends anyway but has kids.

Generation 7: Belle

Belle is not like the other sims, she loves books and spends most of her time in the library. She also loves the inner beauty of a person and not the looks, everyone loves Belle but she is in search of her own destiny. The story begins when Belle turns into a young adult.

princess belle

Requirements for Belle:

  • Must have a “Bookworm” trait.
  • Belle must Date at least 5 men.
  • After dating finally falls in love with an ugly man because Belle doesn’t care about looks.
  • Have kids.

Generation 8: Mulan

Mulan is that child of the family from whom everybody expects a lot. Mulan has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders, she wants to make her own path and focus on that. But her parents seem just the opposite, they want to bring the family fortune back and want Mulan to marry someone of high status. The story begins when Mulan turns into a young adult.

princess mulan

Requirements for Mulan: 

  • Mulan must have the “Active” trait.
  • Must pursue an astronaut career.
  • Fall in love with your co-worker once you reach the top of your career.
  • Marry and have kids.

EPS- Become famous, Mulan must become famous because of her achievements.

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Generation 9: Jasmine

Every other Disney princess wanted to become rich and struggled for that but Jasmine is the opposite. She had all the wealth a princess ever wanted but she never wanted to be rich, her father wants her to marry a rich man but all she wants is a life without riches. She was only comfortable with her best friend Raja. The story begins when Jasmine becomes a teenager.

princess jasmine

Requirements for Jasmine:

  • Have a best friend named “Raja”.
  • Jasmine cannot leave the house except for school.
  • Fall in love with a poor guy.
  • The lover must be a criminal.
  • Get married and have 4 children.

Generation 10: Merida

Merida always had one question from her mother: why did she give up everything for a poor guy. She didn’t seem to understand that being happy and loved is greater than being rich. Merida had a lot of troubles because of her adventures. The story begins when Merida turns into a teenager.

princess merida

Requirements for Merida:

  • Must have a “Self assured” trait.
  • Lost her mother and sister in an accident.
  • Try a lot to change the past but she failed.
  • Never believed in love and that’s why Merida never got married.
  • Believes she is cursed and never had children.
  • Grow up alone.


This is where the challenge ends and if you have completed the challenge then well done and congratulations. If you want to continue this challenge then the last generation princess Merida will get married and have kids.

We have listed below the optional generation which you can complete if you wish to.

Generation: Ariel

Ariel always had a love for water and dreamt of becoming a mermaid one day but couldn’t fulfil it. However, she found the love of her life and the story begins when she turned into a teenager.

princess ariel

Requirements for Ariel: 

  • Must have the “loves the outdoors” trait.
  • Ariel owns a pool and she swims in it every day.
  • Must marry a beautiful sim and he should share at least one trait same as Ariel.
  • Have kids.

Generation:  Pocahontas

Pocahontas fell in love with a man from a different world but was forbidden by her parents. When Pocahontas becomes a teenager the story begins.

princess pochantas

Requirements for Pocahontas:

  • Fall in love with a very different sim, having green or blue skin and looks from another world.
  • Marry that different sim.
  • Runaway from your family and elope.
  • Have a maximum of 4 kids.

Generation: Elsa

Elsa was a quiet type of sim and always wanted to be alone. Her parents always wondered where she got her powers from. She became like this after some sort of accident. The story begins when she becomes a teenager.

princess elsa

Requirements for Elsa:

  • Elsa has a “loner” trait.
  • She cannot talk to her siblings until she becomes a young adult.
  • Must be different from others in some way.
  • Left home and ran away when she was a teenager.
  • Never got married but had 1 child.

Closure | Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge

Sims 4 Disney princess challenge is one of the most famous Sims community challenges that users all over the world are trying to complete right now. In this blog post we have explained how can you complete the Disney princess challenge in Sims 4 and what are its rules. 

Go ahead and try this challenge and if you were able to complete it, let us know in the comment section down below.

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