Sims 4 Drug Mod: Everything You Should Know! (Download)

Drugs seem to be a significant issue when it comes to Sims 4. There are no such resources to depend upon for some time, passing steroids or a little line of cocaine. High security leads to no such actions applicable without some cheating or an overlay. Since this game was targeted at young and middle-aged players, there should not be a big issue when talking about drugs in your favorite game!


Drugs are not out of reach, all thanks to the Sims 4 drug mod which is highly popular to the audience playing it. This mod has the highest streak of downloads after the Sims 4 nude mod. The creator of the mod earns 6000$ every month for this drug mod, and this mod has a significant impact on the gameplay of Sims 4. It gives rise to a whole new society for experimental things when this mod is introduced. It has gained a lot of popularity not only for its drugs but also for the tiny minor features depicted are so accurate and realistic that it has the Sims 4 players all over it.

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Sims 4 Drug Mod: Everything You Should Know About!

Sims 4 is a disciplined game as it has a broad audience playing it. The Sims 4 developers are pretty straightforward and cut because some things are blocklisted in the game, and drug use is at the top. But there are always programmers sitting out there to develop any mod you ask for. Hence, they built what was needed, and now the game has a different hype with the Sims 4 drug mod.

The wide range of drug list in this mod is a level up to experience different varieties of drugs like weed, cocaine, steroids, and many more in the long list. You can access any drug, either by purchasing it from the gang or growing it yourself. The drugs defined are so realistic that Your Sim can get addicted to them as in real life. Alcohol is also there in this mod, along with other drugs. Some of the stiff drinks include Vodka, Rum, Coke. Every drug has animation and effects displayed to you on screen (getting high/hangovers). Too much intake of these drugs at a time can even lead to the death of your character.

As talked above, there are two types of drug buying, either you can buy or grow the drug plant on your own. There is a time to time upgrade of drug enrichments and new drugs on every update. These changes bring out a lot of market price changes as it happens in the real-life underground markets. Street gangs sell and take some of the drugs when you want to buy and sell at the times of self-growing plants. It can be a way to earn lots of money while sitting at home, but there are also police departmental check-ups at the growing site. If found, your sims character could face imprisonment as well as heavy-duty charges for such an act. So, you need to act smartly in every process of either buying or growing.  

Though using these drugs in real life is not supported by the mod developers, and this mod is just for entertainment and fun, it does not promote the intake of drugs, and this mod is just a part of many other mods created for Sims 4.

Step by Step Installation Guide

You can download the Sims 4 drug mod zip file directly from the link. Then follow the further steps.

  1.  Once the download is complete, open the list.
  2. Open the file located in the downloads.
  3. Extract the zipped file
  4. Select the location for extraction, which is: –
  5. File Explorer-> Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 4-> Mods
  6. Run the mod script by enabling it
  7. CC it in the TS4 game settings
  8. Close the game

· Now start it again

 Enjoy the Sims 4 drug mod!

Sims 4 Drug Mod: Drug List

A standard drug list gets updated from time to time (with mod updates) the underlying list of the drugs used in this game. Some added gameplay information regards the additional pops such as that of the newspaper headlines; new street MDMA batches will be there, rise and fall in the market prices of drugs are to be seen consistently. Some of the famous drugs of Sims 4 drug mod are:

Cocaine– Cocaine can be consumed in the form of a pill. You can get it quickly from the store or even order it online through the buy mode on your screen. You can also share this cocaine further by clicking the package button and selecting the bag you want to put this into. After its placed, then select the option share with, and accordingly, your sim shares the bag with another character.

MDMA- Your sim can buy MDMA from the buy mode, or you can go to the nearest dealer or headshop visible to you. MDMA consists of 4-5 different tablets with different effects ranging from low to high. These pills will give high effect and dizziness to the character, and it will change the walking style of your sim according to the number of pills consumed.

 Ayahuasca- This drug can not be bought through stores or ordered it online. You have to order this to the shaman for ayahuasca. For this, invite a shaman over from the dealing menu. He will give you a coffee mug with ayahuasca inside it when he is there. This also has different reaction effects on your sim, changing walking style being one of them.

Mushroom- You can buy mushrooms from dealers as well as you can grow on your own. For that, you have to buy the plant bed from the buy mode. Place it in your backyard, then plant the mushrooms on the bed. Allow you to water the plant from time to time, and after some time, it will grow. You can eat and roam around for fun. You can also share these mushrooms the same way.

Weed/Cannabis- There are many ways to get cannabis. Either you can create a dealer for it and order him for you, or you can get it from your sims computer through accessing the dark web, or you can grow your plant in your greenhouse or in your basement to keep them warm and dry.

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FAQs | Sims 4 Drug Mod

How to smoke weed in Sims 4 drug mod?

The quickest and easiest way to smoke weed is to buy it from your nearest dealer. You can also buy it through your sims computer by accessing the dark web. Planting weed may take some time, but it is also one of the ways you can smoke weed through.

Why is my Sims 4 drug mod not working?

This might be due to the installation of the wrong file or the update in the mod. Try troubleshooting it. If this does not help, try downloading sims 4 drug mod again from the given link.

How to install Sims 4 drug mod?

Follow the steps given above under the step-by-step installation guide to download the mod correctly without any confusion.

Can you get drug mods on Xbox One and Ps4?

It does not support custom content on consoles like Ps4 and Xbox. These mods are just for PC.

How to get a drug dealer in Sims 4 drug mod?

You can create an NCP character as your drug dealer, or else you can visit nearby dealers available to you for any drug purchase.

Sims 4
Preview from the Sims 4 Gameplay

Closure | Sims 4 Drug Mod

Whenever you feel like your Sims 4 is not getting high? Just ping on this page and download the most trending mod through the link given above. Sims 4 is a worldwide famous life simulator game where you can do whatever you can not in real life.

All thanks to these mods, which make this game more exciting and playable to almost every aged audience. Go on, excite your sim with selling, buying, growing some of the best and world-known drugs of all time! Be the Snoop or the Pablo of your simulator world and run high into the crowd because it’s you who decides what to do.

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